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Social media refers to online sites that allow people to share ideas, lifestyle and so many other things. Due to the rising technology and widespread use of the internet all around the world, so many people have joined social network. Businessmen have taken this opportunity to promote their business but first one has to know how to use social media to promote business.

For you to know how to use social media to promote your business, you must then be familiar with the social media platforms. There are so many social media platforms such as Facebook, you tube, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and so many others that are used all over the world.

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The first thing in finding out how to use social media to promote your business is coming up plan. The main activity in planning is definitely coming up with goals and how you are going to achieve your goals. Use of social media to promote your business will help you to:


By communication through social media, one is able to build trust with his customers and many other potential customers. There is a lot of information exchanged through social media and the information exchanged is shared to the public. Honesty and openness creates a lot of opportunities for your business thus proving why indeed it is good to use social media to promote your business.


Social media is a very important tool in creating brand awareness. The more people that see your business promotion the higher the chances that you will get more customers for your business. Having a great number of followers will make you be able to reach hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

One needs to posses some qualities that will govern him in the process. If you posses the qualities below you will realize that your promotion activities will be effective and you will not be still asking how to use social media to promote your business.

i. The ability to listen-for one to succeed to use social media to promote business you will be required to do more listening than the talking. Listen and find out your customers priorities since this will help you to create promotion content for your business and help you out through your interactions.

ii. The ability to focus-One is desired to have the ability to focus on a particular activity during the promotion of his business on social media and it is advisable not to be an all round person. This is a great boost when using social media to promote your business since a highly focused marketing strategy will indeed end up creating a strong brand thus thriving of your business.

iii. The ability to be patient-if you want to use social media to promote your business you need to be a very patient person to succeed since it will be a step by step thing and not something that just happens overnight. You will therefore have to commit yourself for sometime before you finally get a breakthrough.

iv. Ability to influence-For you to reach the large number of people outside and your desired audience you need to make a really great influence. First you will need to look for people who already have influence online and check out if they can have a quality audience that can be your potential market. After doing that it will then be good to connect with this people, engage in conversations and you might end up winning a good number as your customers.

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Be accessible-accessibility is a vital thing on how to use social media to promote your business. When you post online, you need not to go offline but instead you need to be available to your audience. Quick responses leads to conversation and conversations could lead to winning over more and more customers and as such your promotion activities will be a success.

Ability to reciprocate-when using social media to promote your business, you should not expect other social media users to share your posts and talk about your promotion activities when you don’t do the same for them. Dedicate some of your time to share other peoples content and engage with them and at the end of the day they will also do the same for you and make it easy to use social media to promote your business.

How To Make The Promotion Effective

1. You should be able to use captivating headlines in your posts to attract as many people as possible. Boring headlines will not attract as many people as you desire and as a result your use of social media to promote your business will not be as effective as you want it to be.

2. While sharing your posts for your business, you should be able to choose the most appropriate time. Your promotion should get to a large number of people and therefore you need to share your posts when most people are online. Some social media platforms will update you on how many people are online at a particular time.

3. You should post your promotion content as many times as possible as these increases the chances of the right audience being aware of your business and might end up being your customer.

4. You should be able to come up with different posts on the many social media platforms that you choose and avoid using the same words on different platforms.

5. You should be able to reach for loyalty. it is better to have hundreds of individuals who will keep coming back for yours services than to have a million followers who will not help out your business in anyway and make you lose faith in use of social media to promote your business.

6. You are expected to be hopeful since as much as you will receive lots of positive feedback you should also be ready for negative feedback in form of complaints. Don’t be discouraged by the complains but instead respond to them as fast as possible.

The fact that Facebook, twitter YouTube and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms today, it therefore doesn’t mean that other social media platforms are off the limits for your business.

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Social media is a great tool for you to build your trust and authority through online. You may do it totally for free. The traditional marketing and advertising methods are being worse and worse. Social media is more popular than other types of medias. It can track your interest, sex, ages, and even habits.

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