Is Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel Legit?

Product: Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel
Price: $1 Trial, $197/month thereafter
Website: Unavailable (Launch date: 11th October,2016)

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What is Commission Cartel?

Commission Cartel is a program that mainly teaches you how to make money through your email list. It has training program that helps you to build and grow your list, and promote products to your subscribers. Although this seems a legitimate way to make money online, the methods of promoting products aren't legit at all. It also doesn't tell you about the importance of promoting legitimate products to your subs!

This product has sessions that cover the basics of affiliate marketing, which you can also grab these information on the internet. If you are totally new to affiliate marketing and making money online, click this link to learn everything from scratch, for free.​

In my opinion, this program really can teach you some basic information about email marketing (but not worth that money!). However, it actually skipped some steps of what you should really do to make money online!​

What Does Michael Cheney Missed?​

Actually, Michael Cheney missed two biggest factors of online marketing. Without these two factors, you will never make such much money as he claimed. (Well he claimed some of the users made $1,000+ per day, without evidence.)

Trust Between You & Your Subscribers​

Yes, you may build a biggest list in the world. But what if no one cares about what you say? What if no one even click into any links that you put in your mass email? Instead of only writing strategy, trust is the most important element in the email marketing industry. Just think about that, will you open a email with a person you barely know him? Will you click into his link when you see his email just telling you about "Buy this product! Limited edition! Get this before tonight!"?

But, if Barrack Obama send you an email, even it is about healthy and lifestyle which isn't his professional, I am pretty sure that you are interested in take a glance of it. That is all about trust. You trust Obama so you want to see what he shared with you. So that's why I never promote scams to everyone. That's not all about money, but about money with trust. Most of the subscribers are not paying for the product that you promote. They pay for your trust.

Websites: The Stablest Income Source

I wonder how Commission Cartel can build your email list without a website. It mainly focuses on building your list and promoting products to your subs. But the step of "building" seems not a legitimate way. You can never build a legitimate email list if you don't have a website. That is because your promotion won't be consistent at all. You cannot convince people to join your list because of being interested in your content (that contain your email sign up form). Just think of this scenario, do you think your subscribers will trust you when they see your emails sometimes promote football and sometimes promote iPhone gadgets?

Authority is the key. I have talked about the Obama example above. People would tend to open emails sent by authorities. So you should have a website that talks about your skills or professional. Interact with your visitors and tell them the truth. So that they will trust you and finally they will purchase products through you, no matter from your site or email.

If you want to create a website from scratch, click here to know about affiliate marketing and you will know everything about making money online and building a successful website.

Pros & Cons

So let's get back to Commission Cartel. Here are the pros and cons of the product.


  • It teaches you about basics of email marketing.
  • It has somehow step-by-step training.
  • It has $1 trial.


  • The monthly cost is too high for beginners and even intermediate marketers. ($197/mo)
  • It jumped too far away from building a successful online business.
  • It doesn't teach you to build a good website to attract subscribers.
  • It doesn't tell you to promote legitimate product to people to build trust.
  • It has no support, no community and even you cannot see any true successful cases.

Who Is Commission Cartel For?

If you have so much money to spend, I won't stop you from buying this product since it really tells you something about email marketing.

However, if you are new to online marketing and if you are not making at least $500 per month online, I strongly suggest you to save your money for other investment. With $197 in my hand, I would prefer investing it on something that could provide me full support and real time interactive community.

Or, if you want to build your business from scratch or even to grow your online business to the next level, you should try my #1 recommendation for free first.

Can This Actually Make You Money?

Actually, this product makes me sick. I don't think you can grow your business after watching its tutorial videos. Although there somehow useful tools for you to build and promote your email list, you still have to pay extra fees for other email services (such as autoresponder and email sign up form designs).

In a nutshell, you are actually losing money with this product. The targeted customers are supposed to be beginners and intermediates. However, you can barely earn over $200 per month if you are not an expert in online marketing. Therefore, you are not making tons of money right now, the cost will make you actually losing money.

The Price

Although this gives you a $1 trial, you have to pay $197/month after your first month. If you do have tons of money to spend and you don't care about taking risks of losing your investment, you can really give it a try.

But in my opinion, this is totally waste of money and waste of time. You should take your money to invest into products that provide you true support, community, real case studies and useful tools.​

Is It Suggested?

As I said, this is totally wasting your money and time. I will never suggest you to buy a product like this. If you are ready to spend so money in investing online marketing, you may take my advice and invest into a truly useful product. Click the blue button below and you will know about what really helps you to make money.

Final Verdict

Please let me know what you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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