List of Social Media Marketing Sites

1. BUFFER-buffer is very good tool social media marketing. It will enable you to be able to arrange and also schedule your social media posts across different social media platforms that you are planning to carry out your social media promotions. This particular management tool will make sure you earn online money.

2. IFTTT-This is a tool that has the ability to help you to put together different social tools in ways that are not ordinary. This tool will be able to post information that you put on one social media platform automatically to other social media platform.

3. TINT-This is a social media marketing tool that is able to combine all the conversations that are being held on social media about your product. The information on all the conversations taking place, the videos being posted and pictures collected is not just information originating from one social media platform. The information is obtained from different social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, instagram as long as you have an account and want to use them for your social media marketing purposes.

4. REBEL MOUSE-its function is to combine the contents on social media. It has the ability to display, social media content in a layout that you desire. The advantage is that someone can come up with a post that has very high quality pages and have been written using a quality style

5. BUZZSUMO-this is a social media marketing tool that has the ability to let you know about content that has been greatly shared and it can also aid you to know the people who have great influence in these social media platforms.

6. MENTION-it’s a social media marketing tool that allows you to be able to observe keywords on a variety of social media platforms.

7. HOOT SUITE-This is a marketing tool that will help you to make a schedule of your updates across so many social media platforms. It can help you to monitor what’s happening on other platforms and even get an analysis of the activities.

8. PIXABAY-This tool will enable to get pictures that are of a very quality. The tool enables you to be able to access this for free and you as a social media marketer have a chance to use this pictures and photos for purposes that are commercial.

9. POCKET-This is a social media marketing tool that is very simple. If you have a lot of content that you don’t want to read during a particular present time, the pocket will come in handy by saving the content. An example is when you see something that seems interesting, but at the moment you are engaged in some other activities; you can use this tool to save the content.

10.CIRCLOSCOPE-This is a very good social media marketing tool that can help you to identify people who have great influence on social media and plays a major role which is to help you follow the influential people on these platforms.

11. CAYZU-This social media marketing tool has the ability to assist you in dealing with customers. Choice will let you know about the feedback from customers including customer complaints. This will be a plus as it will help you to deal with the complaint.

12. MANAGE FLITTER-this tool is a management tool that will assist you to cut on social media followers who are not of interest in your business including those who are not active

13. TWITTER COUNTER-when using twitter as your social media platform, twitter counter is a marketing tool that will come in handy, especially when you need information about the progress and the growth of your account. It will provide information about the number of followers you have on Twitter

14. FOLLOWER WONK-Follower wonk is a marketing tool that will help you to get information about the number of followers you have. This will come in handy in planning your social media activities and to know how you will handle your audience properly. This marketing tool will even show you the time when a good number of your followers are online, thus as a marketer, you will be able to choose the most appropriate time to post your update and that is when a large number of your followers are active.

15. QUINTLY-this tool is an analysis tool that can help you to determine your business performance on social media. Through determination one can compare his performance with the performance of his competitors and know if his business is doing better or if it's done poorly compared to the other businesses in the same field. This analysis can be carried out on a variety of social media platforms

16. FEEDLY-when you are looking for intriguing content that you can update for your followers to see, feedly will be a handy marketing tool. This tool can also come in handy when you are looking for new information.

17. BRAND 24-this tool will give you information on what your audience are saying about your business. You will also get an opportunity to get information about what is going on with your competitors and the activities that they are involved at a particular time. Brand 24 will help you in communicating with your customers for it enables you to get feedback and to reply t the feedback.

18. NUZZEL-this too will assist you to engage in organizing updates and posts from your friends from different social media platforms. Nuzzel will help you by making this posts easy to read and you will be able to identify some of your friends that are influential on these social media platforms. You will then be able to link up with this influencers and as a result you will be a successful marketer.

Social media marketing tools are really important for your online business. Manage your social media platform well and get better engagement with your visitors can skyrocket your authority and sells. However, starting an online business is the very first job you have to do before doing any social media marketing stuffs. Click the button below to see how do I start an online business and make money with it.

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