Is University a Scam? Detailed Review

Why Do You Want to Study, at University?

You maybe a community college student, high school student, university student or even university graduate while reading this article. No matter who you are, you read this page because you maybe thinking of losing money to university. You maybe thinking of your career or you maybe choosing a university.

Before you have done any decision, you should first ask yourself “Why should I study at University?”. Build a better self? Optimize your portfolio? Get a nice and well-paid job at a massive company? Anyway, we can generalize the common concepts of how people think about the benefits of studying at the university.

  1. Socialize with high-quality people
  2. Learn advanced skills and career related knowledge
  3. Have a better profile/CV to get well-paid dream job
  4. In some case, get further education and do researches (kinda achievements)

These are some major reasons of studying at university. To be honest, as studying in The University of Hong Kong, I don’t think studying here helps me get what I want. It really helps me to clarify many issues about career and the society but the truth is I don’t get any REAL, concrete things from it.

Actually, one of my reason of studying at the best university in Hong Kong, one of the best university in Asia, is that I can speak “louder”. I am more confident to express myself and I know my conversation should be much valuable then the other.

We have to admit that you can actually socialize with better people. We have to admit that you can somehow learn some specialized, advanced professional skills at the university. (But is it career related? Hm…) Yes, you are having a better profile. But is the profile find you a better job? It depends. In the United State, you would be having a better job. But you have to calculate the cost that investing 3-4 years into studying at university PLUS the tuition fee.

What University Want You to Do?

Frankly, university never cares your career. Their curricula don’t cater your life out of the university. What they really care are academic results and university ranking.

If you are not agree with me, then let me ask you a question. Why those universities quit students with bad academic result instead of helping them to perform better or refer them to career support?

One essential element of university ranking is Academic Research. For university with high ranking, the demand will be rose. As the result, they can set a higher tuition fee to increase their profit. This is the main target and funnel of a university.

This is why a university so eager to teach you research related topics and academic researches. They don’t care about your future, your job and your family. All they want you to do are as below:

  1. Pay the tuition fee on time
  2. Learn how to do researches
  3. Get better Grade Point Average (GPA) for statistics and academic achievement
  4. Get further education (better chance to create outstanding academic researches)

How about your life in the university? Who cares. A better environment is only “Learning Related”. You have to worry about how a university benefits your life.

Can University Benefit to Your Future?

This goes to how you define “Your Future”. If you want to have a academic related future, you want to be a teacher or you want to be professional in some study field (except marketing), then university really benefits your future so much. That is because academic is your life, man.

But if you want to have a better job, make more money or even build your own business so that you don’t have to attend to the 9-to-5 job, university should not be your place.

However, I am not fully negate university. University DOES help us to build a better self and it helps us to socialize better. If you compare someone to university graduates, you can feel that graduates are normally having better impression and more presentable. This may somehow get you a better job. But I wonder if it worth $30,000+ tuition fee.

If you think that university benefits your future by teaching you academic knowledge, then we may let’s do some case studies.

University Case Study

Below, I will be investigating business related courses, programs and bachelors. That is because people who want to make more money in the future will choose business and marketing courses, mostly. Therefore, to see whether a university could help your future, reviewing their business related course should be the most relevant thing I can do.

The University of Florida

Let’s dig into the University of Florida. This is one of the best university in the world. Even people living in China want to get into this university. So how’s their marketing course? Here’s the Bachelor of Marketing from Warrington College of Business Administration.

As this is kind of board discipline of Marketing, I don’t expect it tells you a lot about practical stuffs within the marketing industry. Here’s the course list.

  • Retail Management Seminar
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Introduction to Retailing Systems and Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Retail Consulting
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • New Product Development and Management
  • Independent Study
  • Internship in Marketing
  • Retail Management Internship
  • International Studies in Marketing
  • Honors Thesis

These are the major courses of Marketing Bachelor. I have to admit that these courses are really important to your marketing career. If you are planning to be in sort of drop shipping directory, some logistic marketing and management should be learned from these courses.

These courses are somehow legitimate already, comparing to the courses outside. That is because the courses are practical and not research related. Even if you choose to further study in marketing in the University of Florida, you are learning practical skills although those skills maybe out-to-date.

The advanced knowledge you can learn here isn’t unique at all. I have attended to an interactive community called the Wealthy Affiliate University which provide most practical knowledge for online marketing. However, for retail marketing, University of Florida should be a nice choice for you as there are many professional knowledge.

The University of Toledo

University of Toledo Logo

Let’s take a look of the University of Toledo. This is another popular university in the United State. Students want to choose this university for their study of marketing. However, those courses included within the Bachelor are not quite practical. Those basic courses are too basic. But advanced courses are not practical.

University of Toledo Marketing

In the marketing industry, all you need is a computer or a laptop. Any high-end or high-tech environment are not necessary at all. With a laptop, website or some systems that you can find on the internet can build successful business already.

Although an internship opportunity is really essential for a graduate student, what if you don’t work for companies? Have you ever thought of a university actually ruining your future by keeping you unproductive for 4 years?

Let’s take a look of the course of Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • Orientation
  • College Composition I
  • Calculus for Business with Applications
  • Intro to Business * Humanities
  • Organize Report Writing
  • Micro-Computer Applications
  • Intro to Macro Economics *(Social Science + Natural Science + Lab)
  • Career Development I
  • Financial Accounting Info
  • Data Analysis for Business
  • Intro to Micro Economics
  • Multicultural US Diversity
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Application of Statistics
  • Global Environment of Business
  • Career Development II
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Service Systems
  • Managerial & Behavior Processes
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Professional Business Communication
  • Info Tech Management
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Buyer Behavior & Retail Marketing
  • Internship

This Bachelor has more requirement for this major. It requires you to take more business electives too. Comparing to the University of Florida, it gives you fewer freedom to do what you want.

However, I don’t think this course structure build you a better future especially in career aspect. If you have done some researches, you probably know that internship for final year students usually based on GPA. If your GPA is lower than 3.0 (and most people are), you are not getting a better job than a high school graduate at all (in terms of salary).

Moreover, you are not learning practical skills that helps you to build your own career and your own business. All they teach you are how to survive in the complicated data analysis and offices. You have no knowledge and experience about make money by yourself without a company. Therefore I don’t think that the education of the University of Toledo worth your (parents) hardly earned money.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University has been providing online courses. This is an overwhelming university I have ever seen. As there are many university nowadays provide online courses, internet marketing courses could be found in some university. However, when things come with internet marketing courses, it would be easily fallen into the Scam category. That is because the course content would be rapidly outdated.

From planning to teaching, tutors work and your attendance could be separated for over a year. In terms of search engine optimization, most of the information would be outdated.

Over 90 hours of courses, you have to pay for $15,000+ for one courses. That is incredible and not everyone could afford for such one course. Moreover, I personally think that Full Sail University is a scam. Here’s why.

Full Sail University Marketing

Within the whole curriculum, I can just spot these few courses are useful. However, even Introduction to Marketing, Mathematics and Web Design are totally useless in today’s marketing industry. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate University can teach you how to not design anything but creating beautiful websites.

Therefore, I feel like Full Sail University scams your money.

My Opinion to University

University is a great place for you to socialize with different students and make quality friends in your studying aspects. You can also learn SOME practical skills and knowledge for your career. However, if you are aiming for a graduation job and having a well-paid career, I really don’t suggest you to attend to university. BUT, If you still want to have good tertiary education and dead-set with attending university, I have some suggestion for you.

Do Something For Your Future

This is by no mean studying extremely hard in the university. Studying hard is important, but just only studying is useless. You have to do something for your future and when you look back, you will proud of yourself.

To determine what to do, you should follow some rationales.

  1. Do something scale-able. Don’t do things that remain no value after few years.
  2. Do things that help you grow. Keep learning different things.
  3. Don’t waste too much time on games. You can play as much as you can after building a steady business.

Below, there is my best program that you can join for your 4-year college life. So keep reading and you will find the treasure.

Do You Need a University Certificate for Career?

Honestly, it depends on what career you are going to dig into. For me, as an online marketer, I don’t think university certificate is important for a profitable career. If you are not planning to be an engineer, actuary etc, you don’t have to get any degree. If you just want to “Make Money”, then a university certificate is unnecessary.

However, I am not discouraging you from studying. I just want to tell you that “Make Money” requires dedication but not a certificate. You can not make money if you do it wrongly even you had a degree. You CAN make money if you do things right even you didn’t have a certificate.

But, if you are a high school student and you are not studying as well as attending to a good university, you should choose alternative platforms. No matter who you are, just keep reading. Even alternative platform for non-students, university students can do it as part-time (and I always suggest people to do it as part-time job).

Choosing an Alternative Platform is Better

So, I have say a lot already. What is my suggestion? Before I tell you my suggestion. I really need you to recap the rationales of what you should determine to do.

  1. Do something scale-able
  2. Learn
  3. Don’t lose focus on addictions

I have say about the platform already. That is the Wealthy Affiliate University. It is also a university but it provides you the most updated things for you. It is about online marketing for newbie. If you don’t have any experience about making money online, Wealthy Affiliate University should be your unique choice.

Different from traditional university, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have a true tuition center. You cannot interact face-to-face with other people while just starting. Yes, I said “just starting” because you can truly interact with the owner and other awesome members. There is a Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference for members who really have put some hard work into their business. The owner, Kyle, will pay all the fees you need to go to Vegas.

And the biggest different between Wealthy Affiliate University and traditional university is that Wealthy Affiliate only takes you about 2-3 year to get to $10,000+ monthly income. While traditional university takes you 4 year for no income. And what’s more? Wealthy Affiliate only takes you maximum $2200 for 4-year membership instead of $15,000+ tuition fee.

Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam or Not?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely not a scam. Many members that worked moderately hard are also making at least few hundred dollars after half year of work. The Wealthy Affiliate University has an interactive, motivated and helpful community. Even normal members create training for other folks to learn skills from them.

Wealthy Affiliate has a full marketing courses with tons of training videos. Every week, you can attend to the live training. Here’s a live broadcast training example.


This is the up-coming live session in Wealthy Affiliate. By the way, if you missed out some live classes, you can watch the replay all the time. Even if you join today, you can still watch the training at 2013.

Moreover, there are tons of useful, up-to-date courses available in the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Read My Full Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

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So, Does University Work?

University works in some aspects. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t worth the price. Most of the courses require you to pay $15,000+ per year which is too expensive, for me at least. The best part I love with traditional university is that I will be having a chance to interact with real people and make real friends.

However, we have to be realistic. We want to make money and make us a better life. In terms of earning income, University is a SCAM! Not only without giving you tools and education for making money, but also costing you over ten thousand dollars per year!

Yes, University works with academic aspects. You can learn so many things with it. But if you want to build a successful business. I don’t recommend you to join such university.

Therefore, new, modern university such as the Wealthy Affiliate University should be your pick no matter you want to attend to traditional university or not. It only requires at most $560 per year ($359 if you join with discount). So can you spot which one is much more legitimate? Do you want to do something that your parents proud of? Do you want to make over $10,000 just after graduation (actually while you are still a student)?

Do something today. Fight for your Dream!

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Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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