Live Case Study: 02 Build Your Authority!

Build Your Authority – The Basic of Earning Money Online

You may not be a super star. You are not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But think about it. They were not as famous as today. Their authority was built step by step and didn’t give up while encountered any obstacles. Everything about earning money online are trust and authority. Why do they success? This is just because of they have started building their authority at the very beginning.

Google needs your authority. People need your authority. You need customers’ trust. Fair enough. You are not earning money fast online at first. But since you have built up your basics and authority. Earning $10,000 a month isn’t difficult for you anymore. The truth is, you can earn money online same as the 40-year-old businessman as a college student. I am a University student from Hong Kong and I am pretty sure that you can do it too.

Let’s get started with today’s study.

Let’s Recap What We’ve Done Last Study

Please follow what I have done last study. I really want you to follow what I did with my website. Of course you can do extra but why I want you to at least follow my basic progress is because I want to show you the true way to success. If you are really doubt with the thing I have done, just email me through or just simply leave a comment below.

If you are ready to build your successful passive income machine, let’s get rolling!

Things Need to be Done in this Study

  • Build your Website
  • Create your first post
  • Add a Privacy Policy page and a About Me page
  • Keep Adding Content!

Build a Website Within 1 Minute!

Now you have already registered a domain name (or you may be using a free domain). You can now build your website. If you have read my personal Wealthy Affiliate review, you know it is simple to build a website within 1 minute. But for this case study, we have to think about what theme to use to optimize your business stream. (You can choose 2400+ themes within Wealthy Affiliate.) Building a website is not a tough and hard job for you. Just literally press few buttons then your website is ready.

Create Your First Post!

The first few pages and posts are the most important content for your website. This is because Google will crawl your website and start seeing whether your contents are helpful and worth-ranking. So instead of building the basement of your website, you should create few pieces of Pillar Content that drive traffic into your website. This requires good keyword research and education. But with Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn all these stuff and Wealthy Affiliate is providing Keyword Tool for You if you are a premium member.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today to Claim Your First Month Discount!

Add a Privacy Policy Page and a About Me Page

This is an easy job actually. Don’t think a privacy policy page is hard to create. It is not as “technical” as you may think. You can actually do it with a template and you are totally fine. A privacy policy page is to avoid legal stuffs that may strike on your website. To protect your website and your benefit, you should create one. And it is EASY! Watch the video below to learn and get your template.

Privacy Policy video

Add an About Me Page

About Me page is really important for creating a successful online business. If you ask people what is the most important element of a successful business, people may probably say “Trust”. If you are entrusted, your product, your review and your experience will probably be easily trusted too. For making money in online, your website also needs to be trusted by Google. This is because Google wants its search engine being useful and providing legitimate information to people. If you are a scammer and no one trust you, Google may not rank you high and give you traffic.

So why do About Me page important? This is an indicator to let people know you are real and you are not afraid to let people know who you are. When people feeling being scammed, the first person to blame is you instead of the company. This is because you reviewed the product and you are promoting them. If people think you are just making money online and not providing them real and true information, they won’t trust you and not willing to engage with you anymore. You won’t succeed with this situation.

Just write about yourself and why are you creating this website. How can you help people? Are you a professional within this segment? Do you have related experience? Tell people about your story!

Keep Adding Content

Keep adding content to make your website being fruitful. I will make some posts and videos to talk about how to add good content and what to write. For now, just keep writing different content and let Google crawl more keywords from your website.

Next Live Case Study

The next Live Case Study will cover topics as follow:

  • What kind of content should you create?
  • How to actually Earn Revenue from your website?
  • How to do Keyword Research to rank your website higher?

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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