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Product: Affilorama
$0 Starter Membership
$1 for 30 Days Trail, $67/mo Premium Membership
$197 AffiloBlueprint Lifetime Payment
$0 AffiloTools Starter, then $17, $47, $97 for more Upgrades
AffiloJetpack is Closed for now (May, 2016 Updated)
My Rating: 8 out of 10

Overview of Affilorama

Affilorama is an online platform that helps you to build an online business. The platform mainly teaches affiliate marketing with and without building a website. Affilorama tells many truths about online marketing and affiliate marketing. You can startup an online business with Affilorama with really low cost or even for free. It will then teach you how to grow your business easily and optimize it legitimately. It has 120 training videos which I think are really good for newbies to start a business without any prior experience with affiliate marketing.

I have tried Affilorama and it made me feel so comfortable while using it. Although there are some OUTDATED sources and information, it provides resolutions and alternative methods to solve it. Affilorama has so many details and information that help you fully develop a flawless website. You can learn about affiliate marketing from zero to everything. But without trying it, I do not recommend you to pay for it.

If you ask me to talk about Affilorama within few words, I would say it is not a scam and it is a useful program to build an online business.

Affilorama Pros & Cons


  • It can be started for FREE  (Click here to signup a free account)
  • There is 3-year payment for Premium membership for convenience
  • It has a concise and free Startup Guide
  • 120 Educational Training videos
  • One Free website hosting and creation
  • Somehow updated information
  • Support for people who are totally new with programming and coding
  • Staffs will answer your question in the forum
  • It has 60-days moneyback guarantee


  • The Free program has limited resources that building successful online business with it is quite difficult
  • Too many program choices that make you really difficult to choose one to suit your need
  • Forum is not active and members usually do not engage
  • Some outdated information was included that may harm your business
  • Cost of the programs are very high if you choose to add some additional package and tools
  • You cannot contact the owner, Mark Ling, directly

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Affilorama Trainings & Tools

The Free Startup Guide

You can access to 120 training videos that teach you most of the thing you need to know about affiliate marketing. It includes a startup guide that is really useful if you are totally new to online marketing. You can see the content chapters below.

Affilorama Start guide 01The free startup guide is already very powerful and useful already. It can clear up many misconceptions about online marketing. It tells the truth about creating a successful affiliate business and the importance of a website. It has clarified the hardness of creating a passive income stream too.

However, two things I don’t like about this startup guide is that it does not include the importance of researching for keywords. Research for a keyword is essential as there are so many affiliate websites out there and you should know using what keywords to beat them and outrank them. The second thing is that the guide jumps too fast from building a website to email marketing and increasing sales. These are not important for newbies or people who have just started a website.

Affilorama Start guide 02

One thing I love most about the startup guide is this page. That is really what I want to say to everyone about building a successful online business. You have to set yourself some goals and achieve it without and excuse. After running an online business for few months, you may start thinking of giving up because of failure and no income. If you are not patient enough, you MUST be failure as things are not good enough.

Affilorama starter membership includes AffiloTools. You can build a website within AffiloTools and track the traffics and sales with it. I personally think that it is useless as you can track it through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.


Training Videos

Affilorama Free lessons

You can see there are 9 categories of free videos that helps you to build an online business from starting to seeing results. It includes the basic things such as site building and content creation. These are the most important things in the online marketing industry, especially content creation. It really helps people to quickly know about what should be doing at first.

However, the training videos are not in-depth at all. Most of the videos are only talking about the basic information and introduction instead of step-by-step training. This is really critical to beginners because they may easily be confused by these videos. But overall, these videos do cover the most of the affiliate marketing.

Do you Want to Learn Online Marketing From In-depth Videos?

Additional Packages

Affiloblueprint Payment

The AffiloBlueprint includes paid-courses that teach you advanced affiliate marketing skills and provide you easy website builder. It has so-called secrets inside the program. The product claims that with the motivation and promises below, you can succeed with them.

AffiloBlueprint description

What is their scale of success? How much money should be making per month is reasonable?

Well, AffiloBlueprint tells you the measure of their success. See the picture below.

Affiloblueprint Hype

This is what they claimed about. For me, I think these are totally hypes. If you see the date showed that was from 2015, the business may probably start from 2012 or 2013. Do not tricked by these photos. You can be earning such amount of money even you do not join the program. That is because creating online business is basically content creation and dedication. Any fancy programs with these hype photos make me feel sick. Like Google Sniper 3.0, hype photos make me think that these products are scams although AffiloBlueprint isn’t.

Affiloblueprint Course

The courses of AffiloBlueprint may be a bit similar to the Free membership courses. But these courses are definitely more detailed and advanced. I recommend you to start your first website first before purchasing these fancy product.

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Affilotools Payment

These are the prices of AffiloTools. The main benefit of using AffiloTools is optimizing your websites and contents. If you need keyword researches and convenient traffic tracking analysis, this may fit your need. However, the keyword tools within AffiloTools don’t do good job comparing to Jaaxy. The keyword sources of AffiloTools are not up-to-date and they are not accurate. The keywords they generate may not make sense. They are creating keyword with only low competitions but not quality low-hanging fruit. Therefore, I don’t suggest you to purchase this tool. However, you can try it for free.


AffiloJetpack is currently unavailable (May, 2016 update). Affilorama is creating the new product called AffiloJetpack 2.0. If you wish to know more about the new product, you can sign up for the free membership and subscribe to their email list through this button shown below at the front page after signing up.


What’s the Different between Starter and Premium Membership?

Affilorama Premium

Things I love about the premium membership of Affilorama is the 30-days trail. This tells you they guarantee you may love their product and they have no hesitation giving you a try before you buy. Any product that allows you to try before you buy is definitely good product. Moreover, you can clearly know what you are buying before paying them any money. At least this membership doesn’t provide you hypes to trick you to buy their product.

The main difference of Free Membership and Premium Membership is that there are advanced affiliate marketing training. You can learn more true in-depth knowledge instead of introduction like the free lessons. However, $67/month is quite expensive comparing to my best option for affiliate marketing.

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Is Affilorama for You?

You definitely need the Free Starter Membership of Affilorama if you are a TOTALLY Newbie. This is because there are so many introduction courses and you can definitely know how to build an online business through their tutorial. But if you are ready to make money online and you have already known some stuff of affiliate marketing, I don’t think this program is for you.

However, if you are an online marketing expert, I would recommend you to purchase the AffiloBlueprint and AffiloTools in terms of optimize your online business and get a well-rounded success through online business. Just be careful stepping into the traps by watching the courses as some of the methods are tricking Google’s algorithm. But I would like you to see my best recommendation and learn how to prevent their traps before purchasing the products.

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Affilorama Community and Support

Affilorama Support

This is the worst part of Affilorama. You can see above that some people are commenting on below the tutorial videos. The latest comment was posted more than 200 days ago. And, there were NO RESPOND! The community is inactive and there is no support from the founder and the staffs. Even staff may occasionally reply to comments, they are just referring to watch different videos and up-selling you. Literally, there is zero support.

If you really want to succeed in online marketing, you should be getting help through the community and by experienced people in the industry. Program like Affilorama cannot be trusted as the founder just often respond to your question, even private messages.

Can Affiloram Build You a Successful Online Business?

You can build a successful online business with Affilorama. As I said, the most important thing of affiliate marketing and building an online business is patience. If you can keep adding content and keep learning different stuffs even in YouTube, you will succeed.

If you want to choose a program for you to succeed, I will suggest you to join Affilorama JUST IF YOU HAVE SPARE MONEY FOR THEIR PRODUCTS! This is because their free program does not really teach you real stuffs of creating a successful online business. Just in case you have so much money and you are not afraid of losing these money after being failure or not seeing results.

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The Price

The price of Affilorama is free if you decide to join for free of course. But their up-sells are quite awful as it may cost you up to over $300 and then $150/month. This is too pricey.

  • Affilorama Free Membership $0
  • Affilorama Premium Membership $1 Trail and $67/month thereafter
  • AffiloBlueprint $197 Lifetime payment
  • AffiloTools Free, $17, $47, $97 for different tier of membership
  • AffiloJetpack 2.0 coming up

Anyway, you can even buy the product for a try and refund it if you don’t satisfy with it.

Affilorama Moneyback

Do I Suggest Affilorama?

I do suggest Affilorama Free Membership for you if you are a Newbie. If you are already have some experience on affiliate marketing, I would suggest you to try the up-sell products. But I have to warn you that the products may not worth the price as the knowledge can be get from other places such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Verdict – Affilorama is Legitimate


Affilorama is a Legitimate program as you are not illegally spamming and hurting any community and services online. Affilorama is a real education program that teaches you how to build a successful website and make money from it. It also includes updates when Google has changes although they update quite slow. You can’t easily contact the owner and the staff too.

You may want to learn how to build a successful online business. Although Affilorama is a legitimate product, I do recommend you to use my best option for online business. Within my recommendation, you can try before you buy and the premium price does not as high as Affilorama too.

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