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Product: List Spark Pro
Price: FREE / $19.95/mo + Additional add-ups in the membership area
My Rating: 6 out of 10

List Spark Pro is a viral email marketing system. This system provides you landing pages and email templates that allow you to build your email list efficiently and promote different products to earn commissions. The List Spark Pro system is mostly used by websites that are already having traffic. For websites which have the ability to build their own email list, List Spark Pro helps to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

How Does it Work?

As it’s a Viral System, it has the ability to spread like spark. For payment members (Premium membership), you are going to send your website traffic or email audience to the List Spark Pro landing page. Once you have sent them to the landing page, no matter which type of membership they have signed up, you will be getting his email in your list PLUS the chance of earning affiliate commission from them.

Premium Member ($19.95 monthly recurring fee)

  1. First you sign up for List Spark Pro Premium
  2. You send traffic to your landing page
  3. You get that person in your email list
  4. If he sign up for List Spark Pro Premium, you will be getting 90% lifetime monthly recurring fee
  5. If he sign up for FREE, you will get him in your list PLUS you will get FIVE more people that invited by your FREE referral into your list

FREE Member

  1. You sign up for Free Membership
  2. You send traffic to your landing page
  3. You have to give the first five people to the email list of the person that referred you to List Spark Pro
  4. Then you start getting your referrals
  5. If your referrals sign up for List Spark Pro Premium, you will be earning 90% of the membership fee for 2 months

Short Review of List Spark Pro

List Spark Pro is a “somehow” legitimate program for you to make money online. You should be very very careful if you are trying to join some program involved “Email List Building” system. This is because you will never build a successful list if you don’t have a consistent traffic source.

Besides, List Spark Pro targets ONLY one kind of niche. If your traffic source is not about “Make Money Online”, you are odd to promote List Spark Pro as it’s irrelevant business. The usability is quite narrow and it’s not for everyone

In my opinion, if you are now launching a website for more than one year, you can use List Spark Pro to scale up your business. However, as most people don’t clearly know that they should have a consistent traffic source, they won’t join List Spark Pro for OVER 2 MONTHS on average. Therefore, I recommend you to sign up FOR FREE.

Sign Up your Free List Spark Membership Now.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a viral system that scales up your email list incredibly if you use it in a right niche and at the right time
  • You can use it totally for FREE
  • The system includes step-by-step training that helps you to build a successful website and email list
  • It has exclusive webinars but most of them promote pricey products


  • You cannot use it without any traffic source
  • Training sections are too basic and it JUST teach about list building.
  • It has no community and coaching
  • Up-sells are pricey and annoying within the weekly/monthly webinars

Wanna Build Your Own Traffic Source?

Who is List Spark Pro for?

List Spark Pro is definitely NOT for everyone who has not to start an online business. In order to successfully build your viral email list, you should have a solid and consistent traffic source such as websites and YouTube Channel.

You SHOULD have a website (recommended) with about 1 year-old and having at least 100 visitors per day to use List Spark Pro. (Note that “100 visitors” is just a mark that indicates your website is driving true traffic)

If you own a YouTube channel, make sure you have at least 3,000 subscribers and having your videos at least 1,000 views on average to promote List Spark Pro or you will end out not referring any people.

You Can ONLY Scale Your Business to some Level

I appreciate there are tools that help you scale up your business. However, Emka, the co-founder of List Spark Pro didn’t tell you about the requirement of successfully building a list. Without a traffic source, you will never build a successful online business.

That means you are NOT suggested to use List Spark if you don’t have any traffic source and experience. Honestly, the training videos are quite basic and it didn’t teach me any extra information out of Wealthy Affiliate.

People who are already having a consistent traffic source can put this system into your consideration of scaling your online business as it truly helps you to get more email into your list.

The Price

$19.95 is a fair price with a system that barely teaches useful information. This referring system is quite good too as there are constraints for Free Membership. It is a legitimate product with legitimate price but just having a too narrow audience.

Is it Suggested?

It’s suggested for people who are already having a traffic source.

However, it is strongly NOT suggested for people who are new to online marketing and new to building a solid traffic source.



List Spark Pro is somehow a legitimate product. However, it’s not for everyone. It doesn’t have any good education within the program so that you are not learning new and powerful stuffs within the program. You are always have better choice. I personally don’t like this system and I am using a lot more better way to promote, scale and build a successful online business.

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