Instagram Starbook Review – Can You Really Make Money?

Product: Instagram Starbook
Price: $49.9

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What is Starbook?

Starbook, in a nutshell, is a program that teaches you how to increase your followers fast and shortly. And by promoting affiliate products, you can make money with it. This program has claimed that you don't have to have a website to make money. You can easily monetize your Instagram account. However, these are far from the truth.

After looking through inside the product, I saw that the program doesn't offer concise training and TRUE followers. You are never being an authority within your niche or you are never getting true followers that really BUY products from you. So what's the point by getting such "secret"?

Pros & Cons



  • It has no testimonial and good review
  • It unrealistically avoid you from making REAL money by building a website
  • It has irrelevant training that doesn't help your Instagram business.
  • It has no community
  • It has no updated training that follows the update of the internet, search engine and Instagram
  • It doesn't provide you useful tools for your business
  • It doesn't offer you free trial

You may think that I am having a relatively high standard to justify whether a product is good, legit or scam. But it's true that I don't want anyone to waste money on garbage and usefulness product like this. 

In my opinion, Instagram is just a social media that allows you to connect with your audience and customers. You should never ONLY build your business on Instagram. You should learn step-by-step with building a basement of your business, without scam.​ 

Besides, you can never trust a guy who have only barely over 3,000 Facebook subscribers and telling you he is a social media expert. That is ridiculous.​

Who Is Starbook For?

Starbook is for people who are already making decent money with their online business. You can use the training to optimize your monetizing result of Instagram.

The true way to use Instagram to make money is monetizing your Instagram account by getting natural, true and real subscribers and followers. You can never do this quick as you have to post quality posts and pictures, consistently. It is not about the amount but consistency.​

If you are totally new to online business and you want to make some extra money. You can go to find out by #1 recommendation of building an online business, from scratch.

You should never fall in this kind of program that doesn't really make you money. Starbook is some how a legitimate education. However, the targeted audiences are totally wrong. Newbies or intermediates should never try this product as it doesn't worth your money.

I hope you can try out my #1 recommendation as it is totally FREE to join and you can get your TWO FREE websites without giving out your credit card information. Plus, I will be in the platform waiting you to get my FREE 1-on-1 coaching.​

Can This Actually Make You Money?

No, Starbook cannot truly make you money. However, you are making money with it if you already have a website. Instagram is an awesome social media that allows you to get more exposure for your online business. But you are not making money if you are not owning anything right now. Moreover, this is not as profitable as building a website.

You have to keep updating your Instagram account to get every sales although people can actually search for hashtags. But just think about it. Do you think your hashtag could help you get your photo exposure after few months? Probably not. But with a website, yes. People are making the same amount of money without updating their website for half year! Crap.

The Price

The price of Instagram Starbook is $49.9. That means you are paying $50 to buy a product that doesn't give you tools, support, live training and community. Does it worth? Totally no! With some simple training without any coaching and support, how can you truly build a successful online business? I hope you can understand my concern and don't buy this product. I am a legitimate entrepreneur and I never make money by selling you garbage.

Is It Suggested?

No. With the drawbacks I listed, no support, no community, no live training and no tools, I really want to avoid you from joining such trashy program. You don't want to build your online business with a person that isn't an authority. You should join program that really provides you step-by-step education and support, with a community, live updates or training and useful tools.

Final Verdict

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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