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Product: Webinar Jam Studio
Price: $397 Yearly Recurring Fee
My Rating: 8 out of 10

In the Make Money Online industry, tons and tons of methods and programs have been hosted. But within this three year, a brand new method has been using to make money online. This is Webinar Marketing.

Webinar Jam is a program or tool that helps you to start your webinar marketing for your product or affiliate marketing. If you are holding some kind of professional information or you are kind of expert in some aspects, you can totally take advantages on these to make money with it.

Webinar Jam as tons and tons of features. With limited time, you can Join them and Get Their Free Bonus Training. These features help you to create clickable button while promoting products. Those features are created for you to have better social engagement so that you can let your audiences know you are actually REAL and you will be trusted! That is the most important part of building a successful online business.

Let’s watch more about Webinar Jam Studio features.

Webinar Jam Studio has flip over the webinar marketing level. There are two most popular webinar platforms in the webinar industry which are Google Hangout and GoTo Webinar. These two webinars are not marketer-friendly and none of them has functional social engagement system. However, Webinar Jam Studio changed all of these. You can now START your webinar marketing even you are newbie or trying to skyrocket your current business, even online business.

Let’s compare Webinar Jam Studio to the other two platforms by clicking the picture below.

Webinar Jam Comparison

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Webinar Jam Studio Pros & Cons


  • Totally Marketing-Friendly
  • Free Training Available (Important to Newbies!)
  • High converting landing pages
  • Email-Marketing-Friendly
  • Interactive Call-to-action button shown on the broadcast
  • Automatically Record your broadcast for you to upload for replay (Make Money with replays!)
  • Audience-friendly (Audience never need to find out what they have missed by themselves if it’s disconnected)
  • True, Legitimate Business that you can scale up easily!


  • Too much professional functions that may overwhelms you
  • Quite unbelievable for newbies to make money from this
  • You have to publicize your broadcast well in terms of getting initial audience

Webinar Jam is a fantastic program and tool that helps you to build a successful online business. That is undoubtedly the best webinar marketing platform I have ever seen. If you are a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, product owner and online marketer, Webinar Jam Studio is definitely the best tool for you to get the best interaction and engagement with your audience and customers.

However, in my opinion, you may need to have some basic audience, traffic or fans before starting this program if you want to see instant result. Yet you may be a newbie and wanting to start a webinar business, investing into Webinar Jam may be wasting your time.

In terms of getting traffic and audience to your webinar, you should have a website business if you are not any sort of expert or product owner. That is because you have to attract traffic to your website to get them to your webinar. Or else how do you find audience for your broadcast?

So a website should be your basement of your business. You can build two free website with Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have built a website, you can earn revenue passively and grow your audience day-by-day.

How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate? 

Who is Webinar Jam Studio for?

Webinar Jam Studio is mainly targeting people who are kind of expert in any aspects, having educational information, product or company owner, online class teacher, online marketer or having any skills that increase the visual effect with live broadcasting (i.e. Body Building).

If you are one of these people or you are INTERESTED to be one of these people, congratulation you are qualified to use Webinar Jam Studio.

Yes. Even you are a newbie, total newbie in marketing, making money online or even live broadcasting, you can still join Webinar Jam Studio to start your webinar business. That is mainly because it has an exclusive bonus “Webinar Genesis” that teaches you ALL about using the Webinar Jam and make money from it. However, the truth is that you should not instantly invest into Webinar Jam Studio if you are a total newbie. You should start your online business basement with my #1 recommended make money online method called “Wealthy Affiliate”, which is a lot cheaper or even you can start for FREE.

How to Make Money With Webinar Jam?

As I have told already what is included in Webinar Jam Studio and who is it for. I have not tell you how to make money and how to grow your business with it. So I am going to elaborate more about it here.

First, if you already have a website and driving traffic in it consistently, you are going to start publishing content that notifying people you are going to host some broadcast on some time. I recommend you to host your broadcast regularly with a solid time. That is for audiences that did not subscribe to your channel to easily get in touch with your webinar.

Then you can start your webinar by presenting what you are going to talk about. If you are an online marketer that promotes electronic products, then you can just show the product to audience and tell them how to use it and why you think its good. Show them what actually is in the product and give them bonus by clicking on the Call-to-action button in your screen.

Since people buy the product from you or from Amazon no matter what, you get commissions.

If you don’t have a website, no problem just build it Right NOW. You can See how do I build a functional, educational and profitable website here. After building a website, you should keep adding content consistently for at least 6 months AND keep sharing your content on forums such as Reddit, on Facebook and even make your content become a video and posting on YouTube. Just spread it out as much as possible. You will start seeing traffic into your site.

Then you can go back to step one and start your webinar business.

Let’s recap what you have to do to make money online.

  1. Drive traffic into your website and announce your webinar training or broadcast
  2. Host the broadcast on time
  3. Share some unique information especially showing audience REAL things to gain trust
  4. Provide audience more free training or tips or discounts by sending them to landing pages for signing up to your email list
  5. Giving audience discount or just promoting them what you have got on your hand by showing the Call-to-action button
  6. Earn revenue
  7. Remind them to look for more information by subscribing webinar, email, Facebook Page and your website
  8. Rinse and repeat!

The Price

Webinar Jam Studio is a legitimate product sold by legitimate company. It has no up-sell and it told you all about what you will be having after paying them. It has also provided FREE training for you in case you don’t know anything.

Therefore, with the Yearly Recurring Fee of $397, it is totally worth your every cent spending on the Webinar Jam Studio.

Is it Suggested?

YES! You certainly can build and grow your business with the Webinar Jam. If you are creating passive income stream, you can speed up the process and make yourself famous in your industry. In terms of conversion, trust and FUN, Webinar Jam is strongly recommended.



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