Is VO Genesis a Scam? – Can You Trust Jenny Lewis?

VO Genesis

Product: VO Genesis (Voice Over Genesis)
Price: $39.95 (Discounted $19.95) + Down-sells and Up-sells
My Rating: 3 out of 10

I always find products that claimed themselves make you money online. I have noticed VO Genesis for few months already and I saw people keep using it to make money online so I am reviewing it to tell whether it is legit or scam. I heard some of you guys complaint to me that it didn’t really make us money and the methods they taught don’t really suit for everyone.

VO Genesis Review

The first thing I want to talk about is the front sales page (below).

VO Genesis front

This is a simple front page that tells you NOTHING about what actually VO Genesis is. This is one of the points that I persist of. I hate products that don’t tell you much about what actual components are inside the product before you get started with it.

So I am going to tell you What is VO Genesis.

VO Genesis is a product that tells you how to record your voice and send to your client and make money through this process. It is claimed that all you have to do is just recording your voice and upload to respective web page and you will be earning revenue.

So let’s make it clear. The following progress is all you have to do (as it claimed) to make money online.

  1. Buy their product.
  2. Read the step-by-step guide
  3. Build your studio
  4. Record your voice
  5. Sell it through websites that the product suggested
  6. Earn Revenue!

Well, it sounds not so complicated but I don’t love it personally. This is because you can now just search online that how to sell your voice and without paying this product a buck. It has nothing told you about the SECRET of making money online. It has not told you about the restriction of making this kind of money.

So what is the actual components in VO Genesis?

What is Actual Components in VO Genesis

Actually, this is Another product that doesn’t provide you any Tools and Real-time training. It has no community and useful tools for you to make money online.

The actual components in VO Genesis are some ebooks that teach you how to record your voice and the process of all you have to do to sell your voice. I have to admit that the step-by-step guide is really clear and helpful that you can actually follow it easily.

However, all you can get within the ebooks are only words and guides. You have no extra resources and services.

Moreover, you CANNOT get the full product after paying them $19.95. Originally it was $39.95 but if you click the exit button, it will decrease their price to $19.95 which is the first down-sell. After purchasing the product, you will receive an email that gives you the download page. Then you will be annoyed by the up-sell pages.

The First up-sell is VO Genesis Accelerator. Jenny Lewis “promises” that you can get into the top 2% voice artist in the industry. In fact, she didn’t mentioned about what does it mean by 2%. Can I interpret that as the top 2% of the failed voice marketer? No one knows.

The Second up-sell is Multiple Streams of Income. Well I didn’t buy this up-sell but this is really a frustrating product. Am I improving my voice by getting these product? The true way to make money with your voice is speaking nice and having nice sound. Besides, I am already knowing many kinds of income streams so I won’t try this product. If you have tried these two up-sells please let me know and tell what is actually teaching inside.

VO Genesis 2

VO Genesis Pros and Cons


  • It is a fun and easy way to make money online
  • It can be paid day-by-day
  • The step-by-step training guide is really useful
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • People with bad English are NOT being able to earn even $100
  • You should be talented in speaking
  • There is no community
  • There is no private support
  • There is no concrete successful cases shown

When it comes to make money online, one very important thing is that does the product help you to imagine your success? What do I mean by that? Well, if the product doesn’t tell you about to what extent of your work done will earn you how much, then they probably don’t guarantee this method is the way for you to make money.

Although there are many cut-scenes that people told themselves they are making money, there are NO indicators of how much YOU can earn.

If you ask a question “How much will I be earning with this ONE Sound Track?”, I can guarantee that you will never have the answer. This is because they don’t tell you HOW TO FAIL. Everyone knows how to success but you SHOULD know how to FAIL to avoid failure.

Who is VO Genesis for?

VO Genesis is for people who are having beautiful voices and speak fluent English.

If you are Asian, Indonesian or people out of the US and the UK, I don’t recommend you to be a voice artist as this may waste your time.

The Price

As I said, VO Genesis has several up-sells and down-sells. That means one price doesn’t include the whole product.

It is $39.95(with discounted $19.95) and plus up-sell and down-sell. If you want to try the product with risk-free 60-day-money-back-guarantee, Click Here to the VO Genesis.

Is it Suggested?

Although it is somehow a legitimate product, I do NOT RECOMMEND this product to you. This is not a product for everyone to make money online. Besides, for product that includes up-sells and down-sells means that that the owner has no confidence about selling you the whole product with one price. Therefore, in terms of the quality of product, support and successful rate, I do not recommend you to use it.

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