How to Get Traffic into My Blog?

How to Get over 100 , 000 Blog Visitors?

Ever look at your stats and think:
I can’t get any many traffic into my site!!

Sad to say, this is a common experience with many bloggers. You work hard to create content. But no body seems to care.
The problem isn’t a lack of effort. Instead it’s hard to get traffic when you don’t know what actually works.
Think of all the promotional strategies you’ve recently heard. You’ve probably been told to do.
This is just the tip of iceberg of how to generate traffic to a blog. There are literally hundreds of ways to promote a website. It’s hard to figure out What actually works and what’s a complete waste Of time.
Even worse – Spending too much time on traffic generation leaves very little time for … ya know … ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY WITH
Getting blog visitors is important. But it should be one piece Ofthe puzzle. Most ofyour time should be spent on the activities that
generate revenue.

What do I use to Build a Money Making Blog?

You won’t get dozens of traffic strategies. This will only make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do first. Instead I’ll concentrate On the methods that have been proven to work based On my Own experiences.
What you’ll get is an eight-step process for exploding your traffic numbers. This will help you get your first 100 000 blog visitors. Then you can repeat these steps to get 200 , 000 ; 300 , 000 ; or even a million visitors.
Why is it important to focus on getting 100 000 visitors?
Ⅰ think it’s an important benchmark for many bloggers. This number shows that your site is resonating with readers and is on the way to generating a substantial income. Getting 100 , 000 visitors is a clear indicator that you’re building a blog that matters!

Understand the 4 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger

Forget What you’ve been told about traffic generation. It isn’t a matter Of working harder. It’s knowing how to work smarter.
Ⅰ started this book by listing dozens of promotional strategies. Realistically you only need a few to get lots of blog traffic.
The secret to traffic generation comes from a specific mindset. Your results will largely depend on how well you embrace this
Answer this question.
“Do you want to focus on dozens of strategies that don’t generate a lot of traffic?”
“Do you want to do the things that get real results?”
Hopefully you picked the latter option!
We’re all busy people. Odds are you have a family, a full-time job, hobbies, and other obligations. Blogging isn’t (and shouldn’t be) your
You want to focus on the activities that get results and ignore everything else!
With that in mind, there are 4 critical habits of a highly effective blogger.

Learn these mindsets and you’ll be able to do more with less time.

Habit 1 : Follow the 80 / 20 Rule of blogging

Ⅰ had a specific type* of person in mind as Ⅰ wrote this book.
-Someone who has a full-time active income job and a part-time blog.
You see, most bloggers have a number Of obligations outside their “online business.’
This guide is written for anyone who doesn’t have 40 hours a week to work on their blog.
A successful blogger is someone who follows the 80 / 20 Rule.
Some even work at a 9 to 5 job.

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This principle, originally stated by Vilfredo Pareto, says you get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.
Apply this to blogging and you’ll discover that 80 % of  your traffic comes from a few sources. This makes it easy to break everything
down into a few actionable steps that you do on a daily/weekly basis.
Why is the 80 / 20 rule so important?
It’s a matter of cutting through the bullshit. You’re probably hit 一 on a daily basis 一 with offers that promise a magic pill” for traffic generation. Unfortunately most Of these techniques rarely live up to the hype.
Real results come from real strategies that work in the real world.
This entire guide teaches you how to implement the 80 / 20 rule with your blog. In my opinion, it’s better to do ONE thing great than a dozen things badly.

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Habit 2 : Network Like a Boss!

It’s Often said that it’s not what you know; it’s WHO you know.
This statement is especially true When it comes to blogging.
Reaching out to Other bloggers is one Of the fastest ways to get a ton Of traffic. It’s connections that Will open a lot Of doors.
SO a great blogging habit” to develop is to be proactive. Don’t wait around; hoping the world notices you. Instead, schedule time everyday to build long-term alliances with the movers and shakers in your niche.
Now you might wonder: “Why should I network with my competitions? Aren’t these people I am going to beat?”
Let me be clear about something—In the blogosphere, there’s no such thing as competition.

In fact, your “competition” will often become your greatest allies and supporters. Ultimately these people will help you get a ton of

Habit 3 : Prepare to Work Hard

Let me tell you something you already know:
Blogging is hard work!

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. And you definitely won’t be living The 4 Hour Work Week.
I’ve been a full-time online entrepreneur since 2015. During this time, I’ve built a few Internet businesses that led to passive income.
Blogging is NOT one Of them.
My point?
Blogging is not for lazy people. Be prepared to put in some work. Otherwise you probably won’t have that much success.
Thousands of blogs are started each day. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to write great content and know how to market your site. Fortunately this book will show you how to do both.

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Habit 4: Use Systems Thinking

I’ve never heard Of an A-List Blogger who was an overnight success.
Most followed a similar pattern.
1. Write great, compelling content
2. Network with Other successful bloggers
3. Build an audience one person at a time
Moreover, Ⅰ bet these bloggers didn’t get sidetracked by all the *noise* on the Internet. Instead, they saw what was working for their site
and did more of that.

Traffic generation can be broken down into a paint-by-numbers system.
repeatable on a regular basis.
This can be done in three simple steps:
All you need to do is establish a few core systems that are getting more blog traffic starts by establishing a few baseline metrics. The best way to do this is to install an analytics program This helps you determine where you’re getting visitors and what they’re doing on your site.
Fortunately there’s an easy, free way to monitor your traffic stats. GO to Google Analytics and install their traffic program. This tool gives you important metrics like:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Traffic sources
  • Average Visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Where people click

I recommend installing Google Analytics. This will quickly become your # 1 tool for determining the overall success of each traffic generation strategy Do me a favor. Go to your local office supply store and buy a 3 ring binder. Then print out a separate sheet for each of the following
A. Your total unique visitors
B. Your total visitors from each Of the top 10 sources of traffic
C. Your average visitor duration
Create a column for every month for each sheet. So you’ll want a total of 12 columns for each of the three sheets. These will be updated
on a monthly basis; using your metrics from Google Analytics.
After a few months you’ll notice a pattern in these traffic numbers. You’ll discover that some strategies are really working. And Others
are a Waste of time.
This information is invaluable because you’ll know Where to focus your efforts. Without these metrics you’ll have no idea what’s working and what’s not. (Again, this is all about the 80 / 20 rule.)
Don’t worry if you’re confused about how to decipher Google Analytics.
They have a YouTube channel that’s full of useful tutorials.

Like Ⅰ said, the reason for the monthly review is to identify what’s currently working with your traffic generation strategies. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to how you’re promoting your site.
For instance, let’s say you did three things in the last month:

1. Wrote 2 guest posts
2. Created 20 YouTube videos
3. Commented on 100 blogs

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When analyzing the numbers, you see that the two guest posts generated 600 visitors. On the other hand the YouTube videos brought in 100 visitors and the blog comments produced another 50.
These numbers clearly show that guest posting was 4 times as effective as the Other two combined.
Obviously, these are arbitrary numbers. The key lesson here is stats don’t lie. Regularly reviewing your traffic metrics is the fastest way to know what’s actually working!

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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