Best Way to Create Passive Income

In 2016, there are already tons and tons of ways for you to generate passive income online. As the popularity of PayPal and credit cards rise, many programs allow people to link their payment information to their payment funnels. As the result, companies and entrepreneurs are going to build their business with the internet.

I have written an article about Passive Income and it talked about the kinds and ways to make passive income online.​ But here are some kinds of passive income streams you may want to know first. They are affiliate marketing (through social media, websites or videos), binary options and investment products (including stocks).

Best Way to Make Passive Income​

When you do some researches and analyse about the online entrepreneurs, you can see they have tons of methods to monetize their "works". If you have a little bit of experience in making money online, you probably know that they are mostly monetizing their works  through affiliate marketing.

Make Money With Your Own Websites​

This is definitely the best way to create passive income. Making money through your own websites are easy, scale-able and really effective in the future. The best part of this income stream is that you don't have to work after you have built something already. I am explaining it more.

​First and of course, you will need a website. Within your website, you keep writing content and updating it consistently For At Least One Year. Then you can go to register some affiliate programs in Amazon, eBay or any other affiliate program on the internet. Most of them are free and I do recommend you to join for free only.

If you really want to indicate the "mark of success", writing at least one post per two days can make you over 150 post within a year. This can make your website good enough to rank most of your post to the first page of Google (given that you are not targeting high competition keywords).

At about the six-month mark, you will be able to make at least $400+ per month and you will keep increasing your income per month. At the one-year mark, you will be at least making $1,000 per month (the truth is most people earn much more than that).

Let's see an example.

Could you believe that you can actually keep making income without working for 6 months? This is what passive income gives you. You can keep earning money after you have built up some work.

Another important thing is that your can actually make this money at home without working for a boss at an office. What a JOB!

What to Do to Make Money at Home?

Make money at home is not difficult any more. You can easily generate decent amount of income without working at an office again. Many people quit their job after doing this for over one to two years.

So what exactly you have to do to make passive income at home? Follow my steps and you will be success.

  1. Create a Website (You can do it totally for free by clicking the blue button.)​
  2. Write relevant content with a targeted niche. (How to find a niche?)
  3. Register a free affiliate program and insert few affiliate links in your websites.
  4. Keep updating your website and traffic will come to your website over and over again.
  5. Passive Income Stream Done!

Building websites and monetize your websites is definitely the best way to create passive income online. With the case study above, you can find that one you have created a website with relevant content, you will be making money over and over again. If you keep working, your income will simply just increase and increase! Even if you stop working, your income won't stop!

Therefore, don't procrastinate any more​. Take action today and get my Limited Free Coaching today by clicking the button below. I hope to see you succeed!

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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