Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials : 2016 Update

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Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials 2016

It has no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business platform in the industry. If you have tried Wealthy Affiliate, I believe that you love it and will never find any platform that better than Wealthy Affiliate. If you don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is, click HERE to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review (2016 Updated).

This page is for people who don’t sure whether Wealthy Affiliate suit their need to find out what could Wealthy Affiliate provide to them. If you are really doubted about the possibility of being successful, just see what do the current member say at the comment section below.

For current Wealthy Affiliate members, you can refer to the questions below to write your testimonials to help others!

  • How did you hear about Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Why did you decide joining Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How did you think about the Free Membership Area?
  • Who do you think Wealthy Affiliate is for? (From Newbies to Experts)
  • What made you to upgrade to the Premium Membership?
  • What is the major differences you think between Premium Membership and Starter Membership?
  • Which training did you join? Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp?
  • How do you feel about the training and which part you love most?
  • How do you think about the LATEST Live Broadcasting training?
  • Do you love the new feature “Site Comments”?
  • How do you think about the community of Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How is your result with Wealthy Affiliate now?
  • Do you suggest Wealthy Affiliate to people?

Please be honest with your review. Your testimonial is really important to people who don’t know about Wealthy Affiliate. Your review is an important indicator for people to decide a right way and legitimate method to make money online. I don’t want people to be scammed or even feeling scammed by anyone. Your honest review will be appreciated.

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And here is my OWN testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

My Testimonial

I heard Wealthy Affiliate by searching “Make Money Online” and any other related topics about making money online from the internet. I found that there were so many kinds of programs and platforms there. When I saw a post about Wealthy Affiliate, I was concerning about the price and the legitimacy of the program before. Since I was afraid of being scammed and afraid of being failure with this method. But then I saw people’s good reviews and there were plenty amount of proofs that told me how easily it can start with. Therefore I chose to join the Free Starter Membership.

The Free Membership was great. It really does provide two free websites hosting for you and you are really able to create two own websites without paying any money to start making money. But the free membership only allows me to have the first training course which is not enough for me. So I quickly decided to catch up the first 7 days discount to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

I am totally new to internet marketing, online business, SEO, website creation and any other about making money online. But I am now an expert in all these category and I am now being able to spot out the scams online. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. However, I think Wealthy Affiliate is not only for newbies, for those who are already good at internet marketing, you still have something new to learn and Wealthy Affiliate does provide huge support to us. The tools and platform are also unbeatable and I cannot find another service on the internet that can be better than Wealthy Affiliate. So I am sure that Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.

I think the major difference between Starter and Premium Membership is the price and the training. The price of starter membership is totally free and the Premium Membership is $47, but I think it is totally reasonable as this jumpstart my online business. The training of Starter Membership is obviously not enough to build me a full time income. Of course it lets me to try whether Wealthy Affiliate is possible to make money or not. However, the training for Premium Member is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! It taught me literally everything about online business.

I have joined both Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. This is because I want to make my income with varieties. The best part of the training is the part about Content Creation. Kyle really get into the point that how do we create content with intent. This is the part that I love most.

The latest broadcast was WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series. Jay, the live training coach, created a website on live while doing all researches with us to show us how does he find a niche and creating a website. I’ve learned a lot from this live training and I’ve found that making money online isn’t that hard. The only thing we need is patience. Since we keep doing the work, we are on progress and our businesses are growing.

I love the new “Site Comment” feature that updated at the late 2015. This helps my website to have enough social engagement and I really can get people’s view of my content. I would like to say that Site Comments rocks!

The Community is awesome! I have never heard of a community is as helpful and supportive as Wealthy Affiliate. People love to share their success and their progress on Wealthy Affiliate which makes me feel confident to my success. I feel many people are with me and I don’t feel alone although I have no friends doing the same job with me.

I am now making a decent amount of money. I’ve been Wealthy Affiliate for few months. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I immediately made money with it, just within the first month! See the picture below. These are my FIRST MONTH results. ONLY THE FIRST MONTH! Although I’ve been working so hard with it.

One month progress 01One month progress 02

I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone! If you want to build a Successful Online Business, just try Wealthy Affiliate and I bet you love it too!

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