Learn to Make Money with Email Marketing

How Do I Make Money with Email Marketing?

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A lot has changed from the time when people used simple letters to tell someone about a new product or that something has changed in their city or village. People used to write letters to each other to inform them about something. But as times change so did the marketing behind  sending a letter to someone.

How many times have you opened an email that had a title “If you open this email you will win 100000$”. Zero times right? Yes well, that seems like a scam, but how many times have you opened an email from the brand that you are following. For instance, you are subscribed to the Polo Ralph Lauren brand to send you an email about new products. You have been waiting for days about that new shirt to come out from Ralph Lauren in order to pre-buy it. When the email arrived you clicked instantly to open it and to grab the newest shirt from Ralph Lauren.

Email marketing has become one essential part of any organization. People are employed just to create a nice email and to send it to subscribers, or to any potential subscribers. While people are constantly deleting certain emails or putting them in their spam boxes, email marketers are trying to create the most appealing email that can lure you to click on it and to buy that certain product.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

How do email marketers work you might ask? It’s simple. When a person enters a fancy boutique and buys a product, ask them to become a premium member of your boutique by asking their name and surname, and of course their email. Give them a nice looking card and tell them to spend it in your stores. And there you have it, you have your potential buyer and you will give them the news in their mailboxes every day about your brand. These email marketers are usually called copywriters because these people are the ones who create the structure of the email and they are sending it to you. These copywriters know how to create the perfect email that can lure the customers in clicking on the “buy” button on the email.

One simple rule to follow when you are creating an email marketing is to not look like you are a spam to potential new customers. I know I will delete the email if it looks like a simple spam message. And everyone will delete it because we don’t have time to read spam messages about products that we don’t need. A good strategy to target potential customers is to create a subscription to a newsletter on your web page. And you will be sure that people who will subscribe to your emails will not delete them because they are the ones who wanted to get the email from you. Also, if you are a brand that needs to use images, use them, but be careful what kind of images you will use. And try to use images that are simple, yet have the best impact. Create an Instagram account and share pictures over there, if you see one picture that has a lot of likes use that picture in order to attract more customers. Also, you can use your Instagram profile to get more email customers, by simply giving them a link where they can subscribe for the email marketing, this is very useful if you are selling a product.

Using other social media websites is a great strategy to lure some potential customers. As studies have shown more than one billion people are using some kind of social media, and more people are switching their marketing strategies towards social media. Also, people are using a lot of resources on creating the best email marketing strategies for potential customers.

When you are writing the email, don’t use the name of your customer. Like  “Dear (insert name here) you have been awarded 15% discount” as there are many scams that look like this, many potential customers will delete this email and put you in their spam folders. Research has shown that people don’t like to open emails that have their name on because they believe that its just another fake “I will win 100000$” email.

While creating the perfect message for your customers, try to be more specific and to have around 70-150 words in the email. People love to read their email fast and to respond fast. Be clear what you want to say and say it quickly. But don’t write an email like “People we need money for a new house, please donate here how much you can”. Don’t be like this, if you need money for something put in why you need it when you need them, and for what cause you are working.

When to Send a Email?

You will need to know when to send your emails. There is a time where people are opening their mailboxes to see what’s new and to resend someone on how do they do. The best time to send the email is from 7PM until midnight. People tend to open their emails the most around 8PM till midnight. This time is used for opening emails because they have all finished with their jobs, and are chilling at home with their families. This time, they have a lot of free time to open up their mailboxes and check if there is something interesting.

There are great platform such as Aweber has nice feature that allows you to set a schedule for your email. That means you just have to build your email list and then it will help you automatically send your subscribers emails.

Aweber Features

If you are a store that is selling suits, it’s possible that your customers will open their emails around this time. And I am sure they will make the purchase of your new suit this time at night. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that your email should be mobile friendly because most of the people are connecting their mobile phones with their email so that they can read their emails on the go.

So next time you are creating your marketing strategy for your new product, be sure to create a marketing campaign based on emails. People are checking their emails and more and more people are buying stuff online through email. I know that I am a person who checks his email every day and I am being lured into buying something every day on a regular basis, be that a new t-shirt from my favourite brand or a new watch.

Where Do I Get FULL Education about Online Business?

Although Email Marketing is one of the biggest part of online business, creating a website is essential for any funnel and opt-in pages. Besides, you have to be well educated before start building up a list. This is because email marketing is just one subset of online marketing. You may want to learn how to fully create an online business. Then you will be able to create a good and huge email list.

See Where do I learn about Online Marketing and Online Business!

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