Is it Worth to Start an Online Business?

Make money from home

How to Start an Online Business from Home?

Making money online is a serious business if you take it seriously. People are paying off their bank loans for college, they are funding themselves through college and even making a living from their homes, café’s and even parks (if you have internet in the park that is). People have stopped their 9-5 jobs to start living a life that is with less stress and without a boss, literally they are their own bosses. But making money online is not something to mess around. You will still need a constant flow of work, and finding your fist client is not easy. While I am currently working online it’s easy for me to say “I don’t have a client today” because I’m still getting money from home. But for people that are with families and with huge bank loans, stuff can get a little hectic if you need the money.

How to Start an Online Business that Makes Money?

When it comes to make money online, you have to be seriously reviewing programs and services online. You may not need so much planning but at least you have to choose a right route for yourself to avoid doing things that don’t work. You have to decide whether you love doing active income or passive income. You have to make sure which one fits your need and which is more likely to be your achievement.

activee vs passive

Active income

If you want to put effort into a job to exchange revenue, active income may suit your personality. Some kind of online active income such as Freelancing are well known and very popular. Although you are doing some kind of one-time job, your authority and experience are growing over time. It is a stacking process and you are not wasting your time investing into these jobs. Moreover, some freelancing platform such as has hourly job that people pay you by working hour.

Passive income

Passive income is a kind of business that by investing time and plenty of efforts, your business will help you generate income while you are online or even offline. The most common ways to build passive income businesses are by stock market and affiliate marketing. As stock market requires people to have a decent amount of principal in order to see results, I will talk more about affiliate marketing.

Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to create stable online and offline income. Although it takes you few months before start seeing results, this is the ONLY legitimate way to make stable income nowadays on the internet. As there are so many scams tell you that you don’t have to put so much effort to create an online business, many people being scammed by the hypes and overwhelming claims.

The TRUE way to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing is as follow.

  1. Learn about Affiliate Marketing (Of course you need to)
  2. Build a website
  3. Join authoritized affiliate programs
  4. Optimizing your website and keep improving it
  5. As a result, your website rank high at Google and organic traffic comes in
  6. Generate income by affiliate program or Google Adsense

It is a brief overview of making money online by affiliate marketing. It may be seemed so hard at every process but what if I tell you that you are being able to do these all stuffs within ONE platform only? Check out My #1 Suggestion Starting an Online Business at Home! This is the only legitimate program I’ve seen now. I am now using it to generate a decent amount of income.

Make Money Online by Freelancing

Frelancing Business

It’s good to start freelancing from your college years. I know people won’t hire you if you do not have a bachelor, but there are a lot of clients that like to hire a student just because they know he will finish the job on time. If you are a person that finishes the job on time and properly, by the end of your freshmen year you will pay up the college loan. There are many ways you can earn money from making videos on to making online surveys, to blogging on your own blog, the possibilities are endless. And the best part is all you need is a computer and internet (and as I know if you are reading this you already have those two things).

Many people are struggling to find their first client but it’s easy you just need to stop procrastinating and start searching for your client now and I am saying this, because when you will need the money it will be late. For people that don’t know where to start searching just “google” and may websites will appear. Or if you are a writer, just start writing on your personal blog and money will start to build up. But which website to apply for? The question is right in the place because there are a lot of websites that offer freelancers and people can get scammed easily. The best place to start off your freelance career is on already known websites. Websites like,, or many other websites. These websites are all filled with tons of work for industries like writing, programming, design etc. But there are websites that are specifically made for certain industries like, for designers or if you are into writing it’s better to start writing on your blog or find a gig on

Freelancer infograph

I have experience with some of these websites and it’s worth the try. There is literary tons of work online where people are giving their lowest price to compete for the job, but giving the lowest price does not mean that you will get the job. Clients usually check for your portfolio and they might require for you to submit a work sample.

It’s a great idea to have an already established portfolio be that a designer portfolio or writer portfolio. There are a couple of writer portfolio websites that I know of, I personally am using for my personal writing portfolio and it’s amazing. It’s free and it gives me everything I need. But if you are a designer you will need to create your personal website with a great design.

When you start off as a freelancer you will have to know that not every day you can make the same amount of money. You will have to know how to save money because one day you will make 15$ the other 150$ and usually if you are a beginner it’s better to know how to save money because not everyone is willing to pay a beginner 150$ for a project. Also, a very good practice worth mentioning is to know how to check for scams. Don’t give your work to the client before he pays you. Submit your work through the website so that before he can accept the submitted work he/she will have to give you money. The client may review it but he/she will not have the ability to obtain it before they pay you. Even if the above-mentioned websites are trying to clean their websites from scammers there are still people who will scam you just because they like it.

At the beginning, you will need to bid for the lowest price. I know I don’t like it either but I had to start somewhere and bidding for the lowest price was the only choice I had. I have written many articles for a very low wage, but it helped me to build up my portfolio on the website, so that when I have enough projects done I can start applying for the better-paying gigs. There is actually an exploitation of the freelancers, but if you have a good portfolio, people will start asking to do their job. And people are paying for actually everything you know of. There are gigs who will pay you to do a review on a website, product review, write an article, design a logo, create an application and also to make a funny video.

The best part about making money online is that you can end up working for a well-established company right from your home. There are people who are working as programmers or designers for companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft. But there are also writers who are writing constantly for well-established newspapers. And if they find another gig on the internet they can earn some extra cash.

Start Small Online Business First!

You have to be patient. Starting an online business is not an easy job but it worths your effort and time! If you want to be your own boss, if you know how to save up money, or if you just want to work from home, start right now and make money online. You will need to be very serious about this issue because making money online is a very serious business.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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