iLifestyle Academy – Another Internet Marketing Scam

Product: iLifestyle Academy 
Price: $1 Trial, $197/month thereafter
Website: Unavailable till launch date
Launch Date: 5th October, 2016

My Rating:

What is iLifestyle Academy?

​iLifestyle Academy is a video based training program that teaches you about internet marketing. Most of their training is based on their own product. That means once you spent $197 every month for an online product, you are going to mainly learn how to promote their product.

In a nutshell and in my opinion, iLifestyle Academy is launched by a company that doesn't really teach you any about internet marketing at all. Although you may get some sort of "formula" ​of selling their product, you do not have freedom to choose what you really want to sell and promote. Moreover, it is way too expensive. Instead, my #1 recommendation for making money online is much more better. You will know by reading my review here.

Pros & Cons


  • It has step-by-step training
  • It has a $1 trial that you can try it to see whether it suits your need. But be careful that it would charge you $197/mo thereafter.


  • It has no live training, support and engagement.
  • It doesn't really promote legitimate way to make money online.
  • It is too expensive for beginners.
  • It has no tools for your internet marketing.

Who Is iLifestyle Academy For?

To be concise, you shouldn't choose iLifestyle Academy no matter you are experienced marketer nor beginner. If a product is more expensive than $100, you have to seriously considerate whether it suits your need. At least, you would expect there are tools for your online business with a hundred-dollar product. In fact, this product is just a money-making tool for the experienced marketer who are trying to trap you to pay for the trial and keep receiving revenue from the $197 thereafter.

If you are finding a way to start an online business, you should not invest too much at the beginning. That's simple, you want to snowball your earning instead of letting your income balance being "red" or "minus". You should choose a product​ that let you to try for totally free, without giving your credit card information.

Can This Actually Make You Money?

I don't think the iLifestyle Academy could really make you money. However, that doesn't mean you are not going to make money with online marketing. Online marketing is absolutely a great opportunity for you to build up a long term business with continuous income.

​If you are finding a service for making money online, you should try to find out a service that provides you proper training, live support, availability of accessing to the owner and useful tools. If you are joining a program like iLifestyle Academy, you are going to only "learning" but not building anything with it. It doesn't provide you free websites, free shops or whatsoever. You won't get any extra training and any help from the community(and they don't have one).

The Price

The price is quite sneaky. You are going to pay $1 for the trial but if you don't cancel your membership properly, you are being charged for $197 every single month. So if you really wanna try this product, remember to cancel your membership once you have buy this product if you don't want to continue paying for $197.

In my opinion, this product doesn't worth your $197 and not even $97. It doesn't have good support, live training and support, legitimate payment method and active community. You deserve a better product with this price.

Is It Suggested?

I don't suggest you to use this product, not even the trial. There are so many better choices for you. Unlike the inhumane online marketers, I would only promote products that I personally using and love it.

If you are seeking a good program for online marketing, you may try my program by clicking the blue button below. I will be your live mentor and your live support. I will answer your question and help you with whatever you need. If you want to use a product that helps you earning while learning, training and tools, you should not miss it. You can even try it for totally FREE and without your credit card. 

Final Verdict

​Try out my #1 recommendation by clicking the button below.

Please let me know what you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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