Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Is it Another Online Scam?

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Product: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Price: $37 + $297 Up-sell + other fees
My Rating: 3 out of 10

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire System?

About two years ago, a famous hype called Coffee Shop Millionaire was created by Anthony Trister. The Coffee Shop Millionaire system was aiming to help you to create an online business through affiliate marketing. I has some training to help you to build website and email list. However, the claims that Anthony made were exaggerated.

Anthony has claimed that with his Coffee Shop Millionaire education, you can learn how to make over $21K within couple weeks. In fact, for everyone who has successfully created online business knows that this kind of claim is totally bullshit. It is Impossible for anyone to create a business overnight and start generate even a 4-figure income.

What Coffee Shop Millionaire Members Get?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a affiliate marketing training based product. Within the education, you can learn how to start an affiliate marketing business.

With the $37 payment, you are going to get the 12-module training about how to create a website, host your website, research for a niche, choosing affiliate program and so on. These kind of training is quite common on the internet. But if Anthony is telling all the truth and providing latest information, he shall worth the $37.

However, he doesn’t. He doesn’t provide useful latest information. He doesn’t worth the $37. Let’s see what’s the pros and cons.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Pros

  • It teaches you to create a business for Passive Income
  • It has some legit training


  • Some information is outdated
  • It has no free trial
  • It has no tools for you to use within the program
  • You can’t earn $21k within few weeks
  • There are no support and community for you
  • There are up-sells
  • There are many complaints

Although Coffee Shop Millionaire has somehow legitimate training and he is really telling you how to create a passive income business. However, he has hidden the most important part of creating online business. That is Consistency over Speed. You may never ccreate a $21k business over nights or over few weeks.

Besides, this membership requires you to pay for only the training video, without tools, support and community. And in my opinion, these are the most valuable part of a product but unfortunately, Coffee Shop Millionaire has not provided.

As always said, I barely trust a person or a company with a product contain up-sells. That is because up-sells mean the owner has no confidence in introducing the whole product to you. Besides, the up-sell of Coffee Shop Millionaire is really pricey. You have to spend over $300 for an initial investment if you want to use the whole system.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

There are many complaints with Coffee Shop Millionaire. Let’s see what people say from the Warrior Forum.

Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints

Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints2

As there are really so few websites telling Coffee Shop Millionaire is legit, this system may probably not for you. As you see there are so many complaints about the system. The Coffee Shop Millionaire rings my scam alert bell.

If you really want to make money online and create a passive income business, why don’t you choose my best recommendation that most members are happy to use it?

What Coffee Shop Millionaire has Claimed

Coffee Shop Millionaire has claimed that with the system, you are going to make $21k or at least make some money with his system. Although he had emphasized that building a successful online business isn’t an easy job and you will never be success within few weeks and days. However, he was trying to claim that his system was going to earn you money within weeks. WTF?

In fact, the first part of his words were right. You really cannot create a business within few weeks and days. Especially an online business. You have to start it step-by-step. Create a website and nicely add content into it. Then you can steadily grow your website and start having traffic. Since you have a nice ranked website, you can monetize it with different ways and this is really easy. But this takes time and dedication.

You cannot make money with his method within few days and weeks. However you can make money after building a legitimate business for months and years. You have to sacrifice time to build up a business. You will never build a business if you want to earn quick cash only.

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire for?

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, you can really learn something with it. However, there is a program that I am personally using to make money online provides much more legitimate training, tools, support and community.

Therefore, I DON’T think Coffee Shop Millionaire is for you and anyone.

Why I Don’t Like Coffee Shop Millionaire

As an online marketer, I don’t like a product that sells ONLY information. Only if the information is new and updated, or else I won’t invest into this kind of product. Actually, I don’t continue to use Coffee Shop Millionaire is because I have already learned all the knowledge Anthony provided in it. I have leaned even more knowledge with only the platform I am currently using.

If you want to create an online business, you have to bare in mind that you may not earn any money within first few months. Yes, you are NOT going to make money within first few months. This is because that is a BUSINESS. Have you heard about a businessman being success within days and weeks? At least, you have to devote some months into a business to start seeing results. This is the truth and will never change.

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The Price

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Education System cost you initially $37, and without free trial.

However, within the video, Anthony has said that you can do exactly what he has done for totally FREE. Is that ironic?

And yet I haven’t told you about the up-sells.

Anthony has an up-sell called Six Figure Success Club, which cost you $297. Did he say you can success for FREE? Well scammers never speak the truth. Your initial investment will skyrocket to $334. How ridiculous. Is the Six Figure Success Club legit? No. This is because he is not revealing any secret in it. It is a forum-like platform and there are only some people sharing success within it. Just don’t buy it and you are totally fine.

However, if you have already bought Coffee Shop Millionaire, I highly recommend you to go to Clickbank and request for refund immediately. So you will not have any lost.

Is it Suggested?

No. There are better programs with tools, support and community all-in-one without up-sells. If you are interested with this kind of program, click here to read my review. Within the review, you can get my bonus and you can register for a FREE account.



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