10 SEO Mistakes that may HURT Your Websites!

Most Common SEO Mistakes

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, people are just thinking of stuffing keywords, backlinks (which may hurt your site) and paid traffic. When a web search is performed on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, many results pop up. The primary search results may contain web pages, videos or local listings. These web pages are ranked by the search engine for their relevancy for the search query. Users who are searching for content are more likely to click the link to a web page that appears near the top of the search result page. So how would a website developer or a blogger make sure that his/her work appears near the top of the search results page and hence attract more traffic towards their web page or blog?

This is where a knowledge of SEO is essential. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization are the task of directing users from the “free” search results, as opposed to the paid advertisements that appear on a search results page, to a particular website. But there are many different types of mistakes that people make while handling SEO, and 10 of the most common ones will be outlined here. Such mistakes happen because there are many different types of publishers with differing levels of knowledge and approach, and when people with a low-level of knowledge or someone who regularly violate the industry guidelines publish articles on SEO, a newcomer reading the article may be very confused and have a mistaken approach to SEO.

So what are these mistakes?

1. Failure in Proper Configuration of the Content Management System

There are many Content Management Systems or e-commerce systems available to a user, but all of them require some degree of configuration. Custom titles and page descriptions are commonly required, but each system will have their own requirements, so one has to make sure that he/she goes through the guidelines for the individual Content Management System.

2. Not Using Proper Tools

In the race to attract more traffic to a particular website, the website developer gets caught up in seeing which keywords are sending the most traffic to the website and then gets frustrated at their inability to rank high on search results. But the main aim of the website is not to simply attract traffic, but to make sure that a high percentage of that traffic is driving up sales of the particular company. The only way to find out is to use an analytic package and set up a conversion tracking for the keyword phrases, compare them against each other and find out which phrases are driving up sales.

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3. The Absence of Proper Optimization

One can optimize for global keywords when their company offers local services, for generic keywords that bring in people who have no interest in the product being sold or for keywords that have lots of competition. Hence, it is good to work with specific keywords which might not bring in as much traffic but there will be a higher percentage of sales from the relevant customers visiting the site.

4. Having Duplicate Content

When two different URLs have the same or almost the same content, it is defined as duplicate content. Duplicate content can be detrimental to the chances of a website garnering more views, as search engines will lower the rank of a website found to have duplicate content. This can be remedied by deploying technical resources.

5. Having Insufficient Content

This happens when a page simply does not have enough text to describe the product or service that the company is trying to sell. When a search engine encounters a website with a lot of such pages, it may conclude that the website is of a poor quality, and hence, decrease the rank of the site. That kind of websites can be the result of publishers who focus more on increasing the quantity of the topics they create instead of focusing on improving the quality of the pages that they have already created.

6. Lack of Optimization for Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are texts that lead a visitor to the website to a relevant place. We may also call them “Call-to-Action” texts. When there is a sign “click here”, it can be confusing for the visitor as he/she does not where he/she is being redirected. Also having the same anchor texts all through a web page creates a bad image in the mind of the visitor and the search engine. Descriptive texts as a link to a web page are always appreciated by everyone.

7. Acting on Rumors

There are lots of articles floating around on the internet, some are genuine, and still more are completely baseless. When publishers decide to act based on information gained from the latter articles and purchase services from third party websites, more often than not, they are simply wasting their time and money. This can be dealt with by making sure that information is coming in from highly credible sources.

8. Lose Focus

This can happen when a publisher learns a lot of SEO techniques and becomes obsessed with connecting everything with SEO. The developer has to remember that SEO is only a tool which will help him/her in attracting more visitors to the website. The focus should be on what the search engines are looking for given a particular search query. A publisher should always focus on giving the visitor the best possible experience.

9. Under-investment

Insufficient knowledge about the power of SEO techniques causes under-investment in this field. Some websites may generate a lot of views without using SEO, but this is because they have a large user base to begin with. Even these websites could prosper even more after using SEO. Sadly there are many promising websites that die a premature death simply because of a lack of SEO.

10. Too Little Too Late

Because of ignorance, many people miss the correct time to add SEO to their website. As a result, their website suffers which could have easily been avoided had the right person been contacted at the right time.

How Do I Avoid doing these Mistakes?

These are only some of the myriads of problems that can happen with SEO. The easiest way to avoid such problems is to make sure that basic SEO principles are learned and applied at the right time and the right way. With proper education and avoiding scams online, you can easily get rid of those mistakes.

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