What to Do In Summer Holidays?

Summer holiday is coming soon. Many college and high school students are frustrated about thinking of what to do and what should be doing while the holiday. In my opinion, improving yourself to be a better person is the best thing to do.

What do I mean "improving yourself"? Well, you can take it as simple as the exact wordings. However, to be concrete, improving yourself means you have to Learn and Build something. Just imagine when you go back to school, your fellows are already knowing something new or they are having some improved strategies to learn better.

Or they are Making Money already...

What Things Should I be Doing?

Start an Easy Online Business

This is what I usually encourage people to do no matter who you are. Unless you don't know English, you should try this because there are platforms that allows you to do it totally for FREE.

Starting an online business is very very important today. If you go to the internet and search about any gadgets, methods, tips and tricks, many different websites written by many normal people appear. They are all making money with these websites.

Moreover, that is Passive Income which allows you to make money while you are doing things that are important to you. I mean, you can make money with the things you have built before and still make money with it while you are sleeping.

Learn Something New

I am pretty sure that you are not willing to train and learn about Maths within the holiday (um, not even while studying?). Learn something new is important. That is because you are competing with many other fellow students and even people who are already graduated.

If you are just bringing what you have learnt at school, chances are that people are already bringing more than what you're bringing and living a better life.​

So What to learn?

​Although I have been learning how to make money online for years, there are people who don't like money, I think. So here are some suggestions for you to prepare yourself to ready for graduation.

Learn a New Sports

Football (Soccer...) is one of the best choices. That is because this sports improves your overall physique and you will be healthier.​ Football trains your balance, agility and overall muscles. It also trains your leadership and organization skills.

Mind Sports such as Go Chess or Chess.​ I personally play Go Chess, which contains a 19x19 board with black and white chess. It trains my mind with much better planning ability. Actually it improves my Maths academic results too.


Bodybuilding is also one of my choice. While the holiday, I have much more time to plan my diet and my workout plans. I can track and investigate many different techniques of muscle building and diet. The reason we should build muscle is that we want a better body to attract the opposite sex target. Yes, even if you are a girl, you should train your body as well. That is because you will be Burning Fat while doing high intensive training.​

A better body could also make people give you better first impression. This also improve your job interview success rate and your social status.​

Hope you have a nice holiday. Below is my secret to successfully making money while I am still a University student. I have started working while my summer holiday. People were just playing everywhere and playing online games that I think these were totally wasting time. Therefore, I really want you to know how I treasure my time and find out the way for myself to work at home even I have graduated.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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