How to Build a Website for Online Marketing?

A website is essential for making money online nowadays. However, building websites is always an overwhelming terms to people who have little to no recognition. So I am going to tell you step-by-step of how to build a website for online marketing.

Steps to Build a Website for Online Marketing

All Steps in a glance:

  1. Register a free account to create websites (You can get TWO FREE websites!)
  2. Create your website within ONE MINUTE!
  3. Add content into your website to let people search for your website!
  4. Monetize your website and thus, EARN REVENUE!

After showing you the steps of building your online business, I will talk more about how to grow your website continuously

Step #1: Register a FREE Account!

I have not told you about what account and where are you going. Now let me introduce to you my best recommendation which called Wealthy Affiliate. This program is fully designed for everyone who are at any level of online marketing. Even you are totally new to making money online, you can still do it easily!

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Step #2: Create a Website, INSTANTLY!

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you are not required any web design skills to create a website. Every disgusting thing like coding and programming are not needed to create a successful and beautiful website. In fact, even if you learned all these stuffs, you may not be able to create a website as beautiful as Wealthy Affiliate does.

After setting up your profile, head to the SiteRubix button on the left. Once you point to the light blue button, there will be few options popped out. Click on the Site Builder button. You will be at the website creation page.

  1. Click on the Free Website option.
  2. Type in a domain name with your interested niche
  3. Type in your website name
  4. Select an awesome theme
  5. Press the button at the bottom and build it!
  6. Your website is ready and you can edit it immediately!

If you don’t know what domain name to use, you can firstly pick a niche. Head to the keyword tool under the colorful bar, do your keyword research.

If you don’t know how to do research and you don’t know what niche to pick, no problem and watch my video below.

 Step #3: Content! Content! Content!

Point to the SiteRubix bar and click on the Site Manager. Click log in under your website thumbnail.

You will be in the WordPress Dashboard. Put all default post, page and comment into trash(or people will search this rubbish from your website).

You can now start putting content! Click on the post column then click “Add New”. Just write whatever you like about your targeted niche and you will gain traffic!

For advanced knowledge of SEO and keyword research, please refer to Wealthy Affiliate training because there are walk-through videos and step-by-step detailed training. Here I would just like to show you the simple steps to build a website and how to make money with it.

 Step #4: Monetize your website!

You have done some research in your niche already. So, you may know online shops such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay or Alibaba etc. There are awesome affiliate programs out there.

I personally use Amazon as my affiliate program. After registering at Amazon Associates, you can now generate affiliate links. Affiliate links is for you to put in your website. When people click through your affiliate link to buy products, YOU will earn commission. Members in Wealthy Affiliate make over $10,000 per month. Some of them have even only worked for less then 2 years! You can see proofs in my Full Wealthy Affiliate review.

How to Grow My Online Business?

After building a website for your online marketing, it’s time to grow your online business. As there is no exact solution to a million-dollar-generating website, I am telling how do I and my fellow members do to grow our online business.

Keep Adding Content into our Websites

Content is the most important thing in the online marketing industry. You are not going to make tons of money within few days, weeks or months. If you are aiming to earn over ten thousands per month, “Year” is your unit of time requirement.

Fortunately, you Don’t Need to Work Everyday. You may just log in to your website twice a week and you are already growing your business. One of the successful case is my friend Colton James. He is just a college student. Since he joined Wealthy Affiliate for slightly more than one year, his monthly income has surpassed the $10,000 mark. See his proof below.


This is not an exceptional case. Many people are earning Much More than Him! You can see how people satisfy with Wealthy Affiliate. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials and you will know.

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Optimize Everything That Benefits your Website

Videos, Social networking and sharing your website and contents to people are essential. Google loves legitimate backlinks to your website. That is because people at social media will think about whether click into your links to read your posts or not. That means your artificial traffic is relevant. People stay longer in your website will benefit your website’s ranking.

Be Patient! Quitting Loses Everything

Never quit after starting your business. You may not see any results within the first half year. But when results come, it rolls and rolls! The snowball will grow so fast that you can’t even imagine!

It is true that members’ income fabulously skyrockets after 5-6 months being a member in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you think you are not getting enough support, just register your free account and I will be waiting you in the membership area.

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Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

Building Successful Online Business

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