How to Choose a Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

You may have known that choosing a niche is the most important part of your affiliate marketing business. Choosing a right niche is crucial to a profitable online business. If you cannot attempt to choose a low-competition with reasonable traffic, you won't be success in affiliate marketing.

Choosing a niche, however, is not a difficult process. All you need to do is just do few analysis, find products that suit your interest and do keyword researches. I will also tell you more about some hot niche below.

What is a Niche?

​A niche means a segment in a market. To be specific, a niche means ANYTHING that you can promote and sell. For example, dog shock collar, cat food, tablets, hi-fi and anything that you can buy, especially online, could be a niche.

Here is just part of the niches that you may choose in. Just like what I said, it's literally ANYTHING you can choose of.

However, randomly pick a niche is never a clever attempt. There are many advanced skills and knowledge you have to learn to create a successful online business. I have been doing online marketing for years and I have the ability to choose a best niche that suits you very much.

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What is a Good Niche?

​Choosing a niche is easy but choosing a good one isn't. You may need to study tons of marketing courses and the psychology of a customer. However, you can briefly and clearly get some idea from me and I hope I could help you out.

Demand & Supply (Dude I am keeping it simple.)

If you have studied economic before, you may probably know that demand and supply is the biggest topic of your curriculum. This is because the whole world is applying this phenomenon and it never turns down.

Within online marketing, this knowledge still applies and it applies SO MUCH!​ The demand and supply elements are listed below.

  1. ​For a website, traffic is the demand and websites containing a particular keyword is supply.
  2. Websites that talk about products within the niche is demand. And products available on the online marketplace is the supply.

These are the two main concern about demand and supply within a niche. Although this is quite simple, you must know this before choosing any niche for your affiliate marketing business.

People's Emergence Need

This is the MOST important element of a Profitable Niche for affiliate marketing.​ Yes, there are tons of people telling you that every niche is profitable. That's true but not true in my opinion.

There are actually tons of products on the internet. However, many of them are not really important to people's live in terms of daily need. So when you comparing organic food with magic appliance, which one you think people need most? Probably organic food. So why am I eliminating niches​ that tend to be entertaining and choosing niches with specific "need" to do? That is all about conversion.

Conversion means how much traffic can you convert to customers. It is really important. If you have an affiliate marketing site with 500+ traffic per day but you can only make 1-2 sales per day, your website is far from profitable. But if you have a site with barely 100 traffic and making 5 sales per day, you are definitely doing right and your niche is profitable. To see whether a niche is profitable, the main indicator is People's Emergence Need. Of course, website layout and your content affect too.

​Here are some examples. Organic food, making money, medical issues (allergy or any other troublesome syndromes), bodybuilding (Fat loss) and academic results. These are not the only niches that you may go to use up. In fact, you are going to do more researches upon my suggestions. You may also find out more hot trends and human needs for your niche too.

Tools For Choosing a Niche

​Trend Hunter

This is the best niche finder I have ever discovered. This is because it has really update micro-niches information in there. You can easily find low-competition niches for your affiliate marketing business.

The good thing about Trend Hunter is that there are many post that introducing over 20+ niches at once. So that you are not picking the same niche with people who are looking at the same post easily.

Google Trends

This is another awesome platform. You can analyse the niche you are interested in and find out whether it's popular or not. This is a common tool for people who are doing affiliate marketing so you should not miss it out.

You can also compare few niches within Google Trends​ too. It's helpful for you to pick a most profitable niche for yourself.


This is the best keyword research tool I have ever used. This is because it has tons of comparison. You can clearly see the information of over ten relevant keyword with one keyword search.

​Here are two examples of Jaaxy. If you want to know more about research, you can read my "How to find a Niche for Online Business" article. This is a great tool that I personally use. Jaaxy is a good tool for you to do keyword research. It can be used to research for domain and keywords for content.

eBay Watch Count

​This is an awesome free platform that shows you which products are the most popular. You can easily check out the number of sales and number of watches. You can also see the ranking of products in a particular category. This may help you to brainstorm about niches that you may want to do with.

​Choosing a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

With the tools above, you can pick a best niche with the following steps.

  1. Go to eBay or Amazon to pick a ​category that you interested most. Or go to Trend Hunter to find some interesting new products.
  2. Go to Watch Count and see which kind of product in the category has the most popularity.
  3. Go to Google Trend to see whether the product is in an increasing trend or decreasing. Only pick the one with increasing trend.
  4. Go to Jaaxy and do keyword research. See how many websites are your competitors. If the QSR (Quoted Search Result) is over 200 with a niche, you have to give up and find another one.

This is the way I found a niche. Recently I am doing a niche with computer parts. Although it is relatively a competitive niche, it is profitable since the rate of updating is quite high. A good niche needs to be researched deeply as it is the most important part of an online business. All affiliate marketing success starts with choosing a niche.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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