How to Make Money Online Automatically?

Active Income vs Passive Income

Make Money Automatically – Passive Income

Do you know there is actually ways for you to make money online easily, automatically and without working at an office 9-to-5? That is Passive income. Passive income allows you to enjoy your life, your trip and even double up your income. It is the only way to make people really experience financial freedom.

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Passive income is the way that makes you money automatically because you DOESN’T be paid just after you work. It pays you after your work and you are cashing in while you are sleeping! This means you don’t have to work with a solid time frame and a boring workplace. You can even work while your vacation.

Rich and success people use passive income for living. This is because you can keep scaling up your business while you have done your work. And, your work will never lost. This is very important.

Most of the active income jobs people doing are kinda “Effort-For-Money”. Once you have done your work, you are paid by certain amount of money, just like your monthly income. You cannot scale up anything and you cannot save down the job you have done. What I mean here is that the job you have done couldn’t be used and optimized again.

Okay you may want to argue with me that you would be gaining experience with those active income job. However, in today’s society, experience is USELESS. People tend to hire skillful workers. If you are professional within a field, chances are you will be hiring easily even if you don’t have any experience.

No matter who you are or what kind of income stream you want to create, passive income is the only way for you to succeed. Even if you want to go to school and learn what you supposed to learn and work in an office all day long, you still can start an online business which makes you some passive income.

At the day the passive income grows, you would be able to quit your job, or even school.

How to Make Passive Income Online?

There are tons of ways for you to create passive income. Unfortunately, there are rarely risk-free ways for you to do that. You can find tons and tons of Binary Option Bots reviews and some spamming system like The CB Passive Income 3.0 and Google Sniper 3.0. These programs are TOTALLY SCAMS and just keep your hands off. Those programs with tons of pricey up-sells and giving you garbage.

Is buying stocks your choice? For me, it is quite a risky choice. There are GREAT chances for you to LOSE all of your hard earning money. Moreover, you have to prepare a bunch of cash to invest into stocks. For scaling your income, stocks are good for you. But if you are kinda newbie, or you don’t want to risk anything, stocks are not for you.

My Unique Way to Make Passive Income

So the only way, in my opinion, to make passive income online is creating a website. Yes, you may think creating a website is hard to you or very pricey. The fact is that you don’t have to pay for any program to create a beautiful website. You may want to upgrade your business in some day but you can totally do for free today.

I am personally using a program called Wealthy Affiliate. It provides me easy and convenient tools to do Keyword Researches and to Build Websites. It also gives you TWO FREE websites too.

There are actually some more features.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Personal Coaching By ME! (Yes, you will see me at the community)
  • Helpful community that solve almost ALL of your problem with your Websites

You can get my personal coaching to make money online today. Go to read my Full Review of Wealthy Affiliate and you can instantly access to your free account, getting your two free websites and my personal coaching, WITHOUT a CREDIT CARD!

Read My Full Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

Starting Your Passive Income Business

Start to make passive income online with creating a website. Most people within Wealthy Affiliate don’t know anything about online marketing. Most of them are even college students and work-at-home mum.

You can see how people feel about Wealthy Affiliate by Reading their True Testimonials Here.

Why Creating a Website Makes Me Passive Income?

That’s simple. Creating a website allows you to keep adding content into your website. Google will easily find your website if you are writing relevant content. (Don’t copy others’ or you will harm your ranking!)

WA successful business

After creating a website, you can join affiliate programs offer by different companies. (Most people use Amazon and eBay as their affiliate program to make money) Don’t worry. Me at the community and the owner of Wealthy Affiliate will give you all you need to start your passive income business.

Let’s see how people make money with Wealthy Affiliate.





These are not all and in fact thousands and thousands of members within Wealthy Affiliate make real money! Guess what? Most of them make more than them.

They can easily make such amount of money because Wealthy Affiliate provides true and useful training. Up-to-date training is essential for online marketing. If you do things wrong, you will not make anything. However, people who succeed with Wealthy Affiliate don’t always do things right. They only chose to trust the community and keep staying there for years.

Most of them don’t do well actually. But they keep working for over years. Most members earn huge amount of money after joining Wealthy Affiliate for one to two years. So why you don’t give yourself two year to build a successful online business?

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