What Is The Best Website Builder For Beginners – It’s Fast And Easy!

When you search for methods of making money online, ways to scale up your business and trying to increase sales, you may probably pop up a mid of building a website. Building a website nowadays is a really essential element of a successful business. Even you are running a small business, a website is the best way to attract organic traffic and to promote your business.

However, there are not many website builders provide you great support, educational resources and free websites. Most of the website builders out there are costing you at least few bucks to create only one simple designed website with complicated operations and full of restrictions. Such as Wix.com, it has few plans for you and it doesn't provide you platform to interact with other users. It doesn't provide you enough support too. Moreover, the website building tools are not easy to use and the drag-and-drop function isn't that convenient either.

Site Builder Shouldn't Only Be a Builder​

When you are seeking for a website builder, you don't suppose to do any programming and web designing​. I can pretty sure that you will be finding tutorials for those website builders you have found. That sounds simple and you may think that most people doing the same thing. In fact, a website builder should not only a builder that you may need to seek tutorials from YouTube and Google.

A good website builder should contain at least some basic tutorials. That would be good if it is free to use and learn. You may sometimes need some suggestions from people who are also using the same builder. If you are an online entrepreneur, you may want people to share what they have done and how are their progress. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find one such builder. But fortunately, you are getting it for free today from me.

​The Best Website Builder - For Beginners!

​The best website builder I am gonna show you is called Wealthy Affiliate. I have tried Wix before and I found that Wealthy Affiliate is far more better. So quickly see why did I choose Wealthy Affiliate:

  • I can get TWO FREE websites, without giving any credit card information.
  • Free basic tutorials for you to set-up everything included traffic tracking, site health, anti-spamming and even increasing website exposure rate.
  • 24/7 website support (I personally love this one. They help me to resolve my website crash within minutes.)
  • Make money within the same platform, easily link to your PayPal account. (This is up to you. Many people use their site to promote their business  and products. Simply, everyone who want to make more money can use it.)
  • You can even interact with other members who are using the same builder!

You Will Never Find a Better One

Wealthy Affiliate is so far the best website builder online. Let me tell you my story, I am a university student in Hong Kong. I have no experience in online marketing and website building. However, Wealthy Affiliate changed my life and I am steadily receiving income every month. It taught me everything about Google search engine, keyword research and even how to make money

​Sometimes I would like to have a blueprint. Then I logged into my account and search for people's success. I have analysed over 20 detailed case studies written by other real members. Most of them are earning over $5,000 after two years running their website. Some of them are making over $10,000! That's impressive and the best part is that he knew nothing about online marketing and website building before.

So, when other platform cannot guarantee anything and no real member sharing their true experience to you, comparing to WA, why are you still sitting there?

My Support Won't Stop Here...

By clicking the button below (of course the same as above), you will be brought to a page that introduces the details about Wealthy Affiliate. You will find a button that brings you to Wealthy Affiliate. If you read through my review inside that page and register your account, you will see me inside the membership area. I WILL BE YOUR PERSONAL COACH!

I know you may be frustrated and got lost while receiving tons of new information. However, with my coaching (I won't charge you of course.), you will easily get immersed into the membership area. You will know what to do, step by step.

Don't procrastinate anymore. Don't hesitate anymore. Build your website now!

Let me know what you think about it below!

Your Mentor,

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