Why Should You Pay for SEO Articles?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?


SEO or search engine optimization is a process in which your articles will generate traffic from “natural” search results on search engines. Let’s break it simple. You are writing an article that is titled “Why do people love chocolate”. And you know that other people also have written a similar article, but you believe that your article should be on top of all of them because it’s the best. So did the other people that have written this kind of articles. You are paying a person who is an SEO mastermind and he will create you the best content that will be on top of the google search engine. You will generate traffic, your article will be on the top of the list and from that traffic your blog will make money. So paying a person to create you an SEO article is worth more than you think.

People are paying from 20$ to 150$ to freelance writers, and professional article writers just to make a profit that is more than what they have paid. Should you pay a person to write you an SEO article? Well if you want more traffic on your website, of course, you will need to pay someone to create an SEO article. But your question might be, “how do these people create an SEO article?” One of the answers is by using keywords.

What is Keywords and Keyword Researches?

Keywords are being used in order for people to search and find your content more easily. Using keywords that are specific to your article will give you the traffic you need. It sounds easy but believe me it’s not as easy as people think it is. Using the keywords properly is a difficult task. You will need to structure the sentence properly and use the keywords in a proper place, use them in the title or subtitle for maximum potential. For instance, let’s get back to the article about the chocolate. You know that the main idea is chocolate, but you will need to put keywords like “why”, “good”, “healthy” so that people who might search about the healthy benefit of chocolate will also stumble upon your article. Or is the chocolate any good for your brain. So using proper keyword will give your article a great boost in your SEO.

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Not to forget that also one of the keys to successful SEO articles is the way your article was written. Having an article that has quality is definitely a success when people are trying to make better articles than you. Use your language properly and tell a story. Storytelling is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. If you know how to tell a story and how to hold the presence of your reader you will definitely attract more people. As when one person reads your article he/she might share it with people. Or for instance, if you are promoting a product, tell a story about the product, how it can help you, and tell the people about the benefits they will have if they have your product. But don’t forget to be unique. Tell the story your way, because people love reading something that is unique. It’s alright if you use your way of telling a story. Be humorous (if you are humorous), or use harsh language if you know how to use it. Unique content will get you on the top of the readership if you know how to use SEO properly.

Keyword Research for Your Audience

Another thing to keep in mind is your audience. You just have to know to whom you are writing this article. You have to know your audience. If you are writing about the above-mentioned chocolate, you know that most of the population that will search for your article will be people that love chocolate and they would love to know why do they love chocolate. Knowing your audience will help you in better structuring your sentences and your articles, for instance if your audience love you for your humor, you will use more humor in the article, or if they like the way you are portraying the brand or product, you will keep up with that style and people will buy more of that product and that specific brand. If you don’t know your audience (the people that are reading your text) and you simply are using some humor, that will be like digging your own grave. People love to read only articles that interest them and they are visiting certain websites just for the articles, how they are written and what’s in them. For instance, I love watches. I have a specific website that I visit every time I want to read something about a certain watch. I love the person who creates the content because he is professional and uses a lot of humor. Also, that person is a little snobbish (which is to my liking) and he is being very critical about certain watch brands. And I know that his readerships are people like me, who love to read about a specific watch brand that made a watch that is not suitable for their brand. And I also love people who are saying that a certain watch brand has done something stupid.

Learn How to Make Money Online

Making money online is never an easy job I know. You may be now thinking of whether start an online business or not. Just trust me. Create an online business to make some passive income is much more effective than working a 9-to-5 active income job daily. Moreover, you don’t have to quit your job to make money online. You just have to devote few hours a week and you will be earning decent income after few months. You will be earning revenue every day!

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So having this information about SEO, are you willing to pay a person to write for you an article that is SEO friendly. Also, you have enough information to write an article by yourself but it’s better to pay someone if you need a lot of traffic about that article. Write a test article having these tips in mind and test it out on your search engine, or better yet tell your friends to search for this article so that you can see how well your article is on the top of the search engine. If you are willing to write on yourself, remember to use proper keywords in your title or subtitle, be a great storyteller, and know your audience. I believe you are good to go, or if you are not, just pay someone to write it for you, and you will be more than happy with them. I know that the money will make you happy.

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