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The world has grown technologically today and one does not need to get to the office to be able to earn money. Due to the increasing number of online jobs, people all around the world want to know how making money in online blogging can be done. First, we have all heard about blogs and one would love to know what a blog really is and so let me begin with defining what a blog is. . Through this one can be able to make money in online blogging. Indeed, one can make money in online blogging, but the problem is that it is not a guarantee unlike other businesses that are not carried out online. The money that a blogger will make an online blogging solely depends on his efforts and his great hard work. Our main aim is to equip this hardworking and serious peoples’ ways on how making money in online blogging.


  1. Formulate a perfect name for your blog-Your first step towards success in making online money by online blogging is coming up with a very perfect name for your blog. You should embark on this activity immediately and avoid to waste time. This is because you will require this time for the purpose
  2. Youshould put up your blog-after formulating a great name for your blog; the next step should now be creating the blog itself. While creating the blog you may encounter some problems and difficulties, especially in cases where you are doing this for the first time. Such situations may arise due to lack of skills and knowledge. In case such situations occur, you are therefore advised to ask for help before carrying on to avoid wasting a lot of time. By not complying you may end up missing to get money online.
  3. Come up with important and useful contents. After creating your blog you will now need it to have contentfor a blog is not a blog without having useful or important content. There are many topics that one may choose from but the key to success in making money in online blogging is coming up with topics that will inspire people’s lives or even change their lives positively. The content should also help people in carrying out their day to day activities. This will be the beginning of your success on how making money in online blogging
  4. Find readers. If you want to succeed to make money in online blogging, you also need to find readers who will read your blogs.Therefore, you will have to start promoting your blog. One should be able to use all strategies to get his audience and most importantly readers and not traffic. Readers are the only people who will help you to make money in online blogging
  5. Engage and build a relationship with readers. This is another step on howmakingmoney in online blogging. It is important to create a relationship with readers that come while engaging them. You should respond to comments from the readers, get to the readers personally and do everything in your capacity to keep the readers coming back to your blog. By creating a good relationship with your readers you will realize it the end of the day they have spread out the message to others and with time you will have hundreds or thousands of readers growing day by day and as a result higher chance of making money in online blogging.
  6. Start making money. By the time you have enough readers for your blogs; you can now start making money from readerships. This will only happen after you build a foundation by following the above four steps on how to make money in online blogging. If you will be able to follow these steps properly, your chances of making money in online blogging will be very high and continued work will ensure continued payment. The income streams from online blogging include:
  • Services-one way to get income is through the sell of your services. You will be able to make money in online blogging through offering services such as training, consultation services, motivational talks and even offering advice.
  • Advertising-another common income stream is through advertising. As time goes by and the number of your readers increases, advertising agencies will soon be having the will to pay you in order to carry out an advertisement on their behalf.
  • . Products-Bloggers can also make money in online blogging through income streams such as selling products on their blogs. One is able to sell physical products such as clothes, shoes and even electronics. One could also sell products that are not physical in nature, such as eBooks, exam papers and so many other materials
  • Continuity programs-This is a situation whereby the readers will have to subscribe some amount of money to access some information on your blog. In some situations, the higher your subscription the more you are able to access more information. This enables the blogger to reap maximum benefit from his work and is one of the surest ways on how making money in online blogging

Want To Make Money By Blogging?


  1. Provides employment-today you don’t need to get a formal employment for you to earn since activities such as online blogging can help you to earn money online.
  2. Improve on your writing skills-blogging can help you with your writing skills since they say practice makes perfect thus daily writings will incline you close to perfection
  3. Constant communication-bloggers have the advantage of constant communication since they enjoy the immediate feedback through comments. One can therefore be able to know how he is progressing through these comments.
  4. It can help you to establish trust-Through constant online communication with your audience; you will be able to get to know your audience better. Knowing your audience better gives you an idea of what they need and you will be able to provide.

These constant conversations will always end up creating trust between the blogger and his or her audience.


You want to make money in online blogging, well, we have already given you a way on how making money in online blogging. Join our community today and make yourself rich.

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