Total Money Magnetism Review – Is Steve G. Jones a Scammer?

TMM Product

Product: Total Money Magnetism
Price: $47 + Up-sells
My Rating: 9 out of 10

Is Total Money Magnetism legit? There are many reviews online but most of them don’t tell about what’s actually inside the product. In my review, you can CLEARLY see what’s inside Total Money Magnetism. You can look inside the membership area and see what you can actually get from buying the Total Money Magnetism.

Total Money Magnetism has claimed that this product was researched by Neuro-Scientist and this is the secret to financial freedom. With Total Money Magnetism, you can let Steve to access into your subconscious mind and modify your mind by the Gamma Wave which is the LATEST technology.

I personally love this product as Steve G. Jones had done so many researches to create the hypnotizing audios to help people to get rid of procrastination, failure mindsets and negative thinking. The audios inside the Total Money Magnetism have used up the latest technology of brain wave to trigger your brain to start growing even you are no longer a teenager!

Are you Ready for Your Financial Freedom Life?


What’s Inside Total Money Magnetism?

People like you who are finding reviews about Total Money Magnetism or finding ways to make yourself success probably want to see what’s actually inside Total Money Magnetism. Before going deep into the product, let’s take a look inside the membership area and the downloaded files so you know I actually own the product.

Total Money Magnetism Audio Book

Total Money Magnetism Audio Book

These are the Total Money Magnetism Audio Books. These are the new features as TMM didn’t have these audio books before. I had read the ebook before and it’s quite unfortunate for me to see this update after finish reading the ebook. Sigh.

Below pictures are the membership area captures. At the right corner are all stuffs that Total Money Magnetism basic membership provides to us. I didn’t buy the up-sells so I cannot tell whether they worth or not. But for me, stuffs below are totally enough as you may take up to one year to complete all courses.

You can click the picture below to take a closer look to the picture.

TMM Member1

TMM Member2

TMM Member3

TMM Member5

TMM Member4

Before getting into the Total Money Magnetism Pros and Cons, I want to emphasize about the Platinum soundtrack that Steve G. Jones provided. Platinum soundtracks are soundtracks that uses the best technology from Steve to make a brilliant hypnosis soundtrack. These soundtracks are using Alpha, Beta and Gamma wave to affect your subconscious mind and help you to change some better decisions.

Total Money Magnetism Pros

  • REAL Neuroscience Researches prove Total Money Magnetism is legit
  • Newest technology applied
  • Improves your biological growth and brain growth
  • Real High Quality soundtracks
  • Step-by-step guide for you to follow
  • It has bonus video of making money online from Mark Ling, founder of Affilorama
  • 60-day Money back guarantee
  • I PERSONALLY proved it doesn’t harm your brain


  • Cannot feel significant difference after using the hypnosis soundtracks
  • It has no community
  • Customer Support replies pretty slow

Total Money Magnetism is a great product although there are few drawbacks. The major problem of Total Money Magnetism is that there are no successful cases shown by Steve G. Jones. You cannot know how’s going after using the hypnosis soundtracks. However, the soundtracks are proven by neuroscience researchers that the waves in the soundtracks are helpful to your brain. It triggers the growth of your brain and you are ending out smarter and doing works more efficient.

Total Money Magnetism Changed Me in ONE Month

personal result 01

After following the step-by-step guide created by Steve, I have changed a lot. I do works without procrastination and I immediately see results by using the Total Money Magnetism.

I have done a lot of researches that people usually give up their affiliate marketing business because they cannot see results. That’s understandable as people usually want to see results after putting tons of effort into their jobs. But, Total Money Magnetism makes magic happens. After using Total Money Magnetism, I actually see results.

The picture above shows my REAL RESULT after using Total Money Magnetism. I have earned nearly $200 within my FIRST Month starting my affiliate marketing business and this STACKS and SCALES up afterward.

Do You Want to Change your LIFE NOW?


Who is Total Money Magnetism for?

Total Money Magnetism is for people who want to change their lives, become millionaires, get rid of negative mindsets, be smarter and build up confidence.

Actually Total Money Magnetism is for EVERYONE!

I am totally a newbie about make money online before starting my online business. But after using the Total Money Magnetism, my problem solving ability is optimized. I am smarter and I can do works a lot more focus.

What are the actual components in Total Money Magnetism

Let’s take a look once more in my membership area. A slot at the right side tells you what’s included.

TMM components

The Price

The Total Money Magnetism is $47. And there are some up-sells after purchasing the basic product. Some are $67 and some are $97.

However, I do not recommend you to buy those up-sells as I really think that the basic version provide enough content for you.

With the 60-day money back guarantee, the $47 absolutely worth your investment.

Is it Suggested?

Absolutely YES!

In the Total Money Magnetism, there are six areas you can access to and you can start learning how to make yourself having a millionaire mindset. With my personal successful case, I can tell you that Total Money Magnetism is legit and you should give it a try.

If you want to Build up a Millionaire Mindset, Make Money and experience Financial Freedom, you are definitely suitable for this product!

Click Here to Watch the FREE Presentation by Steve G. Jones.



I rarely rank a product above 8 out of 10 because that means the product is nearly flawless. In fact, Total Money Magnetism is “flawless” in terms of its claims and my experience. I rated TMM as 9 out of 10 because it really satisfies my need and it really benefits me biologically.

Steve G. Jones is a real person with many rewards and he had given so many talks about being a millionaire and money making. He is a well-known hypnotherapist that charges authorities over $25,000 per consultation.

Total Money Magnetism is created for everyone who wants to make money, experience financial freedom and build up a successful business. By personally using this product, I can tell you Steve G. Jones and Total Money Magnetism are all Legitimate.

Exclusive: How do I Succeed with Total Money Magnetism?

I combined the benefits of Total Money Magnetism with my #1 recommendation program which is called Wealthy Affiliate to achieve my online business goal. I have NO experience in online marketing and affiliate marketing. Many stuffs like social media marketing, video marketing and email marketing are totally new to me.

You should choose a GOOD platform that provides legitimate tools and supports for you. Although mindsets are essential to your success, correct tools and methods also matter. Wealthy Affiliate is the true secret to success online. Many people are making over $10,000 per month online. Some of them only worked for one year to achieve this.

Read My FULL Review of Wealthy Affiliate Here!

Without these knowledge, my mind actually pulling me back by thinking “What if I fail?”, “What if I cannot cover my monthly expense?” and other thoughts that procrastinate my works and keep warning me about being failure.

But I override it by using Total Money Magnetism and I’ve learnt how to act like a millionaire. I am now much more confident and this makes my college performance better too!

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