How to Start a Website Business?

Starting a website means making money with a website. There are two major way that you can build a website business, without knowing how to program and code.

  1. Build a website and make money with online marketing
  2. Build websites for companies

These two are categorized as website business. For me, I would like to choose the first one as my business. That is because I can do whatever I want and whenever I want without obstacles and constraints. Moreover, it is a business that allows me to scale up over time even if I just devote less than 2 hours per week.

How to Make Money With a Website?

It’s Easy and Simple. But before building a website, you have to know what are you going to do with that website.

There are two major method to monetize your website, if you are not selling it.

  1. Promote products for affiliate sale
  2. Advertising with Google Adsense

The first one is what I am doing now. It is easy and you don’t have to know any about online marketing and web design. All you have to do is just follow my simple instruction. However, I am offering you free coaching. To get my coaching, just keep learning and reading this article.

I usually promote products from Amazon. That is because Amazon provides tons of quality products and most of them offer free shipping. The affiliate program of Amazon is called Amazon Associates. After registering your personal affiliate account, you can now start promoting your affiliate links. Once people clicked into your affiliate link and they purchased ANY product from Amazon, you will be earning commission.

Is that easy enough?

The second one is Adsense. I don’t usually suggest people to do with Google Adsense as the profit is really really limited. If you are creating good and relevant post, you can still get few hundred dollars in the first few months after starting your website business from zero. But if you are going with Adsesnse, the bad news is that you are not making over $10 within your first month.

How to Build a Website?

Ok so, how do you build a website, without programming, coding and web designing skills? That’s simple and I am now giving you away my private 1-on-1 coaching, for FREE!

Now, click the button below and you will see me waiting you at the FREE account registration page. The platform we will be using is Wealthy Affiliate. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can get my personal private coaching and ALL tools you will be needing to build a website.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can get:

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 1-on-1 private coach, FROM ME!
  • Keyword Tool
  • Website Builder with tons of Awesome Themes! (And it’s super easy)
  • Online Marketing, SEO, Technical skills Training, FOR Dummies!

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Build a website is super easy within Wealthy Affiliate. I am now making over $5,000 per month and ALL credits should be given to Wealthy Affiliate. The community, private coaching and support are really nice.

After building your website and knowing how to monetize your website, you should know how to scale up your website business!

Scaling Your Website Business!

The ONLY way to scale your website business is to keep adding content to your website. Yes, you may want to learn about building fancy website and then sell them to different companies. But I want to tell you that adding content also helps you to build better knowledge within SEO and website design.

You may find out different plugins to use to build better websites. You may also know more about how to optimize your search engine result while adding more and more content. That means, you will be gaining more and more experience while scaling your website business.

So why I am using the term “Scale”? That is because more content will lead to more traffic. More traffic means more sales. Is that simple?

The only way to succeed online legitimately is to build a website and add content. And this will never be too late to start. Website business is more and more important to the world. Just think about it. When you have a problem and question, who are you finding? I bet that would not be your mum but Google. So you know why a website is necessary now?

Moreover, something you may not know today is that Google will rank your website higher and higher day after day. Once Google know that you are dedicated and serious with building your website, your website will be ranking higher and higher. Google pays for your hard work, in terms of Adsense or ranking.

Starting a website business will never be too late. If you joined Wealthy Affiliate you will know that. After doing some keyword researches, you will know that there are so many low competition keywords haven’t been used. But one thing to keep in mind is that, the later you join, the higher competition it will be. So don’t hesitate any more. Procrastination is the only way to fail.

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Building Successful Online Business

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