Why do Hong Kong People Angry with LANCÔME?

What Happened in Hong Kong?

Denise Ho, who is a popular singer in Hong Kong, had been preparing for a concert that sponsored and held by LANCÔME. As HOCC (Denise) always speaks sensible topics that may offend China, mainland people have been spreading words that appeal everyone not to support Denise and deny LANCÔME because of the support of holding the concert. They spread this kind of message on the social media and suddenly LANCÔME cancelled the concert with ridiculous reason.

Here is the declaration from LANCÔME Hong Kong Facebook Fan Page.

LANCÔME letter

What does it mean by safety reason?

It probably means that “If we let the event goes on, it would be really dangerous to our profit. So LANCÔME should keep maintaining their profit safely. In fact, this makes people in France angry too. A well-known professor in France, Béatrice DESGRANGES, had posted a joint signature to raise this issue. Within 13 hours, there are already 5,000 signatures signed by French.

Why LANCÔME Suspended Denise Ho (HOCC)?

As China is correspondingly feudal and there is only limited freedom, famous brand such as LANCÔME cannot or impossibly open stores in there. Therefore, Hong Kong is the nearest path for mainland people to buy this kind of luxuries.

As always, mainland people think that they are “powerful” in economy just only because of there are 1.3 billion people living in China. Although that is kind of illogical but this kind of claim is unbeatable. However, LANCÔME was quite scare of losing customers from China. LANCÔME don’t even think about that they are recently placing their shop in Hong Kong. Who are the majority? Obviously Hong Kong people take care of it.

Denise Ho is a famous singer in Hong Kong. Not only she sings great song, she always speaks the truth and expresses what she really thinks about. People in Hong Kong love her so much because of her personality and quality. Therefore, Hong Kong people support her as always.

However, LANCÔME doesn’t care what Hong Kong people think. They just think about how to protect their customers and profit. So the result is that thousands of people send them Angry Face. (Click here to send them angry face.)

Denise Ho always speaks about politics. She is a well-known speaker in the homosexual issue and freedom issue of Hong Kong people. Although these were not directly affecting or offending China, mainland people didn’t like her.

Just because of Denise Ho’s political stance, she has no respect from people in mainland China. Thus, people in mainland China were spreading the message of boycotting LANCÔME. While LANCÔME  didn’t explain and take any action about apologizing or declaring.

Why do Hong Kong People Support Denise?

So you know that Chinese doesn’t worth the respect. This is not about their country. This is all about their attitude and conversation. They think they are the best residents in the world and people should listen to them no matter who are right. Mainland people usually treat people rudely and their impressions are usually impolite.

Therefore, whatever mainland people say, no one in Hong Kong would like to support them.

And this time, mainland people is offending Denise Ho. This made Hong Kong people really angry as Hong Kong people love Denise very much. Moreover, the reason of hating Denise isn’t logical and legitimate. Therefore, Hong Kong people won’t keep themselves off from protecting Denise.

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