Is Google Sniper 3.0 a Scam?

Google Sniper 3.0

Product: Google Sniper 3.0
Price: $47 + $187 up-sells + lots of monthly recurring fee
My Rating: 2 out of 10

Overview Google Sniper 3.0

One thing I hate about Google Sniper is the sales page and video because it makes people believe that they can achieve the same results as George Brown if they follow the Google Sniper System. Truth be told, George Brown’s main source of income came from selling Google Sniper. He has many Affiliate Marketers helping to promote his program which resulted in his successful launch of Google Sniper.

You can’t take George Brown’s earnings proof as part of a guideline to your future income because George Brown is a product owner and product owners have a vast potential to make a lot more money than an Affiliate Marketer if successful. It is like comparing an apple to an orange.

The sales video takes close to an hour to finish and it didn’t show you how exactly or what exactly you will be learning or doing in Google Sniper. It is all about getting you to buy Google Sniper.

I would like to say that the buying process in the sales pages are really really annoying and confusing. Actually it’s dangerous. It took over 15 minutes for getting to the actual product. This is because 4 additional sales are being offered by George and you have to search for a grey hidden link to avoid being up-sold. You are stopping by the tons of up-sells and the owner, George Brown, keeps promoting the Google Sniper 3.0 and up-selling you!

And there’s something else waiting for you. A monthly recurring sales is pre-checked and it tries to trick you for paying it every month. A little button on the sales page is there beside few lines of small text that telling you getting access to something didn’t mention much before called Sniper X and without telling you any information about the recurring fee. The sentence above the “Download Now” button means they are giving you a TRIAL of Sniper X and you have to PAY THEM EVERY MONTH to keep accessing to the Sniper X.

Google Sniper Monthly Recurring Trick

Here, if you left the button “ON”, you have to pay a $47 for every month. But you are getting the same product! So let me tell you, even you think if the product is good enough for you to make a 5 to 6-figure income monthly, $47 per month won’t be a big deal. In fact, you won’t earn a buck with using this product.

But, when you un-check the box and then search through the link to the checkout, the monthly recurring fee of $47 is gone. Why are you paying him a monthly recurring fee if you are just having the same thing as mentioned in his promotion video? Just think yourself. Do you think a good product needs to trick you in this way to let himself make money?

What’s different between Google Sniper 2.0 and 3.0?

Didn’t appear to be that much of a difference between Google Sniper 3.0 and 2.0. In the last 5 years the Internet has changed dramatically and so has what Google likes and dislikes and it really doesn’t look like Google Sniper 3.0 has taken these changes into consideration.

The inclusion of Google Sniper X in your Google Sniper 3.0 package is really the just the addition of a few antiquated marketing techniques. When Sniper X and Google Sniper 2.0 were released, the Internet was really evolving. Just breaking out of the new frontier stage and rules were pretty slack or non existent on spammy marketing techniques, many of these marketing techniques relevant in that era can really hurt your chances of getting exposure on the Internet, notably Google.

When viewing the content of  Google Sniper 3.0 I found additional training videos inside that were actually made for Google Sniper 2.0 they actually made reference to the point that this was rehashed material which I found odd. I also found a 60 page Sniper 3.0 pdf downloadable file that is actually Sniper 2.0 training material.

It’s not all recycled material. There are some new training inside Google Sniper 3.0 that you won’t find inside Google Sniper 2.0.  The second part of Google Sniper 3.0 consists of a 108 page pdf file that gives you a rundown on setting up a WordPress website, finding a niche, finding keywords which is some of the good parts in the product, WordPress is a quality website building platform.

Why is Google Sniper 3.0 a Scam?

Honestly, although this product is a scam, the product lay out is pretty well. After buying the product, I head to the Sniper Cash Machine and see whether there’s way to make money legitimately. But the experience isn’t legitimate at all. George doesn’t want to go straight forward how to start making money with that cash machine. You can see the membership page below.

The first thing you can see in the Sniper Cash Machine is a video that explaining the reason of selling the Google Sniper 3.0 training for over 15 minutes! I have no idea why you have to buy a product and then sell the same product to people. Well if it is legitimate, you are “sharing” instead of “selling”. Many of the other videos in the product are also instructing users to sell Google Sniper to people, including your friends and family.

Google Sniper 3 member page

Before Google Sniper 3.0, some of George’s training had already been instructing users to spam other. Many of them are banned by Google and their accounts are frozen. People were complaining at the Warrior Forum, which is the authoritized internet marketing forum. Users of the Google Sniper are actually being punished by Google. After watching the videos in the Sniper Cash Machine, I know why. It is actually teaching you to SPAM! George is teaching you to spam the internet through social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social medias. Just think about it. Can you trust a guy that has already been scamming people’s money before? I bet you don’t.

People were finding George for help but guess what? They are told that they were doing it wrongly and they are excusing for the money-back guarantee! They wasted time and money to invest in this scam product and resulted in being angry.

What is more in the Google Sniper 3.0?

The second part of the product is the 108 Page PDF file. It claims you are increasing the earning ability. Google sniper is somehow good for new online marketers since it is a newbie friendly manual.

It teaches you about website marketing, email marketing and some other online business stuff that are legitimate. But the way to apply these knowledge is unethical and the methods are actually don’t work in this century. You can learn all these stuff at here. So why investing into a product that doesn’t provide you tools and true tutorials when you can learn here? You can find a better choice instead of being scammed.

Google sniper 3.0 teaches you to do researches and tells you how to find low competition keywords to rank high in Google. In fact, he doesn’t tell you that using these keywords without adjustments will actually harm to your website. Besides, he doesn’t teach you how is the best way to do researches and there are lack of tutorials in teaching you to do researches.

But actually, there are more better keyword research methods and Google Sniper does not provides you a proper keyword research tool.

When you see the PDF files were marked as Google Sniper 2.0, you know the information that you read is outdated. Since Google changed the SEO algorithm, the “magic” of the product was beaten. In these years and the future, you are not being able to earn that huge amount of money by their method. That’s why George didn’t tell you the truth in the product.

Internet marketing is changed since 2009. You are not being ranked at Google if you are using such a spam method to build up your online business. It is quite confused that looking at a Google Sniper 2.0 PDF and you think you are learning things that was claimed updated. And I have to tell you, the older versions of Google Sniper are all SCAMS.

The final part of the training is the Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual. This is a 60 page PDF that is designed to;

  • Provide additional help if your site isn’t ranking or Google has stolen it back
  • You wan tto  ramp up your existing sniper site’s current earning by 5-10x, or,
  • You want to start freash and build a brand new sniper site using some new strategies

In fact, you are not being ranked high at Google with this training because Google are banning your website before you get your site ranked.

Now as I said in the intro to this Google Sniper 3.0 review, the course has been criticized for not being what it once was – the internet has changed (A LOT) since the original Google Sniper and the 2.0 version was released and while George is adamant that Google Sniping still works, he does concede that it’s getting harder. There’s more competition and Google has changed it’s ranking factors etc.

But the Bullet Proof module has been written to address all of those issues and does offer some really good tips and tricks on how to tweak an existing sniper site that might not be doing so well  and turn it into a site that starts to make consistent money. He also explains how to turn your existing sniper site into something more of an authority, a brand, or if you’re starting from scratch, how to have authority right from the start. That is true to rank high at Google, but the method he taught isn’t working at all.

But, honestly, I can say that this is the most legitimate part of the training. It really does give you some useful information, but the training keeps showing the outdated information. These information is even marked “Google Sniper 2.0”. Am I purchasing an old product that claimed as a new thing?

So does this part of the product worth your $47? I don’t think so. Actually you can find these information for free in my website too!

Is that a Way to Build a Successful Online Business?

Absolutely NOT! You are not building a successful online business through this training. This is because he makes your route to success become restricted and you cannot build what you personally want in your business! The following is the things that Google Sniper holding you back.

  1. Not FREE to try
  2. No FREE hosting and website creation
  3. No DETAILED tutorials and training.
  4. Cannot contact the owner if you feel being scammed
  5. No Consistency, you cannot stack up your business once setting up the basics

Pro & Cons


  • No additional up-sells inside of the training courses
  • The Bulletproof Manual is barely updated and is somehow a step-by-step process to build a website, which can be found wherever for free
  • The product lay out is well and it’s easy to navigate (actually it shouldn’t be counted in the pros but, you know…)


  • Sniper Cash Machine is teaching you to make money illegally and unethically
  • Information in the training is outdated since Google and the internet has been changed
  • Methods that are suggested to do may harm your website’s ranking
  • Too many up-sells and down-sells while trying to make your upfront purchase
  • Teaches you to sell the Google Sniper 3.0 to your friends and family which is unethical
  • Hidden subscription that requires you to may every month
  • The proven results are already few years ago, yet no one says they are actually success
  • Too much time is required to be successful with the program that may be possible that no income is generated
  • Users are getting blacklisted by Google search engine by using the product

What to use to Build Successful Online Business?

I am personally using Wealthy Affiliate to create my successful online business. You are not being restricted while building your online business. Since you start using this platform, you are stacking up your progress and keep improving your online business over time. Please check the comparison table below to see how Wealthy Affiliate is better than Google Sniper 3.0.

What the product is claimed?

Google Sniper Review

You can see the picture below is the sales snapshot at 2012. There are three major problems in this claim.

  1. It maybe a photoshop-modified picture
  2. It is outdated
  3. These sales may not own by him

Just these major problems make me has no confident with paying this product. This isn’t realistic to earn such amount in one day within a one year progress which is claimed by the Google Sniper 3.0.

Who Is Google Sniper 3.0 For?

After reviewing this product, there is only one thing that suits people to use. It’s the tutorial of how to create a website.

If you are totally new to online business and internet marketing, this product may suit your need. But you have to invest tons of money to get these information that you can get from my website or other places on the internet.

Why are you paying more than $47 to get what you can in this website and on Google?

No matter you are new to online marketing or experienced online business creator, you should never try such scam.

See How do I Build My Online Business Here!

The Price

I would like to try any platform that really helps my online business for free. But with the Google Sniper 3.0, you are not getting any stuff for free and you have to pay a lot of money to get something that you can get wherever on the internet for FREE! See the actual price down below.

Google Sniper Price

At first you are paying $47 for the actual product and then you are being up-selling for these overwhelming and exaggerating services which are scams and not helping your online business at all! Just keep your hands off this product and save your money!

What’s the Verdict?


This is definitely a SCAM and you are NOT suggested to buy this product.

If you are trying to look for places that can:

  • Provide you support whenever you need help
  • No requirements to ask for help
  • Give you legitimate, updated and step-by-step training
  • Provides you weekly Live Broadcasting training
  • Teach you ethical and legitimate ways to build a successful online business

Click Here to See What Am I Actually Using to Build A Successful Online Business.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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