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Product: Get Cash For Surveys
Price: $74 + Down-sells + Up-sells
My Rating: 1 out of 10

Is Get Cash For Surveys a scam? Recently I saw many people are engaging with a popular online money making method which is doing survey to make money. In my opinion, most of these methods are really making you some money. However, they are not recommended since there are many traps in it.

What is Get Cash For Surveys?

Get Cash For Surveys is a product that includes two to three kinds of memberships and claimed that it could make you over $3,000 per month by doing survey. In the membership, you can access to some surveys that pay you about $5-$10 per attempt. Actually you are selling your personal information and it is referring you to another product by the survey. This is a kind of active income that doesn’t pay much. If you are finding products that help you to make money online, this is probably not your choice.


I am sorry to say that I cannot point out any pros with this product. All claims that the front page tells you are hypes only.


  • Only makes you little money
  • Require membership fees (and you cannot cover it by doing the surveys)
  • No Support
  • No Community
  • Cannot contact the owner
  • Not a kind of Passive Income

The Truth About Get Cash For Surveys

Get Cash for Surveys Price

See this picture and I think I don’t have to explain more. I am a legit businessman and I don’t sell you scams. I never tell you to join a product that harms your business and could not actually make you money.

You maybe attracted by the hype picture but I can tell you that the true earning potential is nearly 0.

You are not being invited as many as the hype photo said.

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Don’t trust these claims and you will be fine. Most of the survey in Get Cash For Surveys needs your personal information. Some of these take your email too. This can be result to being sell for the products and automatically signed up to the spam newsletters.

Who is Get Cash For Surveys for?

I do not recommend Get Cash For Surveys for anyone. This is because this kind of money making methods are most likely scams and you cannot make money with these programs.

If you are finding some home job to make money online, I recommend you to try my #1 rated program to make money online.

Is it Suggested?

As I said above, I do NOT recommend this program for everyone.

  1. It’s pricey
  2. You cannot get support
  3. No Guaranteed results

These elements means you cannot make legit money with this program.



Get Cash For Surveys is definitely a scam. The reason I put it into the “scam box” is it doesn’t tell you whether there are successful cases and you have to do a lot of non-scale-able work. All the work you done cannot be scaled up and you are making the same amount of money by doing surveys for ten years.

True Way To Make Money Online in 2016

Actually, there is a true way to make money in online instead of making money through doing surveys. In 2016, internet is more and more popular and there are more and more online products available. So, to take advantages on this situation, you can create a website to make money from it. You can read my Live Case Study through the link below to learn how to make money online.

This series included the true, step-by-step tutorial for you to learn how to make money online.

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