Is SaleHoo a Scam? The SaleHoo Wholesale Review

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Product: SaleHoo Wholesale Supplier Directory
Price: $67 Yearly Membership + Up-sells (Store Builder Fee)
My Rating: 5 out of 10

Does SaleHoo still work in 2016? SaleHoo is a well-known drop shipping directory in the online shop industry. Many people are now memberships of the SaleHoo Wholesale Supplier Directory. With this membership, you are allow to access to the cheap product producer and sell it with huge amount of profit. You can also learn step-by-step how to build an online store and how to find a lost-cost supplier for the product.

I have been searching legitimate method of making money online for a while. This product is quite different with most of the hypes online. It is somehow an authority in the industry as you may probably know this name already. SaleHoo has launched for over 10 years and there are still many people to join this program.

However, you are really hard to find out the pricing and the actual component of the product if you didn’t buy it. So I am here to tell you what SaleHoo actually is and who should use it.

*If you want to know about the actual pricing of SaleHoo, scroll down to “The Price”.

Is SaleHoo another Online Scam?

When we talk about scams, usually they don’t provide actual information and always show you the hype pictures. Moreover, scams don’t provide support and community because they want to avoid people to discuss about the program and revealing them as scams.

SaleHoo does contain support and community. This means at least it doesn’t really a scam at all. In stead, it tells you how to avoid the scams online and prevent falling into the scamming suppliers’ traps. People who are planning to create an online business and work from home are totally suitable to this product.

SaleHoo Pros

  • Fits for people who want to build an online store
  • Eliminate Scamming Suppliers
  • Includes authority suppliers
  • Step-by-step training for newbies
  • It has a support team that replies messages without much delay
  • It has a “somehow” active community
  • 60-day money back guarantee

SaleHoo Suppliers

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  • It as sneaky Up-sells, it doesn’t show up all their products and actual components
  • Not for people who are not ready to invest in purchasing huge amount of products
  • Some suppliers don’t sell you their products if you don’t buy many from them
  • Suppliers cannot cater so much outside the United State as the shipping fee could be so high
  • The successful cases are just telling how they think of SaleHoo instead of showing results
  • The community does not provide further help
  • It doesn’t emphasize the importance of building a website and optimizing the business

SaleHoo is a unique product that provides valuable information. If you are currently an online shopkeeper, this product may probably benefits you in different way. Since finding a supplier is never an easy job for people who want to sell products online. If you are going to invest some money into creating an Amazon store, eBay store, or even a personal web store, SaleHoo can really help you to find a suitable supplier.

However, I don’t think SaleHoo is for everyone.

Who is SaleHoo for?

SaleHoo the Wholesale directory is not a product for everyone in my opinion. For people who want to make money WITHOUT selling your own product, you should never use this product. This is because SaleHoo ONLY teaches you to make money through creating your own store and selling products from suppliers.

People who should use SaleHoo:

  1. Currently having an Amazon, eBay or any other online shop business
  2. Planning to sell products online, but don’t know what to do

People who should NOT use SaleHoo:

  1. Want to make money online WITHOUT selling products
  2. Don’t want (or unable) to invest in buying a lot of products to sell
  3. Have totally ZERO experience in selling products online
  4. People who are not living in the United State

Why I Quit SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

First, I hate a product that doesn’t honestly provide their pricing information. The Wholesale Directory has a Yearly membership fee and then there are few options for you to choose whether to build a basic online store, standard online store or a premium online store. This really frustrates me as I really cannot find the true pricing through the front page.

Then, I found that the community doesn’t provide useful help at all. For platform that only ask questions and without sharing success and experience, it will never be a good community. Although there are support team, they don’t do much as you may rely on Amazon or eBay. Even if you create an online store from SaleHoo, their helps may not affect your result at all.

Most importantly, I quit because I am not living in the US. The suppliers that suggested to me are not practical. I cannot create a successful store through SaleHoo but SaleHoo DID NOT tell much about it!

Besides, I don’t like to make money online by selling product. This is because I have to keep replying tons of messages and I have to keep managing the products online. This makes me feel really busy and I don’t think this could be better than a 9-to-5 job.

See What do People Say About SaleHoo

SaleHoo Testimonials

The Price

SaleHoo Price

  • Wholesale Directory: Yearly Recurring Membership $67
  • Basic Online Store: Monthly Recurring Membership $27
  • Standard Online Store: Monthly Recurring Membership $47
  • Premium Online Store: Monthly Recurring Membership $97

Congratulate to be knowing of the actual price instead of only mentioning the Wholesale Directory with Yearly Recurring Membership fee. I hope this information really helps you.

In my opinion, only purchasing the Wholesale Directory is more than enough to build an online store through Amazon or eBay. This is because there are much more platform that allows you to build an online shop and without paying that much monthly recurring fee.

Although you can find many supplier through online, it is necessary to eliminate the scams and unreasonable priced suppliers away. If you really want to build a store or have already built a store, I think the Wholesale Directory may suit your need.

Is it Suggested?

I recommend you to use SaleHoo if you are planning to create an online store or you are already having an online store but still finding a long term low-cost supplier.

But I do NOT recommend you to use SaleHoo if you don’t want to sell products online. For people who want to do EASY job to make so much money online, creating an online shop will never be your choice. In stead, you should try my #1 recommendation to make money online in stead of building an online shop.



SaleHoo is somehow a legitimate program as it is truly useful to people who are planning to create an online shop or finding a low-cost supplier to maximize their online shop profit.

But in my opinion, I don’t recommend this program to you as it is a bit pricey if you want to create an online shop through SaleHoo. I would recommend you to choose another profitable method to make money online instead of building an online store.

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