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Amazon – The Best Affiliate Program

To ultimately monetize your online business you should correctly choose a best platform or program within the industry. Many online marketers have this huge mistake which is choosing a wrong affiliate program. Choosing a wrong program may cause you not making any money.

Some online shops or platforms don’t provide secure payment funnel or providing poor services and products. If you have chosen these kind of shop, you will be making so little money or even no money.

Amazon is the best affiliate program in the world as it provides good customer services, easy review boxes and also real-buyer verification. This makes Amazon a trustworthy online shopping platform. If you want to succeed online, you should not miss Amazon in your consideration.

3 Tips to Make Money With Amazon

To make money online, you should firstly focus on which platform to promote your content. However, no matter which platform you are going to choose, I highly recommend you to Create a Blog. With my suggested platform, you can create it totally for free. A blog allows you to correctly set up a business that scales your business even if you are not planning to blog anything. I will explain it below.

#1 – Create a Blog Website

Creating a blog website is essential to make money online. However, many of you think that making a website is really hard and very technical. But that is far away from the truth. In fact, creating a website is really easy and everyone can do it. With this platform that I am personally using, you can create a successful, free website without any scams, coding, programming or any other annoying stuffs you name it.

Since you have your Amazon Associates account, just find a product that related to your blog and do a review of it. If you have no idea of that product but you still want to promote it, no problem and you can write some blog post about “Tips”, “Best of…” or best reviewed products. There are many ways for you to embed your affiliate link into your post. And thus, you earn revenue from Amazon.

Create a website allows you to keep adding content that lives on the internet Forever! That means, no matter how few people viewing your website, even there are only one people view one of your page per day, there will be 365 people watching your website within the year. Since you have built a fruitful and user friendly website, you will be receiving thousands and thousands of traffic per month and thus, make money from these traffic!

Many successful online marketer start with blogging. This is because you can scale up your business whenever you want. Although there are so much information you have to cover to build a successful blog, the basic of everything is just taking action. If you take action now, your blog will grow and you will make money.

#2 – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a quite advanced method for you to make money from Amazon. Just head to Facebook and create a Fan Page, you may just need to randomly create a name for it, whatever you like. You can Read my Blog Post about Setting Up a Facebook Business here. If you already have an Amazon Associate account, go to manage your website list and add you Facebook Fan Page website in it.

Now, go to choose a product that you would like to promote. Write a little short description about it. For example “Best Value Fishing Rod!”, “Best Gaming Mouse in 2016” or “My Dog Love This Food!”. In my opinion, electronic product convert the most but it depends on how you set up your campaign.

This is the part that may cause you quit (that’s why I encourage you to create a free website to scale your business.). You have to invest some money into Facebook ad campaign to start this business. After adding the affiliate link into the status box, you can click on the the button “promote your post” beside the blue posting button.

Go to set up the campaign properly. This is the hardest part of the whole method. You should choose whether Men or Women to see your post. Set up their age properly. Select the relevant interest. Don’t set too many interest as you may not correctly target your audience.

This is a very advanced method and it requires experience. Since you have found a campaign that converts, scale up the campaign and you will be making more and more money.

#3 – Video Marketing

This is a nice way for you to build trust and authority. However, you require to build a free website before applying this method. This is because you have to embed your video into your website to maximize your SEO performance. And, you have to build a cloaked link to successfully embed your affiliate links into your YouTube Video Description.

This method is good for reviewing a product that you own. You don’t have to buy an entire new product that you don’t have. Just pick a product that you already have and make a quick video about it. Doing honest review by letting people see you actually own the product will make people easily trust you and buy product from you.

However, to optimize this process, you also need your own website to publicize your content. Imagine posting 50 videos with exact same content on your website, you are actually doing 100 posts with 50 same content. Google will seek you as posting 100 original fresh content on the internet. So don’t just post your idea on YouTube, but also put them on your own website.

Blog is the Key to Scaling Up

As you see I have emphasized that building a blog is really essential in building an online business. The reason is quite clear and obvious. Your website will live on the internet forever and keep attracting organic visitors to visit your website.

Although you may experience 0 traffic at first, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 traffic in the future. Once your website is trustworthy on Google, you will be getting higher rank and more traffic.

So, how does it scale? Imagine blogging once per week, that is 4 posts per month and 36 posts a year. For 10 years, there are 360 post and if you keep doing this business for 10 years, you will have at least 100 visitors per blog post you have in a month. That is 360,000 visitors per year.

From our past experience, websites convert visitors into customers in about 2%. Think about making $5 per customer, you will be making $36,000 per month! You can Start It Now and Totally For FREE!

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