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Product: Viral Blog Blueprint
Price: $39
My Rating: 5 out of 10

Viral Blog Blueprint is a system that teaches you to make money online with a blog. It has features about affiliate marketing, email marketing, niche researches, native ad monetization and some other stuffs about improving your website in traffic and thus, earning affiliate commission with your website.

Making money online with a website is always legitimate. If you are not spamming in social media, creating website is really can help you make money. Viral Blog Blueprint contain an ebook called Viral Niche Blueprint which is teaching you how to research for a niche. Researching for a niche is very important as you may have to know what is your strngth and what do you want to promote to make money. Many people chose some wrong niche and as a result not making money.

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If you don’t know what is niche research, you can watch this video below.

This product contains three part.

The first part is Planning Module. The native ad system teaches you how to research for a niche and how to find a profitable niche. You can learn how to avoid choosing the wrong niche that doesn’t make you any money. This is a good module that helps you to create a successful blog.

The second part is The Building Phase. This part teaches you to build a blog website with simple methods. However, it doesn’t provide you suitable tools to build it. It gives you only very limited information that tells you to find few free themes in WordPress.

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The third part is The Acceleration Blueprint. This is a phase that teaches you to accelerate your income. The method is just tell you to show up your blog to your social media and promote your pages through your friends. You cannot accelerate your organic income and organic traffic instantly as Google may not rank and promote your website instantly. Every site needs about 3-6 months to start seeing results.


  • It has no up-sell
  • The method is legitimate
  • It teaches some advanced marketing strategy


  • The information is not in-depth enough
  • It doesn’t provide useful tools
  • It has no community
  • It has no private coach and support

I have to admit that the Viral Blog Blueprint is somehow legitimate as the methods told are on a right path. You can make money if you do it right. But things are it doesn’t provide you enough support. The owner doesn’t show any successful cases and he doesn’t help us at all. You cannot rely on a person like that.

Another fatal problem of this product is that it doesn’t provide useful tools for you. Although the suggestions are legitimate, no tools provided would be a tough task for newbies.

Who is the product for?

The Viral Niche Blueprint (or the Viral Blog Blueprint) claims that it’s for people who have no experience in affiliate marketing and blogging. People who have no prior experience and knowing nothing can also earn a lot of money.

In fact, this product is not for a complete newbie. This is because the acceleration process doesn’t suitable for a brand new website. If you share the new website and send through different places, Google may seek you as spam and avoid ranking you high in Google. The true way to make money with a blog is slowly add content into your website and naturally gain organic traffic with your website. Then you can earn commissions thereafter. You WILL make money online if you do it naturally and slowly. Just don’t think that making money online is a get rich quick scheme.

What is Actual Components in Viral Blog Blueprint?

Viral Blog Blueprint Components

We can break it into few different parts.

  1. Keyword researches for Domain and Niche
  2. Build a blog and setting up the basements
  3. Share your blog to social media and advertise it
  4. Create advance marketing stream by email marketing

These are the TRUE way to build a website and make money with it. However, you cannot access to tools with it like autoresponders, opt-in page creation, domain protection, keyword research tools.

To build a successful blog, these tools are critical and you should get these stuffs by paying for a product. However, you can’t get with Viral Blog Blueprint.

Therefore, I Suggest You to Try My #1 Recommendation instead of Viral Blog Blueprint.

The Price

No up-sell is one of the good thing of this product. You can get what you see with the promotion page. Although it has no keyword research tools, website hosting and support from community and owner.

Viral Blog Blueprint Price

Is it Suggested?

It is NOT suggested. This is because there is a much better program I would choose instead of Viral Niche Blueprint.

Wanna See how do i make money

Final Verdict


Although I do not suggest this program to you, it is totally legitimate and without any scam within the product.

So if you don’t want to use the REAL program to Make Money in Online, You can still Click Here to Buy this Product.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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