The BEST Gift for Mother’s day 2016

Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2016

As 8th May is approaching, many of you are now finding presents for mother and at least trying to make her feeling happy at that day.

This is a generation that doesn’t always rely on physical products. People now love playing mobile games and surfing the internet. Your Mommy too! From my view, what is the best present for Mother’s Day 2016? It’s to help her to Learn New Things!

Best Gift for Mommy, is to Educate her even she is a Newbie

Why do you want to educate your mother? That is because you don’t want your mother to feel boring all the time. You want her to feel herself productive and motivated. Swiping Facebook isn’t a good entertainment anymore. Many mothers think that they are simply wasting time by spending time on Facebook. They want to do some more things that have contribution to a business, to their families or just good for themselves.

So why education is a kind of good gift to your mother? This is because your mother may think that you are helping her and she will be benefiting in a long term. Your mother is not going to be bored through a year or forever if she does well with the educational platform.

So what should your mother be educated? My #1 Recommendation is to teach them create an online business. Creating online business is a good way for your mother to spend time with. She can find an interest, create her own product, writing content or blog posts that she loved to talk about and whatever. After she starts an online business, she starts feeling she is doing things that is productive to the family. As a result, she is happier!

The Best Gift for Mother’s Day 2016 – Wealthy Affiliate

Click Here To Check My Personal Review on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an authority in the online marketing industry. It contain two different courses which are “Online Entrepreneur Certification” and “Affiliate Bootcamp”. These courses are mainly teaching you how to create a website WITHOUT ANY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE with website design and marketing. Your mother can learn how to promote product from Amazon, Ebay and other affiliate programs on the internet. Even she can learn the latest marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Membership Marketing.

Creating a website to making money seems an impossible linkage. You may think that it’s impossible to make money with a website only. But the truth is you are making money with a website.

WA successful business

Most mommy love cooking. I bet yours too. You can go to Amazon and search for Kitchen & Dining and you can find that there are many choices for you. If your mother loves technology, she can write many blog post about culinary cooking or “slow cooking” by using an Anova gadget for example. There are much more possible niche that your mother can find and within Wealthy Affiliate, mothers are going to learn how to find a niche(interest), build a website, rank at Google and then Make Money!

Amazon Cooking Niche

How Do I Help Mother to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to make Wealthy Affiliate as a gift for mother’s day, you can pay for the premium membership and let your mother to fill in her own information. Click Here to Access to the Premium Member Joining Page. The price isn’t high. If you purchase Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for mother as a Mother’s Day gift, I suggest you to pay for a one-time payment for a yearly membership. It’s $359 for entirely whole year(without any up-sell). But if you choose to join monthly, it has a fair price of $47 too. If you still worried about Wealthy Affiliate, click here to see my FULL review of Wealthy Affiliate(with Successful Cases).

Make Your Mother Feel Confident to Herself!

The reason why I suggest Wealthy Affiliate as a Mother’s Day gift is because the community contains so many mothers as well! Within the community, your mother can engage with mothers, fathers or even college students! This makes her feeling confident of what she’s doing. She can learn so many skills that many professionals don’t even hear of before. Then create a website that she has never done that before. And even make a decent amount of money from it!

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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