Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing 2016

For affiliate marketing, online entrepreneurs are always discuss the best niches to make money effectively. Although there are many profitable niches in the market, you should not randomly pick a niche to start your online business. We always want to optimize our benefit and profit. Therefore, you may follow the criteria of a best niche below.

First, see if your niche is related to "Game" such as Pokemon, League of Legends, Overwatch and other popular games today. ​Although you are not helping to sell these games, you can promote gaming gadgets and the game souvenirs to people. Moreover, websites with tips and tricks usually have tons of traffic. You can put Google Adsense in it. You will see tons of income from this kind of game guides.

Second, see if the niche you have picked is a kind of necessity or not. If people can live without this kind of product, try not to choose it as a niche. This is because the traffic of this niche are mostly not potential customers. Many of them are just visiting and leaving. Products that strongly benefits people's daily life or even people can't live without it will be a very profitable niche as traffic can be easily turning into customers.

​Last one is trend. I know some of the trends are not necessary to your daily life. But once everyone generously spends money on a particular niche, that could be a really profitable niche. That's quite similar to gaming niche but other from gaming, further researches should be done.

Tools For Researching

I have another article about how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing. Check that out to see how exactly did I do researches. I am focusing on only one research tool in this article.

I am using a keyword tool called Jaaxy. It is really powerful that you can check keywords and the respective relevant keywords' traffic, competition and quality. You can Try Jaxxy for FREE Here. Here is the annotation of Jaaxy keyword researches.

  • Avg: Average number of searchers per month
  • Traffic: Estimated traffic you will get if your website with that keyword rank at the first page of Google
  • QSR: Quoted search results. That is the exact number of websites that contain the respective exact keyword. We usually use this to indicate whether it is a good keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword quality indicator. Just ignore it. We indicate the keyword quality with its QSR.
  • SEO. Search engine optimization score. That is used to compare the power of keywords. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank at the first page of Google. I usually take keywords with scores higher than 90.
  • Domain: See whether the keyword is available to be registered to a domain.

#1: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the hottest niche today. Most people, especially 80s and 90s, really need guides, tips and tricks about playing Pokemon Go. You can do different researches to make your own Pokemon Go guide. Creating this kind of guide can drive you a tons of traffic, if your guide is really useful. With high amount of traffic, simply put Google Adsense in it. You will receive tons of income with that. (Gaming guide helped tons of people to get full time income.)

#2: Make Money Online

Make money online is one of the biggest need to people. Just look over the keyword results below. There are over 150k searches per month. Just take 1% of that cake and you can already make over $5,000 per month. This niche is also increasing traffic by time. That is because people today tend to work at home instead of at an office 9-to-5. Relaxation is really important to people today.

By clicking the button below and registering a free account, you will receive my bonus 1-on-1 coaching. You will be learning how exactly I did to make $5,000+ per month. (Actually more!)

#3: Fitness

Although fitness isn't necessary a need to people, many of you want to build a better appearance and body today. Even if people who are not rich or tend to not spend a buck on fitness, they still are chances to become a customer. (Believe me. I spent my first dollar on fitness...)

Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker is something new in these years. You can create a website that teaches people how to track their fitness, nutrition, terms in fitness, methods of keeping fit and so on to promote fitness tracker to them. You can also make reviews on different fitness tracker to help people to choose the best fitness tracker.


Matcha is Japanese green tea. This niche is really popular today. However, I don't recommend you to use this as your main website niche as it is really too narrow. If you want to promote the best tasting matcha, you can create a website about beverages or cooking guides. If you want to promote nutrition, you can just generally tell people about healthy drinking to promote matcha. These kind of niche could be more profitable instead of only reviewing matcha.


This is the best fitness niche in my opinion. That is because it has relatively low competition but really really high searching volume. With a bodybuilding website, you can teach people how to do different exercises, exercise tips, exercise demonstration, nutrition, supplement and so on. You can promote different online workout programs, nutrition products and gadgets for people. People today are really eager to spend money on fitness and they won't stop spending them. Reviewing different protein powder, supplements and workout programs could be good and profitable too.

Please let me know how do you think of this by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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