How to Avoid Losing Job After Brexit?

24/6/2016 was the date of the Vote of Brexit passed. Brexit, or British Exit, was a huge change in the world. Once British leave European Union, there will be all different in terms of economy, sports and the overall political status.

Although the result of Brexit vote wasn’t legally binding, the EU has no room to refuse the result of the universal suffrage or else there will be disaster in Europe and Britain. Fortunately, British has to take over years to completely exit from the European Union as there are many political issues and law relationship between the EU and Britain.

Will I Lose My Job in the UK?

Once Britain completely exit from the EU, the economy will start falling into disaster. The trading and shipping will be lot more constraints than before. Immigrants cannot move along other countries in the United Kingdom easily. If you are a British citizen and want to go to EU countries for work, you will have to apply for VISA to do that.

These constraints will end up decrease the employment rate in the UK as the demand of marketing and economy has decrease. Visitors will be harder to go to the UK. Overall economy will be more difficult. And my favorite sports, football, will never perform in the European Champions League again, sigh.

If you are kinda “low-level” in your company right now, chances are you will be losing your job unfortunately. You see the overall stock price and the value of Pounds are decreasing. This phenomenon will last for quite long.

What to Do to Keep Gaining Income?

Quick answer. Online business. This is definitely the best way to succeed in this century and in the future. Build an online business can allow you to make money overseas and not affected by your own country. No matter you are now in the EU or in the UK, avoid losing your job and avoid not gaining income is to create an online business.

Creating online business is essential because you can sell stuffs overseas, do affiliate marketing without cost (I personally doing this). This is the best way to not get affected by the Brexit. In fact, you will be gaining advantages if you start your online business right now. As the US dollar doesn’t affect by the UK right now (or increase in value?), doing online business with affiliating with companies that trade in US dollar may benefit you in the future.

That is because the UK will be deflated. The prices of everything will decrease (increase if selling imported goods). If you earn US dollar, you will be earning much more than doing work in the UK. Therefore, the safest way to protect your properties and goods and gaining descent income is to create an online business.

How to Create an Online Business?

If you have no experience in creating online business and online marketing, don’t worry. Here’s a perfect program that allows you to learn everything you need to build websites and how to monetize it. The program is called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a popular program in the US and Canada. Many people are making good money with this program already.

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This program allows you to make money at home without attend to office wasting the money of transportation and time. I was making over $1,000 per month from it with just started for half year! And, I don’t actually afraid of the change in value of my currency. If you are now living in the UK and you are afraid of losing job, you should now start your online business.

All you have to do are just devoting 3-5 hours per week and keep doing what you are doing right now. When British has completely exit from the EU, you will be safely making consistent money without affecting by this politic issue.

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