Wix Review – Is Wix Really a Website Builder For You?

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Wix – The Website Builder Honest Review

Product: Wix Website Builder
Price: Several Packages From $4.08 to $16.17 Per Month
Website: www.Wix.com
My Rating: 6 out of 10

Many people today are using Wix as their website builder. It is a common website builder that people are now using for their business or interest. But unfortunately, Wix could not be your business builder as it only provides website building tools.

Is that really enough for us? Well I don’t think a normal website builder can fulfill everyone’s expectation. Though building a website is a method to share your thoughts and make money online. I cannot see any good and organized training at the Wix platform. Beside, the website builder isn’t that good too. A lot of fancy stuffs there but not many of them are useful.

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What is Wix? What Can I get by Joining Wix?

Wix does include several services. You can register Wix for free and build a totally free website. BUT, the free website you built will be full of Wix advertising banner and gadgets. While paying for eCommerce and other premium version of Wix would get rid of those advertising banners.

Wix is a website builder with a Drag and Drop function which claimed to be convenient. Many people nowadays want to build a website without any technical skills. Actually, there are many website builder out there provide this kind of services. So if Wix trying to promote themselves claiming that their platform doesn’t have to be technically skilled, you shouldn’t be surprised and amazed because there are really many platform basically doing that.

Website Editor

Website Editor

I have to admit that the website editor is really fancy enough and it is quite modern and beautiful. However, it is really hard to control the panel and there are too many options for you to edit the web page properly.

Moreover, I cannot find a systematic way to add content into a website. Adding content is really essential in terms of building up a long term passive income business and Search Engine Optimization. Besides, throughout Wix, there are NO proper training that teaches you to build a successful website. It has no information about telling you how to monetize your website after building it.

However, there are really some pros about Wix as it is a popular website builder today.

Wix Pros

  • Drag and Drop Website Building Interface
  • Shopping Cart and Payment Function (It’s actually Good!)
  • Build-in Google Analytics for Website Analysis
  • It has customer support, but ONLY about technical issues


  • It has NO training video
  • Not easy to use
  • Only One Free Website included (Get TWO FREE Websites Here!)
  • Many build-in ads for free websites, which is annoying
  • The Domain name for free website is not as clean as possible
  • Many Payment plans that makes you feel frustrated while choosing a suitable one
  • It has NO community about website building and make money online

The best part of Wix is the shopping cart and payment function, which is not many companies providing this. Although this function only caters paid members, it really worth your money if you are going to build an online store through Wix.

Wix Store

However, it is really hard to navigate the store or even the website. You probably don’t have any idea to build a proper website and online store. So you maybe thinking of watching some training video. Unfortunately you can only find those videos through YouTube and some of them are already out-dated.

Besides, a free website contain an unclean domain that includes your username and wix.com inside. I know giving credit to Wix is legitimate as you didn’t pay for a website, but the username at the front makes me feel frustrating. Besides, a free domain includes several banners to enforce you promoting Wix.

Wix Banner

This kind of banners make me hate it so much.

Who is Wix for?

If you are currently planning to create an online shop AND you HAVE certain level of technical skills, I recommend Wix for you. This is because Wix websites do not cater people that want to build a website about sharing their daily lives. If you want to start a low-cost (or even ZERO-cost) business, you should try my #1 recommendation instead of using Wix.

Wix is not for people who have totally no experience in building a website and creating an online business. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, low-cost online shop business, you should never choose Wix as your business opener as it has too many restrictions.

The Price

Wix Price plan

One thing good about Wix is that Wix is honest about telling you their plans and prices. You can clearly see all the plans here. However, something like Form Builder App, Customized Favicon, Ad Vouchers maybe quite strange to you if you have not much experience in building a website. The stuffs provided in the eCommerce and Unlimited plan are quite fancy and useless for you if you have not enough experience OR you are planning to build a business with content marketing or affiliate marketing.

However, the Combo and Basic plan is somehow legitimate for you to start a business. If you want to gain some experience of building a website, this might probably your choice.

In fact, there are some platform provide much better services for you such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Why I DON’T Use Wix

Although Wix is somehow a legitimate platform that allows you to create an online business. There are few points I don’t like about Wix and these drawbacks pull me back from using Wix.

  1. The interface is too complicated. It’s hard to edit the website. Although there are drag-and-drop function for editing the website, they are hard to be controlled.
  2. I cannot add content easily. The WordPress editing system allows me to add content a lot better.
  3. It doesn’t have a community for people to discuss how to success and how to build a successful online business. This makes people really frustrated and it makes people don’t know what to do with a website if they are totally newbies.
  4. It doesn’t provide any information about monetizing your website. Although it contains affiliate program, it’s sneaky and hard to use.
  5. There is a much better platform called Wealthy Affiliate, which is the platform I am personally using.

Wix VS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that mainly focusing on making money online through affiliate marketing. You can learn everything about affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO and even video marketing. If you don’t know what to write, how to write good content, there are also quality training for you.

Besides, you can totally use Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and build TWO FREE websites WITHOUT ADS BANNERS!

Is Wix Suggested?

You are suggested to try Wix if you want to gain some experience in building websites and creating an online store.

But I DO NOT recommend you to choose Wix as your blog/website creator as it has so many restrictions and it’s not easy to use. If you want to create a successful online business, you are suggested to try Wealthy Affiliate in stead of Wix because Wealthy Affiliate is lot more practical and it’s much more easy to use.


It’s Legit but NOT recommend.

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