Affiliate Profits Academy Review – Another Scam

Affiliate Profits Academy product

Product: Affiliate Profits Academy
Price: $47
My Rating: 2 out of 10

Affiliate Profits Academy is a new launched program that claimed it can teach you to create Clickbank income without owning a website. The owner, KC Tan claims that with few dollars of investment can help you to create tens of hundreds of dollars without a website. This hype sounds great however, this is not the way you can succeed in online business.

This program has three parts. The first part is introducing the types of products on Clickbank. It tells you which kind of product convert the most and which kind of product you should be promoting. Then it will teach you how to use Facebook ads and Bing ads to advertise your link or pages. However, these all have walked through the wrong path.

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The second part is quit interesting. It teaches you to create a website and promote the Clickbank products. But wait a second, look at the website.

Affiliate Profits Academy hype

What? Generate Affiliate Commissions Without Having A Website, but Building a Website to Promote Affiliate Products? WTF?

When you look back now, you can clearly identify that this is a hype to take your attention. So what is the truth? What is the truth of earning Clickbank commission? I will explain it later.

The third part is email marketing. The Affiliate Profits Academy teaches you some about email marketing. It claimed that it would teach you how to create a “Squeeze Page” that convert better to let people more likely to subscribe to your email list. In fact, there are so much similar information on the internet. Even I can tell you what it’s about later.

Affiliate Profits Academy Pros

  • It has step-by-step training
  • You can contact the owner
  • It somehow teaches a bit of useful information


  • Too pricey for such info-product
  • It doesn’t provide useful tools
  • It has no Real Successful Testimonial
  • It has no community and full customer support
  • You may easily end out of losing more and more money by advertising wrongly

Affiliate Profits Academy has claimed that it does not require you to build a website to make money online. In fact, this is far from the truth. Although Clickbank is an authority online marketplace, it contains tons of trashy products. In my opinion, there are rarely appearing one legitimate and worthy product.

If you try to sell people with those “Good-converting” but scamming products, you will ending out getting negative feedback and thus ruining your online business. Your authority and trust will be all gone.

Who is Affiliate Profits Academy for?

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing and online business, this could teach you some useful information and allows you to start an online business. However, there are many information that will ruin your business and your business will scale badly. Some of the method and SEO technique it teaches will harm your website.

If you are willing to create a successful online passive income, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone who want to create an online business. It has full support, community, educational video and up-to-date live training every week. It is much better than the Affiliate Profits Academy.

What is the Actual Way to Make Money Online?

Although there are many methods allow you to make money online, not all of them suit your need and some of them require advanced marketing knowledge.

Take Facebook advertisement as an example. You have to invest about $100 to start your Facebook advertising campaign to sell people affiliate products. You have to correctly set up the campaign to accurately target the audience. You have to research for your targeted customers’ personas and find out their sex, ages, interest and habits to avoid losing money over and over again.

If you have no room to lose money over and over again, you have to stop investing to products that teaches you paid-marketing methods. If you are finding true legitimate product, you should invest to something that teaches you to scale and scale and scale your progress.

Let’s take building a blog as an example. You can just investing two hours a day and two days per week to create your own blogging website. You will be building 96 posts in a year if you effectively post something in that 2 hours. After one year, almost each of your blog post at least generates 30-50 visitors per month. This can make you over $500 per month with just that little of work!

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The Price

Affiliate Profits Academy is $47. It is quite pricey as it doesn’t provide me tools and support. If you are holding $47 and thinking of “Do Something With It”, I strongly recommend you not to invest to such scamming product.

Besides, $47 will never be too much IF, if the product worth it. However, most of the information it teaches in the product can be found on the internet or even in my website.

Is it Suggested?

No. I do NOT recommend you to buy this product as it really doesn’t worth your money. There are much more programs that teach better up-to-date information.

I Want Back My Money…

If you have already bought this product and you want back your money, you can apply the 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t know how to get your refund properly, Click Here to Learn How To Get Your Clickbank Refund.

Remember, DO NOT email the customer support for requesting refund. The customer support WILL LAZILY REPLY to people who have already bought their product.



The Affiliate Profits Academy is definitely a scam. If you visit their website, you can find that KC Tan promotes tons of affiliate marketing courses. This means that this course may repeat the information of his product. By the way, the website doesn’t popular enough. It is not an authority website. Can you trust a person that doesn’t have a good website?

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