Best Legitimate Way to Make Money Online at Home

Finding a legitimate way to make money online isn’t an easy job for everyone. As there are many scams on the internet, it’s hard to decide which method could really make you money. Some programs claimed that it could help you to make millions and millions online by doing surveys, spamming or sending trash emails and even Forex Stocks and Binary Option systems. Nearly most of them are scams.

Therefore, it is important to find a legitimate way and a way that truly makes you real money. So I created this post to tell you what is the best legitimate way to make money at home online.

Why a Legit Business Grow Better?

Not all online money making methods are Business. In fact, most of the so-called online money making methods are scams or something like “effort-for-money”. They are not something that can be scaled and stacked. Just think of working 3-4 hours a day making $30-$50. Do you think it could be considered as a business if the income doesn’t scale up and increase by time?

So you know a legitimate business is essential. But why is it growing better than scam business? The major difference between a legit business and a scam are Trust and Authority.


When it comes to trust, there are literally two kinds of trust. One kind of trust is trust from the internet and the other one is trust from your audience. If your online business is promoting scams and spamming people, your business is probably not being trusted by the internet no matter Facebook, YouTube and the Google Search Engine.

Trust from the audience is also essential. No matter you are doing Email Marketing or Facebook advertisement, promoting legitimate products and services builds trust between you and your customer. Don’t think that your audience will never come back to your business after buying anything from you. They WILL come back if you are honest and promoting good quality products.


Authority is based on trust. Without trust, you will not be building any authority. Just think of the biggest company in the world such as H&M, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and whatever pop up in your mind. Are they promoting legitimate business? Yes. Do you trust them? Yes. So you now know the importance of building a legitimate business.

Best Legitimate Money Making Method: Blogging

Although there are many profitable method to make money online like doing Podcast, posting videos on YouTube, promoting products through Facebook advertisement and so on. There are many many kinds of business you can start to build your online business kingdom. However, from my experience, the best, results-guaranteed and most legitimate way to build an online business is by Blogging.

Now wait and listen. Blogging today isn’t writing content and post them on a Forum or Facebook. These are useless and will not build you a successful online business.

The TRUE way to blogging is Building a Website. With a website, you can share it on a forum and Facebook and other social media. That’s why I don’t recommend you to blog through social media. Moreover, building a website is the best way to create an online business as it could be EASILY scaled and extended.

“Building a Website is REALLY hard! I have NO technical skills!”

Well it is hard BEFORE, but easy for NOW. You don’t have to know anything about coding, programming, marketing and other technical skills to build a website. You just have to know How To Speak and Write. Don’t be scared. You are not going to speak. Knowing how to speak is just an indicator of knowing how to Write Casually.

Step-By-Step to Building a Website

  1. Create a Free Account at Wealthy Affiliate. It gives you two FREE Websites! (Awesome!)
  2. Go to Site Rubix then Site Builder on the left hand side. (The light blue button.)
  3. Click on the “A Free Website” button.
  4. Think a Cool Domain Name and Website Name and put it in.
  5. Choose an Awesome Theme and then press the blue button below.
  6. Done! You can start publishing content on your website!

It takes me only one minute to do the whole process. For more information, check out My Personal Review on Wealthy Affiliate. I will keep updating the review as Wealthy Affiliate keeps updating and optimizing their services.

The reason I choose Wealthy Affiliate is it provides quality training, even Weekly LIVE Training, helpful community with members providing their personal tips and training and the “lightening-speed” customer support. It provides quality hosting, protection and anti-spamming for domains too! The best part is that over ten thousands of members are making money right now. And most of them are NEWBIES! That proofs Wealthy Affiliate is the unique platform for you to learn how to succeed online step-by-step.

Get Your FREE Account NOW!

How to Make Money With My Website?

This comes to Affiliate Marketing. You may be thinking of building a website and publishing content won’t make you money. Yes that is true IF you don’t monetize your website. So what you have to do is putting affiliate links or advertising banners (the most popular one is Google Adsense) on your website.

Here is the Customer Funnel:

  1. Search for tips/products/reviews/information.
  2. Hitting a keyword that your website contains.
  3. Visitors click into your website.
  4. They see you are trustworthy and buy product from you.
  5. You get paid!

But, what you should do to get to the ultimate step “Get Paid”?

  1. Publish useful content. (Reviews/Solutions/Useful information)
  2. Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Rank high at Google to get HUGE traffic.
  4. Convert traffic into customers.
  5. Get paid!

Read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate to see How to get to the Get-Paid step.

Believe me. That is real real easy and you can do it too if you know English.

Create Passive Income at Home – Enjoy Your Life!


Creating a website and start your blogging business is the best way to create an online passive income. Once you have built the foundation of your website, you will be rolling your snowball.

On average, websites get about 50 views per blog post when the websites have been hosting for one year. Let’s do the math. If you can write 2 posts a week and 8 posts a month. There will be 96 post in a year. That is at least getting 5,000 visitors to your website in a month. But the truth is much different from the estimation.

If you follow the training step-by-step, you will be driving over 500 visitors into your website per day! That is 15,000 visitors per month! This can already make you over $1,000 per month. Some of the members make over $10,000 after working about one year.

Just look at my own result by following Wealthy Affiliate training step-by-step.

Google Analytics Traffic 03Google Analytics Traffic 02

This is my traffic analysis of one of my New Born website. As I followed the training properly, my traffic spikes since Google trust my legitimate website. This website hasn’t built for a year long. It has just passed half year. So my website is going to have at least 500 visitors per day.

If you decided to make money online, you should be patient and  be dedicated. Once you see results, your business will keep stacking and scaling. When you look back after two years, you will definitely sure you did the right decision today.


See How Do I Make Money Online

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