How to Make Money With a WordPress Blog

How to Make Money Online, through a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is one of the most common platform to build a blog website. The reason that people love using WordPress to build website is it doesn’t require advanced skills and you can create so many fruitful contents without restriction. A regular page website that uses Adobe Dreamweaver to build may restricted by content relevance. You cannot post different tips, tutorials and daily information that don’t directly related to your websites’ themes. For example, if your site is about electronic devices, you are not telling people about online games. But if you are using a blog to post content, you can blog about online games and promote relative devices for optimizing the gaming experience. This will also improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) performance. With better SEO, your website will rank higher.

That is also why blog can make you money. Since you are promoting people’s products, you can earn revenue through their affiliate programs. But you may concern about how much you can earn and how long does it take to start earning money. And I can answer to all these questions.

How Much Can You Earn Through Your Blog?

When you ask a person who is already making money online, he tends to answer you with an uncertain answer, or even not answering you how much they are earning. When you ask about how much are they making, they will answer you “I am making good amount of money”. When you ask about how long does it take to start making such amount of money if we blog like him, he may probably answer you “It varies. Everyone with different dedication takes different period of time.” I am pretty sure that this is not what you want.

First I have to tell you a concept which is about “Content Length”. An article posted on your blog should be at least 1000 words to create enough keyword density for Google to rank you as soon as possible. If you are writing an article of 500 words or less, your article will take about one to two weeks for Google to start noticing your update. This is because it is hard to crawl your website if the search engine cannot justify your main keyword within your post.

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And then it comes to site age. I mentioned that it takes about one to two weeks to rank your post if you have not enough words in a particular post. One of the reason of such long time is that your website was built for not long enough. When your website is newly built, your website will take much longer to make Google start noticing it. If your website has build for one year already(usually your website boosts within 6 months), every post you uploaded will be ranking within two days and thus, it ranks you relatively high(first five spots).

So, how much can you actually earn through blogging? 

So, you know the basic concept of ranking a website now. You know, a high ranking website tends to attract more visitors. Let say we are searching for a keyword “how to make money online”.

Jaaxy Example

There are average 163,956 searches per month and the expected traffic to your post with this keyword is 27,873 if you can rank on the first page with this keyword. Actually, research showed that more than 70% of the searches tend to go to the first post on Google. This means over 114,000 clicks to your website if you can rank at the first spot. Research showed that on average, the conversion rate of people buying a product from your site is about 2%-3%. For one 114,000 traffic post, it can lead you over 2,000 sales per month with one post. If you are making $3/sale with that one post, you are making $6,000 per month WITH ONLY ONE POST! Imagine you have 100 posts and 10 of them are making that amount of money. You are making over $60,000 per month with your website!

Think about the website that most of the posts rank at the front spots. Their websites are making $10,000+ per month and this leads them financial freedom.

How Long Does it Take to Start Making Money Through Your Blog?

Is that attractive? $10,000+ per month is always an ultimate target for online entrepreneur. However, people are quitting because of not seeing results. Usually people give up within 6 months. And 6 months is just the basic time needed for Google to authorize your website. This is also the real difficult point of making money online.

In terms of how long for you to start making money with your blog, it depends on your availability, dedication and writing skills(actually you can improve your writing skills through this program).

If you are just able to work with your website two days a week, you are probably having one to two posts per week. So you are making 6 posts per month. Usually, you start having traffic to your website within two months if you have 5-8 posts per month. Your website will start ranking at the top three pages(with low competition keywords) after 3-4 months(roughly). When your number of posts start reaching 50-60 which take you about 6-8 months to achieve, you will start making money. Usually it’s about few hundreds to a thousand dollars as you could not devote as much time as possible. Use this as a scale, you can know how much you can earn(actually it can’t be scaled directly as Google will rank easier for a one-year website even it has less post than yours with 6-month aged).

Choose Right Tools to Build Right Websites

Without a right tool, you cannot be successful building an online business. Although WordPress is good, you need to have nice themes and marketing skills. Everything about boosting traffic, boosting sales, create relative content, marketing strategies and all about building a successful website need correct education. I personally use Wealthy Affiliate as my tool to get education and build my websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion the best tool to build a website and learn about online marketing. This is because it offers helpful and active community and weekly live training sections. You can keep getting updated information and keep tracking the changes of Google. It also provides members different courses and discussion classrooms that help everything you encountered while building your business. You can also see people share their success with Wealthy Affiliate.

The best thing of Wealthy Affiliate is that it allows you to try before you buy. This is really important to people who don’t want to fall in scams online.

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You may want to find a program that you can afford and really provides you useful tools and information. Some programs such as Google Sniper 3.0 are scams that give you hype pictures and videos to convince you about the possibility of making huge amount of money through their method. If you don’t sure whether it is a scam, please go to my “Report a Scam” page and ask me about the product or service at the common section.

Make Money Through Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the main character in affiliate marketing. Companies offer affiliate programs to encourage people to promote their product, no matter reviews or promotions. Since you blog about their product and embed in your affiliate links, you can earn commissions if visitors buy the product.

Not every affiliate program is suitable for you. You may want to promote legitimate products to people as people will tend to trust you and come back to your website for further information. Once they felt being scammed, they will probably not coming back to your site again. This is all about further sales and authority. This is also about building a successful online business.

I have mentioned about making sales by ranking high at Google and making money through affiliate programs is the way that you make sales. Therefore, this is the way that you are making money through affiliate programs.

Make Money Through Amazon Associates

Affiliate program is not the only method to make money online. You can make money through Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. As they work similar, I will talk more about Amazon(I personally use Amazon Associates too.).

For example, you have chosen a niche about electronics. Your entire website is talking about computer parts, iPhone, games or whatever. You are not earning money through these contents. You have to make sales and do something that really pay you. So you can go to Amazon Associates and pick a product about electronics. Then you can get your personal affiliate link of the product. When you embed it into your posts, you are earning commissions through Amazon if your visitors buy products after clicking your affiliate link.

Furthermore, you can get paid even the visitor go to buy another product even you have no affiliate link about that product! Someone told me that his website was about computer and he got commissions of hair clips. That is because the visitor went to his website and click through his link to Amazon. Then the visitor browsed different categories and bought something! Do you still think that making money online is hard?

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