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Product: Real Translator Jobs
Price: $68 (Actually $34) with Down-sells +2 Up-sells
My Rating: 1 out of 10

Language is one of the biggest barrier of people who are creating businesses in the world. Even English is one of the most important language, people who want to extent their business will try to step over different countries with different languages. Therefore, companies will start finding people who know different languages to translate works for them.

Real Translator Jobs is a program that claimed itself it can provide you translation job at home. It has also claimed you can make over $50,000 by doing this within one year. However, that is far away from the truth. Almost ALL people who enrolled in this program ended out making $0. Real Translator Jobs claimed that you don’t need to have a translation degree to do these jobs. In fact, you do need to have a degree to fulfill agencies requirement. Moreover, it pays $100 to marketers who help them to promote this SCAM product.

What is Real Translator Jobs

Real Translator Jobs is an online program that similar to agency websites that provide you agency information. Similar to most of the agency systems, you have to contact those agencies by person and provide them your CV/Resume for applying the translation jobs. As above said, it claimed that you don’t have to show your qualification in translation or even studied in a college or university. However, you do need a proof. Since you send your portfolio to the company, they will need your qualification in translation.

Yes, of course you DON’T need a degree to JOIN their program BUT you NEED to have a degree to convince company and make money by doing the job. This is already nonsense.

And what’s more? What if you DO have a degree in translation? Honestly there are so much opportunities for you such expert but if you DO want to try this online program and make money from home? My answer is AVOID THIS!

The BIGGEST problem of this agency system is that IT DOESN’T REALLY HAVE AGENCY! On average, there are barely 2-3 available agencies on the dashboard. In fact, none of those reply to your apply. Those agencies may not actually exist. Some of the companies may be closed or somehow terminated. But the offers were still on. EVEN, even if the companies exist, many of them don’t reply to application messages or reply as “We will inform you when and if you’re needed”. Do I have to continue the story? Do you really think there is hope for getting replied?

There are more to be revealed. But let’s first see the Pros and Cons of Real Translator Jobs.


  • You can really make SOME LITTLE money if you are lucky AND with a DEGREE of translation


  • It has unreasonable up-sells (You CANNOT access to the agency system without buying the up-sells)
  • You have to contact the agencies on your own
  • You HAVE to have a translation degree in fact
  • There are so few agencies available for your application
  • That’s impossible to make the claim of earning $50,000 by the program
  • There is NO customer services! You CANNOT successfully contact the support.
  • If you contact the support for REFUND, they will refuse to reply your request. You have to head to Clickbank to get refunded.

How Do Real Translator Jobs SCAMS People?

First, the front page of Real Translator Jobs talk about the hype as most of the online marketing product. When they have successfully caught your eye-balls, they start telling you that With Their Program, You Will Be Earning $50,000 Per Year. But that is far away from the truth. You WON’T be earning that money. In fact, after investing into the product, you will be ending out losing money.

How do they scam you actually?

The ACTUAL element of scamming is that you CANNOT access to the agency system after paying the very first product. The FIRST Payment is ONLY for the Real Translator Jobs Membership BUT without the agency system that claimed to actually earn you money! Although you will be down-selling from $68 to $14. No matter how much you pay, you are not making any money with the membership only.

Let’s see how does the scam works.

  1. You are attracted by the hype and joined the Real Translator Jobs Membership.
  2. They tell you that you have to join their agency system program to start making money.
  3. If you refused the offer, you will land on the membership page with up-sells going on.
  4. You cannot make money and you are scammed.

Who is Real Translator Jobs for?

NO. Avoid this product. This is totally a scam.

Real Translator Jobs Complaints

Real Translator Jobs complaints 1Real Translator Jobs complaints 2

There are so much more complains on the internet. Just watch out and avoid being scammed. As I said, you have to buy their up-sells to start making money with your translation skills. In fact, I think there are much more platform that allows you to make money online.

Want to Make Money Without Being Scammed?

The Price

The official price of Real Translator Jobs is $68. However, you will be down-sold thrice down to $14. You have to question why a quality product should down-sell their product such many times to a such low value. But, whatever, they are scammers.

Let’s take a look to the whole pricing system.

Real Translator Jobs Up-sell

Is it Suggested?

NO! This is definitely a scam. You should follow my method to make money online instead of purchasing this scam.



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