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Ditch the Daily Grind

Product: Ditch The Daily Grind: How To Create A Travel Blog That Makes Money
Price: $24.99
My Rating: 3 out of 10

It Aimed to Teach You to Make Money Through a Travelling Blog

Ditch The Daily Grind is another product that is in the “Make Money Online” niche. This product was created to educate people how to make money in online with a blog. The product mainly cover how to build a blog and optimize it. In that product, the author Jessie was telling about how to write a successful blog about travelling. It aims to help you building up a business plan and make money with telling people about travelling.

What is in the Ditch The Daily Grind?

Ditch The Daily Grind has webinars to teach you about making money with your blog. It contains training and tools that help you to start your business. The main content of her product is webinars. These webinars are courses that help you build a blog and write it with content about travelling. The following topics will be included in the webinars.

  • Content Management Tool Suggestion
  • Learn to Choose Domain Name and Branding
  • Blog Design Tutorial
  • How to Make Money with the Blog


  1. It teaches you to make money with legitimate way
  2. Good program for people who always travel


  1. The community has not well developed
  2. You have to be rich enough to travel everywhere
  3. The author has not enough experience in making money online
  4. The product page has not enough proofs and content introduction
  5. You cannot try before you buy

These are the things I don’t like about Ditch the Daily Grind. Jessie isn’t a person that worth your trust. You don’t want to pay for a guy that doesn’t show you how is her result and the content of the product. Every online entrepreneur should start with letting people try his/her product before costing people. This is because the entrepreneur should gain trust and authority from people. But Jessie doesn’t.

So What Should I Choose to Make Money Online?

You should choose a product that contains fully developed training, live training that keeps you up to date, well developed community and an entrusted author. Personally, I use Wealthy Affiliate as my resource to build a successful website, hosting my website, learn how to make money with ALL niches and engage with people that love to share their progress and success with us.

Who is the Product For?

Ditch the Daily Grind is a product for people who ALWAYS travel to different places. But the truth is you are not going to make money online if you can afford to travel more than twice a month.

Besides, every posts with travelling will cost you plenty of time by uploading your photos and content creation. This is because you have to get in-depth review with different places. Moreover, affiliate programs and gears for travelling are not extremely high in price. You cannot make money with travelling too much.

But, if you have so much experience in travelling or you are living in a place that has so many tourist attraction, I do recommend you to try this product. However, to make money online, I recommend you to try my #1 recommend platform. This platform can let you try before you buy. You can also build two free websites within this platform. Ditch the Daily Grind doesn’t provide you hosting platform and free domain registration. Even it educates you to build and host websites, you cannot use it as your hosting platform.

The Price

$24.99 isn’t an expensive number and I am pretty sure that you are affordable. However, paying for an unclear and unprofessional product might not worth. I know you want to be success online and you want to make money no matter through a blog, email, streaming or whatever. You may have to think twice before paying for a person that you don’t know. When you enter the product page, it is totally a mess and you may not feel comfortable while visiting it. How can you trust a person who doesn’t even do well by herself even she is making money.

If you are ready to invest into a product that helps you to make money in online, I suggest you to read my #1 recommendation on making money online. This platform has plenty of support and resources that really teach me how to make money through all niches. There are also live training sessions that keep you up to date to avoid losing competitive power with other people online.


Is it Suggested?

I don’t suggest this product for people who want to make money online. I rate it so low because the author isn’t an authority and she is not well-known in the industry. You cannot trust a person that just making decent money for herself. Her webinars actually can be found everywhere online. You should choose a platform that provide you all the tools and education. Services that don’t have enough support won’t worth anyone a buck.

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