Is The CB Passive Income a Scam? – My Review

The CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 Review

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Product: The CB Passive Income System
Price: $37 Per Month / $97 One Time Fee + Tons of Up-sells
My Rating: 1 out of 10

What is CB Passive Income About?

CB Passive Income 3.0 is a system that requires you to send an email list into the opt-in website. They will send email to the list automatically and when people that you sent to the system successfully buy products. You will earn commission.

The overall product is quite similar to the email auto-responder such as Aweber. The owner, Patric Chan, claimed that you can create a 4-6 figure income with his system. He claimed that you don’t have to know any about internet marketing and advertising to use his system to make money online.

CB Passive Income 3.0 Pros

  • It has training video (but not step-by-step)
  • You can make some money if you are experienced
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • The claims are exaggerating
  • Many hype photos blow your mind
  • The system doesn’t really work as his claim
  • You maybe losing money by doing advertising on Facebook and Google because your advertisement may not work as it said
  • If you already have an email list and you send it to the system, you may instantly lose all trust from your subscribers
  • It has so many up-sells
  • It has NO Free Trial
  • There are literally no support. The customer support doesn’t really help you with your question.
  • No community for you to discuss any progress and see people sharing their results
  • There are platform like Aweber can do the similar job.

This is one of the worst product I have reviewed before. If you are experienced with internet marketing, you may probably know that this is totally a SCAM. I don’t want to list out too many drawbacks here although there are already so many because these can hold you back from choosing this product already.

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Who is CB Passive Income 3.0 for?

Almost all of my scam reviews won’t recommend any people to try it. If I do recommend you to use a product, that entire product should at least provide you a community and full support. I don’t recommend anyone to try a product if it’s not working for many people.

So, CB Passive Income System 3.0 is not for you, no matter who you are. Although the targeted customers are newbies, you can’t actually make money from the system even if you follow their training step-by-step.

Why CB Passive Income Can’t Make You Money?

Most of the internet marketing product cannot work what as they claimed. This is because make money online isn’t a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. You cannot make money through online with so little dedication. The true way to make money online is following affiliate marketing training step-by-step, getting help and steadily put content on your website.

CB Passive Income is a system that makes you feel that making money online is easy. Although all you have to do is send email to the email list, this is an EXTREMELY hard job for you to do if you are totally new to make money online. Think it yourself. How do you find tons of email to opt-in to their list?

In fact, you have to get at least 100,000 true, active subscribers to get a 5-figure income per month. So, when you now look back to Patric Chan’s claim, you can see that he is actually a scammer. You are just one of the income generator in Patric’s eyes. If you join the system, you will make money, but for him and not for yourself.

Why I DON’T Use CB Passive Income?

First of all, I am a legitimate online marketer and I make money online legitimately. I won’t tell you to join a scamming product that doesn’t really work.

I don’t continue to use CB Passive Income 3.0 because this is totally bullshit. Since I joined this program, I had earned $0. YES! I earned literally NO Money! Plus, paying Patric for the system. This is the main reason I stop using CB Passive Income.

I don’t make money with this kind of weird and overwhelming product as most of these online spamming product doesn’t grow my business. When we are talking about making money online, we should focus on building a business instead of making instant money.

CB Passive Income 3.0 isn’t a program that helps you to build up a successful online business. Instead, it is a program that may harm your business. You may try to get emails from your friends, family and schoolmates. Since Patric get those emails, he will sell them scams product and this CB Passive Income System.

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The Price

So let’s get strictly into the price. As I said, The CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 has so many up-sells and the initial price is quite pricey too.

  • CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 Trial = $1 and then $37/month after 14 days (If you buy the product instantly, you can buy it at $97 one time payment.)
  • CB Passive Income Pro Version = $97
  • The Fast Cash Series Membership Trial = $1 and then $47 after 14 days (If you buy the product instantly, you can buy it at $197/year)
  • The Freedom Formula Online Program = $297

What does it mean if a product contains that much of up-sells? Obviously, you won’t get what Patric has on his hand if you don’t pay him over $400. So, are you getting mess with above payment? You can look at the image below to know clearly about the payment funnel.

CB Passive Income Funnel

Is CB Passive Income 3.0 Suggested?

CP Passive Income System 3.0 Claim

CP Passive Income System 3.0 Claim

Absolutely NO! I will never suggest this kind of product to you as this is really a scam and you cannot make money online with this product. CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 is really pricey and the real content inside the program doesn’t truly makes you money.

In fact, the one who really makes money is Patric Chan himself. No matter the product or Patric, they are all scams. Don’t try to buy this product as there are much more legitimate product out there.



This is totally a scam and don’t try to use this product. I rarely rank a product with a score below 3. If I do, that means I really don’t want you to use this product as this may scam your money and you can’t get any benefits from it.

“I Really Want to Make Money By Sending Email.”

If you want to do something like the claim of CB Passive Income to make money online, there are actually some legitimate methods you can try to use.

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Follow the steps below then you are going to make money legitimately like the claim on the right picture.

  1. Create a Niche Website (Click Here to Learn How)
  2. Steadily Put Quality Content
  3. Rank High at Google
  4. Create an Autoresponder (I recommend Aweber)
  5. Create Opt-in Form to let your visitors subscribe it FREELY
  6. Send Email to your list and promote LEGIT product to them
  7. Earn Commission

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