How to Set Up a Business on Facebook?

How to Make Money on Facebook?

Facebook is a useful tool for you to start a business right now. Setting up a business on Facebook isn’t a hard job and you can do it as well. Before knowing how to use Facebook as a tool for your business, you should understand more about Facebook before taking action.

What Kind of Business Can I Start?

If you already have a blog or website, you totally need Facebook to promote your business (if you don’t, click here to see how do I create a website and make money with it). Before digging in the kinds of business you can start with Facebook, you should know that Facebook is really common in this century. You can see there are so many ads on Facebook and you can see there are more and more pages on Facebook now.

In my opinion, MOST of the services you can think of are able to promote on Facebook. The most common case is Gambling Tips. There are more and more people start selling Gambling Tips Services and Bots to make money. In fact, nearly 99% of those bots are scams. But you have to admit that these bots are really attractive and eye-catching. People are easily falling into this kind of scams.

Well, I am not suggesting you to do these scams but you can see there are successful cases that make many sells.

So what is the legitimate way to make money?

Here Is the Method to Make Money!

First Step: Create a Facebook Page

Think a brand name. Whatever you like. Just create a brand.

Head to Facebook and create a page. There are step-by-step instructions.

Second Step: Create an AliExpress Affiliate Account

I choose AliExpress because it is able to let you promote their products on Facebook. Go to and create your affiliate account. You will be approved within one day so don’t worry.

Third Step: Find a Niche

First, watch these two videos.


Now you may have the overall vision of finding a niche. It is really simple and you can totally do it for free.

Therefore, setting up a Facebook Ads campaign could be your FREE business.

Final Step: Create your Campaign and Post it

Go to your Facebook Page and make a post. Embed your AliExpress Affiliate link into the post and just put few words such as “Free Shipping Available”.

Promote your page by putting in your PayPal account and just scale your ads by $5/day. Don’t over budget because you have no reason to waste your money. Track your audience and see who are clicking to your link. You can modify it whenever you want.

See if there are sells or not. If you can make 2-3 sales with $5, then you can try to scale up to $10 per day. But if the product you sell are too cheap, you probably want more sell. To indicate when to scale up, just look at your profit. Investing $5 should help you earn $5-$10 or you are simply losing money.

However, this is not a Guaranteed Method To Make Money Online. You have to gain experience to make a lot of money. Since you have created few campaigns and you start making little money. Scaling your ads will be making you a lot of money and there will be nothing to stop your earning. People are making over $100,000 per month with this method.

Hope you enjoy this method.

How to Optimize the Business?

After setting up these campaign, you may start earning revenue. But you may think this is not enough or you may want something more to optimize your business. Then you may now start to build a website for your Facebook Business Page.

Why build a website? This is because website built on the internet may earn you passive income. You don’t have to move a finger to make $10,000 per month since you built a website.

Since you built a website, you can analyze what kind of products are most valuable and profitable. Then you can do reviews with these product on your website. Then you can also promote these posts on Facebook to make some relevant traffic. Since you have relevant traffic, you can put on Google Adsenses to monetize your site. Also, you can place your affiliate link on your website so if people visit your website, they will be sent to the product selling page and you will be earning revenue.

Do you want to Build a Website to Make Money For FREE?

Wanna See how do i make money

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