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Everyday, there are tons of Clickbank products new on the marketplace. Although Clickbank claimed to be providing quality product, many of the products on Clickbank are actually scams. Don’t lose your money to scammers! They don’t worth earning your money! If you want to avoid scams online, you can check out my SCAMS Review to avoid those scams.

Here is how to apply the money-back-guarantee to get Clickbank refund.

Get Your Money Back! Instantly!

Here’s the actual step to get your refund back.

  1. Head to (Be careful, it’s different from It’s quite sneaky.)
  2. Click the “Look Up Your Order” Button and fill in the information it required.
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  3. Then you will be redirected into a product list page. Click on the product that you wish to get your refund.
  4. Then you will be in the product detail page. If this is the only product you have purchased, you will be automatically skipped the Step 3.
  5. Under the Product Information, click the “Get Support” button.
  6. Choose the “Refund Request” Box.
  7. Put on the reason of refund. Just explain with few words about being scammed is more than enough. Actually they don’t investigate your reason deeply.
  8. Send and you will be contact very soon!
  9. Get your Money Back!!

DO NOT Directly Contact Customer Services of the Product

Please believe me and avoid doing this. If you have already buy the product, the customer will tend to not answer your question. Just don’t waste your time. Their strategy is to keep holding your money and wait pass 60 days. Since it passed 60 days, you will never get your money back.

Most of the customer services of Clickbank product don’t always reply to people who have ALREADY buy a product. They most likely ONLY reply to potential customers. Therefore, if you want to get your refund, don’t try to contact the customer support of the Clickbank product.

Tired of Being SCAMMED?

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