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Social media has become one of the best investment money can buy. But social media is not just Facebook and Linkedin, there are Twitter, Instagram, and blogging platforms. But let’s just focus on the four most used social media platforms that are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram as a marketing tool for young professionals and businessmen.

Optimize your Online Business by Linkedin


Many people believe that when they apply for jobs, their employer will not ask for their social media platform. In fact, many businessmen are following social media accounts to find new workers. One of the most famous social media platform to use in order to find a job is Linkedin. How does Linkedin work you ask? It’s simple, create a profile with a suitable picture, add your education, volunteering experience, age, your degree and also add in what you seek.

Like for instance, I would like to work in a Bank. I would add my bachelor from my university that is a bachelor of science in finance. I will add in my description that I am a person who loves finance and that I am a very responsible person (also you can spice your summary with everything you can think about that will appeal attractive and will be professional), I will add my past internship or job etc. When a businessman goes on a “headhunt” for new personnel, he may stumble upon you and contact you with a direct message. Also, you can search for available positions in companies that have a Linkedin profiles, usually, most of the biggest companies do have a Linkedin profile which is often updated by their social media manager.

Having a Linkedin is one of the best investment that you can make, it’s totally free and you can update it as much as you can, which will be to your benefit. If you want you can upgrade your Linkedin by paying a small fee in order to check who viewed your profile and to have a boost up when someone searches for your name. But I believe that the free version will do just fine for you.

Optimize your Online Business by Twitter


While some people prefer to use Twitter as a social media to communicate it’s at least good if you use it properly to find a new job. There are businesses that track the tweets people are tweeting about them and use these influential people in the Twitter world to market their products.

With a simple hashtag, you can get millions of tweets back from people who share love your idea. There are tweets for politicians, for celebrities and businessmen. I have a friend who got published by Huffington Post just for tweeting about an issue back in England. The editors of Huffington Post loved their writing and published her whole post.

It was something about politics I don’t personally follow that kind of people, but if you write something about politics or about any other celebrity in your country or outside, you can get people to connect with you and share your idea. And who knows maybe a Rihanna will thank you and follow you on Twitter for sharing and tweeting her newest hit. Or maybe you can get hired to tweet about a person. Many businessmen rely on this platform for their own success and marketing in order to get the news fast. If you know a couple of people who are very influential you can ask them to tweet about your product and make a record in sales.

Optimize your Online Business by Facebook


When you ask people what is social media, they will respond to you with Facebook. Facebook is the most famous social medium in the world. With millions of profiles on Facebook no wonder it’s the most famous platform for social media. Literally everyone has Facebook. Even you who are reading this you might found this article on Facebook because one of your friends posted this on their Facebook account.

It’s no wonder businesses are using Facebook in order to promote their companies, and using this platform for marketing of their products. One of my friends is selling shoes on Facebook, he has a business that is advertised on Facebook. I asked him to tell me how to use this platform for marketing. And he told me that you will need to create a simple page of your company/product etc. Then make it viral, first, ask your friends to like that page, and to share that page. And after that it’s easy. You can trust your friends that will make a mouth to mouth advertising or you can pay Facebook to advertise your page to people. And this company uses the searches on google to give you a recommended page on your own profile.

You can use this social medium to advertise and promote your article, and you can use this platform, to get in touch with your next employer. If you don’t have a Facebook, just go and create one you will definitely use it a lot.

Optimize your Online Business by Instagram


One of the last developed well-known social media platforms that are used by marketers and businesses is Instagram. It’s a social medium that is used to share pictures. Many people are using this platform to create a unique picture of them and then to share it with people in order to gain popularity. I myself am using Instagram to take a picture, create a masterpiece (thanks to the different options to choose from) and to share it with people.

The more followers I have on Instagram the more people are watching what I am doing. There are companies that hire models to market their product. It also works with hashtags like Twitter but it’s not a microblogging website like Twitter, but a platform that uses pictures. Why are businesses using Instagram? It’s simple, they are using it so that people can see what is being made from them. For instance, my personal Instagram is filled with man fashion and watches. I can see from my favourite brands what is new and they will provide me with a simple link to buy that product. So if you have a business that needs some marketing behind it, use this social media platform so that people can know what you are giving them.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Online Business

With the powerful social media as a tool, you should start your affiliate marketing online business by taking advantages on these platforms. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online without working at an office. You can even make money when you are having a long trip. You may share your success on the social media to attract people to follow your route to success. Then they are willing to purchase products from you! Of course, you should keep advising legitimate product or services to people in order to build up your authority and trust.

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Devote your time into Social Media

Using a social media platform is no longer a waste of time. Many people are working as social media managers, and they earn a great amount of money. Some people are also using these platforms to promote themselves and earn some money from that. Yet some people are using social media platforms to find a job. Whatever the cause, you need a social medium in order to boost up your potential earnings and also to create a potential marketing strategy for your business.

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