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Price: $39 with 2 Down-sells + 3 Up-sells
My Rating: 1 out of 10

What is Take Surveys For Cash?

Is Take Surveys For Cash legit? Recently I’ve found that there are tons of survey programs online claimed that they can help you to generate a 4-figure income per week and even 5-figure income per month by taking very little action. Actually in my opinion, 100% of “Survey For Cash Schemes” are SCAMS.

Does Take Surveys For Cash different? You may see the proofs down here but let’s dive into the hype.

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Jason White, the founder of Take Surveys For Cash, claims that you can do exactly what he had done to make a five figure income (he didn’t state the time frame). He had even opened a letter that showed you exactly a paycheck with $500 (is that really real stuff?).

The truth is that the PayPal account may not be his commission from the survey. Cheques that Jason White holding may not be able to directly input into his PayPal account. If he is transferring his income into his PayPal account, chances are that the income is from ClickBank. This is because he own the Take Surveys For Cash and people are promoting this product.

Besides, the survey company, Survey Savvy, is a broken company that doesn’t provide any quality survey anymore. Actually, this kind of survey-for-money scheme has been revealed as scam few years ago. But there are still people keep falling into the hype trap and paying for this kind of scammy product.

Take Surveys For Cash Pros&Cons


  • If you pay for the program and work so hard (about 3 hours a day), chance are that you will be making about $50 per week.


  • No step-by-step training
  • No Free Trial
  • No real proofs
  • There is no positive reviews online (beside online scammers or affiliate guru)
  • There is no quality customer support
  • There is no community
  • The affiliated survey company is in poor quality
  • It can’t help you to build a successful passive income business
  • It has tons of up-sells

As always, I really rarely to rate a product under 3 out of 10 marks. That is because most of the products online really teach you “something”. You can really build up a business with most of the program although most of them don’t worth the price and providing out-dated information. However, with a product that is under 3 out of 10 and even only 1 mark, it should be really bad and as you think, it’s a scam.

This is another online scam that doesn’t provide you step-by-step training and without free trial. Just think about it, do you think offering you one-day trial or 7-day trial will harm his business or harm the privilege of their members? Of course not. Programs without free trial means that they don’t have any confident with their programs. They are scared of letting you to reveal the truth of the programs.

I am not going to explain much about the other drawbacks of the Take Surveys For Cash. You know it is a scam actually. But in case you don’t believe me. Look at the picture below.

Take Surveys For Cash Hype

Can you see the words on the cheques? On the left, the words in the cheque is not bolded but on the right is bolded. Do you believe a REAL company will do such mistake on a CHEQUE? Of course NOT! So what does it mean?

Well, obviously the right one is FAKE.

Let’s see what’s the other fake.

Take Surveys For Cash fake

Wow that’s ridiculous. Jason had created tons of rubbish headlines claimed these were true surveys that you will be exactly doing. In fact, you can’t even find 10 suitable survey for yourself. Most of the “payable” surveys were paying you about $3-5 for doing a 20-30 minutes survey. Wow, I am going to be a millionaire with that!

Faker yolo

Yeah, that was faker than Faker in SKT T1.

Who is Take Surveys For Cash for?

Actually, Take Surveys For Cash isn’t for anyone. Here are the reasons.

  1. It doesn’t pay that much
  2. You have to invest an relatively expensive monthly recurring fee to this system.
  3. It WON’T Build you a Business.

For me, investing into an expensive product doesn’t really matter IF, and only if, the product is helping me to create a scale-able, stack-able business. I love doing work that works like a snowball and keep it rolling over time. This kind of business worth my hard work everyday and this really brings you results.

However, programs like Take Surveys For Cash scam won’t do that. It has no training and this means that you will never learn new thing with the program. Not only you won’t grow your knowledge, but also your business. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate really does the right job. It teaches you everything about online marketing and how to grow your business. It also provides you a helpful community that people share their success every day. Even member can share helpful training to monetize their blog post on Wealthy Affiliate too.

Tired of Being Scammed?

Why I Don’t Do Survey to Make Money Online

You may wonder that why I don’t make money online by doing what people usually do to make money online. If you try to ask someone beside you how to make money online, he or she may probably answer you “Do Survey!”

However, this kind of “Effort Selling” job doesn’t convince me to really pay my effort for the programs. No matter the platform is free or paid, I won’t give a s**t.

I have explained so much about why the Take Surveys For Cash is a scam, but I want to talk about why this kind of money making method isn’t legitimate. To identify a method of making money online whether it’s legit or not, you have to put something in your mind.

  1. Can you learn something with it?
  2. Is the payment better than part-time job outside?
  3. Can it build you a business (optional, but essential for people who want to make tons of money)

First two points are quite obvious. I want to focus on the third point. Why do a business important? Some of you may think that building an online business is too hard. But the truth is that it is fun and you can learn so many things. If these don’t convince you, read my review of my #1 recommended program I personally use to make money online with proof here.

Few words more. What makes building a business essential? The point is passive income. Creating a passive income stream can let you work whenever and wherever you want, even while vacation.

The Price

So let’s get back to the Take Surveys For Cash. How’s the price?

I have told you that it’s $37 with some down-sells, then few up-sells. Let’s see the whole price plan in a glance.

Take Surveys For Cash Up-sells

This is the sales page. So do you NOW believe that Jason White is the true winner of this Take Surveys For Cash program? He is just treating you as a Financial Meat!

Is it Suggested?

Absolutely NOT! As I explained, Take Surveys For Cash is a scam without doubt. It requires you to pay again and again  for a trashy platform that provides you trashy surveys that waste you time.



The Take Surveys For Cash is obviously a scam. It doesn’t really make you money and it doesn’t really build you a business. If you want to create a successful online business that allows you to work at home online, without scams and earn legitimate money online, you should follow me and learn my technique.

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